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  1. My computer died.

    It was the battery. The battery to the motherboard went bad somehow. On a whim I replaced the battery and everything is there! It works. My baby is alive she's alive! AHHH!!!!! ah, I'm sooo going to get an external harddrive.
  2. My computer died.

    OH YEAH My motherboard still under warranty! Woot!
  3. My computer died.

    Hey I found the exact motherboard that I have. So, considering my current real life situation, I'll just buy another one of the same model. I'd prefer to buy better but maybe I can do that in the future.
  4. My computer died.

    I'll take comfort in your words. Because the only computer I have left to test my new HDD Is on is my old one that can barely run Vista ... okay I shouldn't be too critical of the ole gal as she is helping. But if the HDD can be saved then groovy. I'll just get a cheap rig that can run everything. Is there a decent motherboard that is compatible with the AMD FX-8320 Octa-Core processor?
  5. My computer died.

    I'm hoping my hard drive can be saved. If so then I'll be fine.
  6. My computer died.

    It was a cyberpower pc job that I got from Amazon.
  7. My computer died.

    The computer I've been waiting years to have has died today. It was a jacked up. I was just using this morning, then shut it down. Ran a quick a errand came back, no power, no nothing. Computer repair believes it's the motherboard that's gone. He doesn't have anything in stock for my baby. It's the one we talked about here the one with 8 cores, 2tb hard drive, it was perfect for my needs. I'm going to check Fries? I think that's what he said. Or just buy another computer and put my old harddrive in it. As anyone had this happen to them. A motherboard just crapping out and in under a year or two. edit. Frys.com is the site.
  8. Question

    Oh wow they're still funny thank you Caesar
  9. Question

    @Wrench I'm so glad you remembered it too I thought I was going crazy. @Caesar Thank you, thank you!
  10. Question

    A long time ago someone posted a series of some funny videos that used several DCS modules. All I remember is that it was in French and the two pilots were screwing around, one of them accidentally blew up their commanders jeep, they got demoted, flew A-10s. Does anyone here know what I'm talking about? I'm trying to find those videos again.
  11. Is the DCS-A10c Sim the easier to learn?

    Dang I'm getting better. I had to punch out though because all my systems went off line and the engines flamed out. I was flying around doing a bunch of loops and rolls and flying upside down. Attempted restart ... it would've been cool if a Huey could pick me up.
  12. I was in when he landed in a suburb...I was really in when I saw who he'll be working for. It's like the aviation version of Lord of War.
  13. F-35 by the numbers

  14. Is the DCS-A10c Sim the easier to learn?

    I did find those just now. For some reason that I thought that would launch my campaign so I ignored it. I claim my idiocy on this one thank you, sir.

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