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  1. I remember seeing this video a while ago. It's a really interesting video I think you may find interesting. This is a simulated scenario where "ATC" must help a passenger land a commercial airliner.
  2. Falcon 5.0 by Microprose announced

    Wow, man Microprose is getting busy. I thought they closed their door ages ago. It's nice to see they're still around and working on revamping their old projects. I hope they'll get to achieve their goals.
  3. If RWRs Could Talk

    @Wrench Good find! I needed that laugh. That was awesome, thank you.
  4. I didn't know we had a lot of authors here at CombatACE @EricJ @Gepard best wishes with your writing careers and to anyone here at CA who likes to tell a story. I just released a new book myself and I had too much fun writing it. Short version: It's about four friends who execute a revenge scheme that lands them on the radar for a sinister agency. I've redacted information in the story (don't ask what prompted this lol). I also use vague names to mask most people's identities. If you're using a screen reader, you'll hear [Redacted Agency] or ~~~redacted~~~ where the black highlighters are. You'll also see [Redacted Agency] etc if you use a black screen on your electronic device. You can get this book at Amazon And now, for the Free Gift ... A Few Seconds More is about a warehouse worker who gets drafted to fight in a war to save humanity from alien invaders. It's told from the point of view of Aden Jackson as he recalls the battles he fought. You can get a free copy at either of these places. Barnes and Noble Smashwords
  5. I write books too

    that makes two of us! I'm sorry I'm just now seeing this. You have some awesome cover art for your books! They look great, and so does your website!
  6. I think I remember seeing the Big Lift. I liked all of the quips that were made in it. Along those lines I saw another movie called "Your Target For Today" .. the pilot asked his waist gunner why he wasn't shooting anything. To which the gunner replied "What do you want me to do? Throw the gun at 'em? It's jammed!"
  7. I'm interested in learning more about support roles. Additionally, I'm also curious about what people experience in these fields during a combat situation. Ages ago, I met someone that was a cargo master. He had some video of C-130s doing supply drops in combat zones. He'd point out the firefights taking place on the ground while they were delivering ammo, food, and anything else that was needed. For some reason, as of late, I've started to have a bigger interest in support missions and would like to learn more about them. Especially in a wartime situation. Is there constant fear or attack or is everything just another day on the job?
  8. Install/Run Jetfighter IV: Fortress America on modern PCs?

    That's a game I've not seen in a long, long time. Oh the memories.
  9. Aircraft Speed Comparison Video

    I just saw this on YouTube and thought I'd share it here. In case anyone hasn't seen it yet ... or would like to see it again.
  10. Browser reccomendations?

    Ha! Firefox has it moments too; however, you should be good to go. Honestly I don't know why a browser would be snippy about what version OS you're using. Isn't that point of website using JavaScript ... a language that's 25 years old? ... Then again I don't know what languages a browser is made in.
  11. HOTAS is Collecting Dust ...

    I love this forum, and appreciate the work the mod developers have done over the years to keep a humble sim going. I remember buying Wings Over Europe at a Big Lots store and then, a few months later, buying Wings Over Vietnam. My memory is a little foggy but I remember mods from Fast Cargo, Wrench, a slew of others, and then I think Fifth Column? Can't remember. They released the NATO series (I think). I've always had fun with this sim. Until recently. Got busy and the HOTAS started collected dust. So, here's how my last few missions went down. The mission was for a flight of A-7s to provide close air support - no problem there. My wingman was ready to go and so was I! So, I pushed my throttle forward. Nothing. Everything was plugged in right ... That's right! It's the other throttle, Nope, not that one either ... Are these things even being detected by the game at all? I pull the trigger and blow up some stuff on the deck.... oops Okay that mission didn't happen ... nope. We'll just uh, check the settings and try again. New Mission - the first mission. Close Air Support ... no problem. My wingman was ready and so was I. Pushed the throttles forward and get off the deck. I raise the landing gear ... the tail hook drops. I raise the flaps ... the air brake deploys I retract the air brake ... I'm told that the wheel brake can't be set while in the air. I turn on the radar .... and my wingman goes down. Okay that mission didn't happen either. New Mission - the first mission. Close Air Support ... no problem. My wingman was ready and so was I. I pushed the throttles forward and get off the deck. I raise the landing gear and the flaps. I got the radar on. No one is dead yet. ... Progress It's going to be a long flight and I need to skip the time ... no problem. ... it's CTRL and something ... no it's SHIFT and something ... ... no it's ALT and something ... ... or it just a button ... yeah it's just a button. Guns set to caged mode ... Map Screen opens up ... I'm off course Flares got dropped Chaff got dropped Flares got dropped Radar range increased Radar mode changed Flares got dropped Map mode activated I'm headed toward a new country all together. ... ALT + N ... riiiight So, know we're over the action! My squadron destroys the enemy forces with ease ... I helped till the soil in certain places ... but I got some kills too. All right time land on the carrier! Hook down, wheels down, flaps, ... the carrier decided to make a left turn ... and I bounced off it like a basketball. Y'all I was laughing so hard myself. I hope that little anecdote at least gave you a chuckle.

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