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  1. finnish BUK-M1

    Few pics about finnish BUK-M1 from finnish airshow (Large pics) BUK-M1 BUK-M1
  2. Cool pics!! pls inform me next Biohaz MP
  3. i just dont like those Air2air combats :P (maybe becuse im noobe in A2A combat) :P mixed mission with ground/Air2air would be cool :) i just love flying with a10 or su25 :P
  4. awesome sound mod =) but i have problem about other planes sound level in canopy ...its just too loud :(
  5. well!! im running win xp but it was my friend firewall which caused problems :) btw!!! i love lomacs coop missions :) its so fun :) too bad that there isnt coop mission`s in hyberlobby :(
  6. :P ok!!! problem resolved, It was Firewall software fault ...my friend was configured Zone alarm ok...but it still somehow blocked some net traffic :D
  7. OK!!! i tested those settings with my friend but it didnt work....my friends plane was on ground :)
  8. i tried a10 coop multiplayer with my friend and i had major problems there :( first when i was on ground and tried to start engines...nothing happend when pushed page up button :( second lock on didnt show my friends plane correct ....in my view he was still on the ground, but he sayed that he was flying :D when i managed get a10 engines started(only one time) and got a10 to air ....suddenly shilka what i was targeting with maverick blowed up :D my friend shot it whit mav :D ? somekind bug ???? :P
  9. so!!! have anyone tested freelook program ??? and is it good ??? :P trackir is just too expensive for me :( so i want know will be freelook+webcam good replacement to trackir ??? :P
  10. Su25!!!

    thanks!!! now i have to keep practicing su25 bombing :P merry x-mas to all!!!!
  11. Su25!!!

    pure s**t....okay!!!! mine english sucks and i`m really noob about specially f15 and mig and su3x air combat`s tactics :( i almost always get missile in my rear end :( ....in sigle player i just want to be part of lo-mac community :P
  12. okay!!! guys...i really love this game :) ....a10 is pretty easy plane compared to su25 "frogfoot" so i wanna know is there somewhere somekind su25 tutorial??? completing everything landing to launching missiles to dropping bombs (including kh-25-mp somehow i havent got lock whit this missile) IMHO!!! i really want moore online coop mission with a10 or su25 ??? coop`s rocks!!!!
  13. lomac reference manual has those hud pics really blurry :( does anyone know link to page where all those huds symbolic is explained ????
  14. cooperative servers will rocks :) i dont like those dogfigting servers like in forgotten battles :P ....coops roxors :) hopefully someone in biohaz start LO-MAC coop server ????? _______ suomi finland perkele _______________

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