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  1. Marine Corps .. Letter to Home

    Saw this on Imgur. Had to share this here on CombatACE
  2. Link to story: https://time.com/5865985/madeline-swegle-first-black-female-fighter-pilot/ Pasted text from story (so you can avoid the flood of ads) A U.S. Naval officer made history last week as the military branch’s first known Black female tactical jet pilot. Lt. j.g. Madeline Swegle made a final flight on a T-45C Goshawk training aircraft to complete her undergraduate Tactical Air (Strike) pilot training syllabus on Tuesday, the Navy said. Swegle, who is assigned to the Redhawks of Training Squadron (VT) 21 at Naval Air Station Kingsville, Texas, is set to receive her Wings of Gold in a ceremony on July 31. “Swegle is the @USNavy’s first known Black female TACAIR pilot and will receive her Wings of Gold later this month. HOOYAH!” the Chief of Naval Air Training wrote on Twitter, wishing her “BZ,” short for “Bravo Zulu,” the naval signal meaning “well done.” Public figures from Sen. Elizabeth Warren to tennis great Billie Jean King congratulated Swegle on social media after the announcement. RDML Paula Dunn, the U.S. Navy’s vice chief of information, celebrated Swegle’s accomplishment on Twitter. Swegle follows in the footsteps of trailblazers like Brenda Robinson, who is thought to be the first Black female aviator in the Navy. Women have served on U.S. combatant ships since 1994. However, the Navy has faced criticism for the lack of diversity amongst its pilots. As of 2018, only about 2.7% of pilots in Navy maritime squadrons were Black, according to analysis by Military.com; less than 7% of all Navy pilots were female, according to Pensacola News Journal. Viper here ... isn't that interesting that on the other site you have a whole lot of scrolling for just a couple of paragraphs?
  3. B-1 Lancer Prep and Takeoff

    What an awesome plane .. but then I say that about all aircraft just about.
  4. https://i.imgur.com/ZL45CNF.mp4 Imgur clip of an F-104 showing how they do the toss bomb method for delivery of nuclear weapons. I remember seeing a diagram of this and several other methods here on CA some years ago and I thought it was interesting to actually see video footage of it.
  5. This Silliness Right Here

    https://i.imgur.com/mnEuoOb.mp4 Do we still have the video up loader here?
  6. Looking for a crazy aircraft

    @Nightshade/PR You're awesome thank you so much! @Wrench That's it! That's the show I remember seeing back in the day when History Channel talked about history. I was talking to someone about this aircraft and they thought I was yanking their chain. I must've searching for the wrong thing but I knew the folks here would have the answer. So thank you both. I loved watching that show back in the day and seeing all of the neat things they came up with. Now today I'm sure it would be how aliens influenced their technological development.
  7. Looking for a crazy aircraft

    Does anyone remember a show that used to be featured on either Discovery or History channel that talked about the crazy inventions that were developed during WW2? What was the Soviet plane that could be submerged underwater? They never went with full production because the plane could be picked off by submarines easily. I just remember it had that ability to sneak past defenses and then pop up somewhere and take off.
  8. KC-135 Stratotanker

    Give me fuel give me fire give me that which I desire .... sorry. The KC-135's history and the history of aerial refueling is an impressive one. From maneuvers considered to be stunts to the advances in technology, this video will do it's best to tell you the history of aerial refueling and the KC-135 in our season finale. We want to thank everyone for their continued interest in QAF. As we work hard to bring you another batch of videos we'll also feature videos centered on a variety of subjects that we hope you'll enjoy. You comments helped us improve and motivate to make the next "season" of QAF even better. Thank you all for your time. When researching this I was surprised to learn that a SAC legend played a key role in the development for aerial refueling.
  9. C-17 Globemaster lll

    The C-17 Globemaster lll Ah, the C-17 Globemaster lll, a massive aircraft that was developed to replace the C-141 Starlifter. Wait, hold up, this story sounds familiar. *checks notes*. While it's story is similar to the C-5 Galaxy's History you may be pleased to know there is a happy ending to an aircraft that has certainly made it's mark on aviation history. This video will quickly highlight the history of this massive aircraft. As always if you're interested in discussing more about what this aircraft is capable of, or other aircraft, please feel free to join us in the pub or simply comment below. Thank you for your time and please, enjoy the video.
  10. E-3 Sentry A.K.A AWACS

    E-3 Sentry Quick Aircraft Facts In the dawn of aviation, aircraft were used by the military for reconnaissance, and artillery spotting (helping batteries to stay on target). Then they were eventually modified to become attack aircraft. As technology improved the Boeing 707 was produced. This humble aircraft helped usher in the "Jet Age" and it was used by a number of airlines that ferried people all over the world. The military turned that humble airliner into a valuable tool called the E-3 Sentry and in this Quick Aircraft Facts video, we'll do our best to present it's history, purpose, and future in 3 minutes or less.
  11. Apparently it's TopGun day

    Actually watched a documentary about that. Apparently the department of defense only allowed 1 missile to be fired for filming. So that was the only shot they had that they could use.
  12. The F-15

    The F-15 The F-15 is one of the deadliest aircraft in modern aviation history with well over 100 air to air kills this aircraft. This Quick Aircraft Video will try it's best to feature the story of this iconic aircraft in 3 minutes or less. As always, if you're hankering for some aircraft mods we have a few recommendations for you :)
  13. E/A-18g Growler

    E/A-18g Growler Quick Aircraft Facts Video In last week's video we discussed the F/A-18 hornet and its path to becoming the reliable fighter aircraft used by the United States Navy and Marine Corps, and by allied nations as well. In this video we're going to quickly highlight the history behind E/A-18g Growler. The Electronic Warfare aircraft that has replaced the E/A-6B Prowler. Growler, Prowler all sounds the same doesn't it? I'm sorry to say that I forgot to include an overlay that mentions the fact that the Growler's call sign was changed to "Grizzly" to avoid confusion. All video in this presentation is from the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who kindly uploaded their works to Dvidshub.net a great place for military aviation footage. Their footage is released under public domain. If you would like to discuss this video you're invited to do so here in this thread or in the pub if you wish. Of course if you're not interested chatting and just want to get some SF2 action in with some Hornets created by our talented Mod Developers. We understand that too :)
  14. So we have a new QAF video discussing the E/A-18 Growler. The mission for these videos is to feature an aircraft's history and purpose in 3 minutes or less. While fun and challenging to make these videos I do have to admit it would be nice to really dive into an aircraft's history more. This leads to the QAF series other mission, which is to get interested ones in looking up and talking more about an aircraft with experts such as you that frequent forums such as CombatACE. When researching the Growler I came across things about how some of the pods weren't working as advertised and that problems are being looked into. The other that I did find interesting which is briefly discussed in the video was the workload placed on the Growler's (Grizzly's) crew of 2 vs the Prowler's crew of 4. So I'm wondering; what are your thoughts and concerns not only about the Growler but other advances made in aviation in recent years?

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