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  1. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    Thanks for the info on all comments involved. Vol 3! @Wrench Sorry for sidetracking.
  2. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    @daddyairplanes Did you get banned from a ... particular site again? Do you wanna tell the tale? About the pilot working for the airlines I mean they can always claim they were perfecting their aerial maneuvers...or not. Still though they need pilots period. You're right there was/is a lot bitching about a shortage with pilots. I remember reading how some branches maybe either as an experiment or what opened up pilot training for enlisted personnel. But they were reduced to flying a certain type of aircraft or placed in a limited duty officer role or something i can't remember what they called it.
  3. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    Michelangelo? (You know Sistine Chapel painting ... way up there on the ceiling.) Da Vinci? Picasso? Raphael? Think about it. When asked why is callsign a famous painter. He can say "I drew a dick in the sky with my jet. It was a masterpiece. Alas, like all the works of great, it faded away."
  4. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    I wonder if they'll do boobies next.
  5. A Must Read: Netflix drops bomb.

    I'm going to check my results more thoroughly this week. If I can. And I will do so in different situations. But I have noticed that despite what my contracted speed is, websites tend to act as if my speeds are pathetically slow, as in ye olde dial up slow.
  6. Wait. Thirdwire made a space game?

    Has anyone tried Thirdwire's space game?
  7. A Must Read: Netflix drops bomb.

    Yep. Good move by Netflix huh? I read about these things. I took into what they said and listened. Seeing the results myself really made things clear.
  8. A Must Read: Netflix drops bomb.

    I just read this on Imgur here's the link: https://imgur.com/gallery/QOlJ7 I tried it out and holy cow it's true. Thoughts? There's nothing like evidence you can see for yourself.
  9. If you had to buy a new automobile.

    I'm driving a Ford focus 2015. Its okay *for me* If you're a tall dude I'd recommend something else. My primary concerns with my vehicle was insurance payments. Interestingly enough my driving is so good that even with a Mustang my insurance is extremely cheap when compared to others. I've a had a few weird problems that were a result from someone doing the recall maintenance wrong. But nothing major. And make for damn sure your new vehicle is either a standard transmission or full on automatic transmission. The mechanics, and manual, state, now get this, I do not have an automatic transmission. I have a transmission that shifts automatically. I can select a mode and manually shift gears if I want to. The engine sounds like it needs an oil change all the damn time the way it's designed because it doesn't have all of the other components a "true" automatic transmission has. True story. When I hunting around for an affordable car I would call my insurance give them a VIN to a car that I was thinking about buying and she would tell me what my insurance rates would be. So just for some fun. I gave her the VIN to a 2014 Lamborghini Guirado. And she very calmly and professional said my insurance would be this stupid amount of money. For arguments sake 3-4K. I just remember it was the collision that was made the price that high. Everything else wasn't that bad really.
  10. I want pictures, lots of pictures. I've never been, and am not planning to go. But I wouldn't mind seeing, reading, and knowing what it's really like. I hope you are wife stay safe, have fun, enjoy your visit and the food there.
  11. Cold War Movies

    If you have a Prime Membership, a love for spies, some light pornography, easy to follow stories, and some violence. I'd recommend The American's series. Russian spies posing as Americans during the cold war. As far as movies go. I think you all covered the good ones. Bridge of Spies is in my collection and I love that movie. I'm going to watch it a bit later now that you all have me thinking about it. I loved that story and the ending. Oh! Charlie Wilson's War ... that's a good one too.
  12. Tower! 3D Pro Gameplay

    This looks interesting, fun, and stressful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZtEqCXvmKI
  13. Castle AFB Museum, part 1

    Some of those planes were bigger than I thought. Thank you for sharing those photos man they were awesome.
  14. So uh, I found out that I had some screen capture software with my video card. Never knew. I've always wanted to record my screen and help new people get into mod development, or feature mods, etc. etc. So I'm just testing it out while playing a heavily modified version of Fallout 4. For those of who do not play Fallout type games a little background real quick. There is a faction of people called Raiders, self explanatory right? They're like the terrorist of the game ... one of them. Anyway what you're about to see, is me taking out a raider camp that's set up at a Racetrack. Keep in mind Fallout is a post apocalyptic world where people live where they can. Raiders just take whatever they want from other people. This location has a decent number of combatants and I didn't feel like going in with guns blazing this time.
  15. P-51 Instructor Gets Surprised

    P-51 Instructor Gets Surprised ...

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