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CombatACE Spotlight: Interview With Brain32

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#1 Skyviper

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Posted 05 November 2013 - 09:30:35 AM

CombatACE Spotlight: Interview With Brain32

"For the most part it was the spirit, the enthusiasm of all modders to make something for everybody to enjoy by investing your own free time and sometimes even money and asking nothing in return, now that's really inspirational for me."-Brain32


In this week’s CombatACE Spotlight we focus on Brain32. He hails from Zagreb, Croatia, and has been a member here at CombatACE for nine years. Thank you, Brain32, for taking the time to do an interview with us.


So, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well I'm 32, born and live in Zagreb, Croatia currently working in Public Notary Office and attending Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb


What interest you about aviation?

Well flying is the obvious answer but to put it more precise what really "rings my bells" are fighter aircrafts built without compromise for performance that allows domination.


What is your favorite aircraft and why?

Well if there can be only one, then it's the F-15 Eagle, reason is described in the answer to the previous question plus it really looks perfect


What got you interested in flight simulation?

If you can't fly the real one, this is as close as it gets...



That’s a pretty good reason. Do you remember the first flight sim you ever played?

I think it was TopGun on Gameboy, not 100% sure as I was a kid...


I remember playing Top Gun on NES as kid too … good times. So, what motivated you to arrive at CombatACE and stay over the years?

Originally I stumbled on BioHazard Central, I think I was searching for il2 skins? Not completely sure to be honest, then I got SFP1 but it was pretty basic and the mods were not so highly evolved yet, when I got back a few years later I was in shock and awe so I stayed...


Your most downloaded file the Vietnam SEA tile repaint. What motivated you to make that mod?

Well I was looking to improve the aspect of the game where we either had the least modders or were in other ways falling behind with other parts of the game, at that time learning 3dmax was too much for me so I decided to improve terrains same reason why I now do cockpits in 3d while can't make an external model to save my life.



How long did it take you make it?

A few months but I first posted WIP screens when it was almost done to have peace making it...


How much research did you put into it?

It didn't really take much research as it was all about sampling photo-real textures; I did a lot of sampling though. First time I did major research for a mod was for F-18 cockpits, still researching. 


When did you start modding?

Guess it was 2007, when Vietnam tiles were released...did some trials and errors before that, squashed a few installs after messing it up...usual stuff


What does modding do for you? Is it something that is relaxing, a neat hobby, etc?

Yup, mostly "winter hobby" my other major relaxation thing is basketball and fitness.


What modding tools do you use and why?

Hex editor, notepad, photoshop, 3ds max, and some other stock and 3rd party tools for the game, sounds like a lot but with those you can master any moddable aspect of the game.


What is your favorite mod you have created?

F-18 cockpits, hands down.


What is your favorite mod that you did not create?

Uhhh that's hard to say, love the Stary's mods so much I don't even use my terrain mods anymore, as for other stuff I don't really want to start mentioning all that are a must have for me because I'm doomed to left somebody out and that would be a shame.


What is a mod that you would like to make?

Hmm good question, a nice new cockpit for something but I haven't decided what yet...you will know when you see it in the download section 


Who is a Modder you admire or inspired you to start modding?

There's no single person, for the most part it was the spirit, the enthusiasm of all modders to make something for everybody to enjoy by investing your own free time and sometimes even money and asking nothing in return, now that's really inspirational for me...


Do you have favorite quotes or thoughts about being here at Combat Ace you’d like to share?

Can't really say, I did like the Eels and the LaTvIaN MaFiA though


Once again, thank you Brain32 for taking the time to do an interview with us and for telling us your story. I wish you well as you continue your research for those F-18 cockpits that I’m sure will turn out nicely. Well that’s it for this week’s CombatACE Spotlight, until next time, I’m Skyviper, wishing everyone out there good hunting and happy landings.

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#2 Tipari

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Posted 05 November 2013 - 01:07:17 PM

itS SOOO v.goOd dAt YUo EnterVieW meesTeR BraIn32.  He Is Da V.besT MoDDAR!!!! hE HaBe GrAte riSpeKt foR dA eeLs, and He IS v.WELL knowN fan Of ALL TIngS rElAteD 2 LatViAN MafIA! FOr HiS parTakIN in DIs EnTERvieW ProCEss, we seND him a LatVIAn MAfiA InsidE! cAse Badge FoR hiS NeXt SiStum builD!   hOORaY fOR dA braIN!!! 1!

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