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  1. Russian Carrier was on Fire ... any news about that?

    I cut my cable off and run antenna TV I keep forgetting to check their websites.
  2. So I heard that Russia's only aircraft carrier is caught on fire today... So is this something you put out, patch up and move on with, or just say screw it, and build a new one?
  3. Kind of NSFW due to cussing but it's funny. https://i.imgur.com/vdUVwAf.mp4 This gets me laughing hard. "Holy shit this is some fukin' National Geographic shit" ROFL
  4. Plane HUB

    Nicely done ... I'm surprised the Engines on the Japanese one isn't pixelated.
  5. Man in High Castle Season 4 ... ugh

    Exactly my thoughts. I'm wondering if they were setting it up for a movie or something? I mean last season why not go with a movie ... or maybe they set it up for a book ... or not. I do love the series.
  6. Is Any of This Accurate?

    Dang man. Well that explains ... a lot really. If it's not combat messing you up, it's the government, then you come home to civilians hyped up on network news bullshit. Perfect.
  7. Man in High Castle Season 4 ... ugh

    Waited for a long time to see how things would wrap up with Man in the High Castle series. I feel a little bit let down with how things ended. Why did they waste so much time in Season 3 with useless story arcs and relationships? See this is why I hate agenda pushing. You push an agenda and kill the story. So much for 4 could've went into 3 and then we could have had more .... closure. All in all it was a good ride 1-4 (part 9). I haven't felt this disappointed in an ending since Mass Effect 3. They need to do a short 3 episodes to really wrap things up if you ask me.
  8. That's an awesome pilot right there. Hard enough making a landing with one wheel no they do it on a carrier. That's pretty awesome.
  9. Well I mean who wouldn't jump on a couch after nailing some super model?
  10. I heard he did a little NASCAR racing too
  11. DCS Air to Air Refueling Attempt

    If I can do it I know you can! I've destroyed both planes so many times it's not even funny. However I was watching this show called Jetstream and there's a segment where F-18 Students learn about aerial refueling. This is a neat little show honestly.
  12. Oh that's nice! I'll get one of those someday (if things go well)
  13. My thing is this. The VFX program has taught us no single aircraft is suitable for all of the services. F-4, F-111, have taught us this back in the day. Just as there is no single tool that can do every job. There is no single aircraft that can do every job. Something will have to be compromised. Personally I like having a lot of options to handle a task. Sometimes the job will call for a knife and sometimes the job will call for a scalpel.

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