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  1. That Moment You Find Out Your Dog is Infantry...

    @KJakker I'd be very interested to see those. I was just watching that on Band of Brothers. Here it is hot as hell where I am and watching that segment in Bastogne makes me feel cold. I've read some accounts to from those who were there. One account said "When I get home and it's the middle of July and I think about how cold I am here. I'm going to build a fire."
  2. Not mine .. thought I share the photo anyway ... kind of makes me wanna watch Band of Brothers.
  3. https://i.imgur.com/9Y2hV10.mp4 I saw this little loop and thought it was interesting how ATC kept the flights out of harms way. Speaking of bad weather does anyone knows what happen for carrier operations? Is there another carrier in the area a pilot can fly to if need be?
  4. ThirdWire Site

    shoot man. Now I'm regretting not getting a full 5 merge when I was able to actually ... not really. I got DCS modules. But I am kind kicking myself for not getting a full 5 merge. In my time with 3rdWire. I got WOE and WOV in a box from Big Lots. Then from their store I got SF2, Lost that one ... then SF2E,SF:NA
  5. The Drop Tank Dilemma

    @MigBusterI've always wanted to know about this. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this report about it!
  6. Blue Angels 360 View

  7. ThirdWire Site

    let's hope ... It's still a fun game.
  8. Spectacular landing at Frankfurt Airport

    I didn't see any of that coming ... nicely done.
  9. Smell that?

    Ultimate Burn! Damn!
  10. In the Navy

    That was good. I'm using that one!
  11. You're not a Marine

    Well played. To hell with expensive commercials n' stuff. Marines know how to recruit on a low budget.
  12. Give me fuel give me fire give me that which I desire.

  13. When a peace out is the only move you have left

    I know this is messed up. But that last one looks like rider is running from their bike.

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