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  1. Amazon Series Jack Ryan

    If you haven't seen that show yet. Watch it. It's raw, it's rough, and will leave you on the edge of your seat. Let me emphasize the raw aspect. It's raw I don't want to spoil anything. Some things will make you angry. Some things will make you question humanity. Some things will build you up or tear you down emotionally. Other things you just might see coming. Of course with shows like this there is always that level of bullshit too. Overall it's a good show. Personally there are some things I don't like about it because I see some agendas at work but they're not distracting.
  2. Here's My Question about the F-35

    There's an interesting debate taking place just about anywhere aviation enthusiasts hang out on the F-35 vs A-10. Maybe myself and others are asking the wrong question. Perhaps it shouldn't be one vs the other but how well they can both work together. Anyway all that aside my question about the F-35 doing CAS is that can they use their guns to engage infantry or would that be a war crime if they did? I've a story of a USMC F/A-18 pilot. That was almost a war criminal because he strafed edit: enemy units with his cannons. He beat it out by saying he aiming for the radio pack. Even though he wasn't charged for crimes he was still severely punished.
  3. Hurricane (Film 2019)

    Someday OcmbatACE should be big enough for such a comment to appear as an important critique they display when they're advertising an aviation movie. ... "The reviews are in" says deep movie voice guy "and CombatACE recommends you watch it because it's damned good." All kidding aside. You people know your stuff and I really watch it.
  4. Poor Bastards ... MRE Humor

    Seriously ... what's up with the USMC all you can eat crayons? When did that become a thing? Is it because of their budget?
  5. A Ride in the B-29

    This is video is pretty cool. I don't know a lot about the B-29 and was surprised to learn the level of sophistication this bird had for back in the day. Mad respect to the crews, maintainers, and engineers involved with this aircraft.
  6. Can a passenger land a plane?

    Okay so I often wondered if stuff went south on a flight. Can a passenger land the plane? One a big plane like hopefully there's a pilot qualified for the job if such a bizarre event occurred. I did come a cross an article once where there was a B-2 pilot on board such a flight where the pilot had heart attack and the co-pilot while inexperienced sought some help. Flight attendants were quietly asking if someone were a pilot. Which is how the B2 Pilot wound up in the cockpit. In the interview he mentioned that she was more familiar with the aircraft and after a women it was determined that she knew more than she thought and was able to land the aircraft. As much as I love playing various flight sims that range from DCS to MFSX I know full well there's a big freaking difference from a simulation and the real deal. Personally I've been in a few small aircraft IRL, a Cessna 375 twice, a Bell 206 once, DC-10, and a hot air balloon that was tethered, I did sit the cockpit of a C-5 though. Anyway that's limited flight experience. (the reason why my love of aviation is the way it is) Sorry for getting side tracked. The point is while I'm familiar with the basics of how things should work I often wondered how things would actually work out if such a nightmare were to occur. Then I saw this video which kind of answered the question. I say kind of because there are other variables I'm wanting to know about. If you haven't seen it already take a look. It's a pilot instructing someone, in a simulated environment, on how land the aircraft using the autopilot feature onboard the aircraft. I look forward to knowing your thoughts.
  7. Fair Point

  8. MadJeff Lives! What's new in the land of flight sims?

    You know a legend has arrived when other legendary members are excited too. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next. Welcome back sir!
  9. I mean I know it's no big deal ... but I'm just super stoked that I finally have a HOTAS...It's the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS I read some reviews here on CombatACE about some HOTAS systems but I couldn't see myself spending that much money on the $300-$500 variety. Even if they did have all the little switches and things. I haven't configured the controls yet for DCS A-10 but I love how it feels and even though my Logitech got the job done. Using a HOTAS gave me the same feeling I had when I switched from mouse and keyboard flying to joystick controls. Makes sims that much more fun. All I'm doing now is waiting on DCS F/A-18 to go on sale and I'll be set :D, seriously there are other more important things in life but those have freaking hectic ... FUBAR on top of FUBAR with a little extra FUBAR on the side, and oh, why not, some insanity here and there as well. Anyway how are things going with you guys? I hope things are going well for all of you or if you have any new sims in your sites that you'd like to get and talk about.
  10. Do any of you remember a show that used to air on the Discovery Channel called Wings? When I was younger I would make sure to watch as much as that show my mother would allow me. I loved it and miss it. I also had a couple of these information cards that you could put in your 3 ring binder. These cards had information that was easy to understand and direct to the point. So in the spirit of Wings and those cards, here's Quick Aircraft Facts, a new series that will feature an aircraft, it's history, and if possible, it's future in 3 minutes or less. First up is the A-10 Warthog. Enjoy.
  11. That Moment You Find Out Your Dog is Infantry...

    @KJakker I'd be very interested to see those. I was just watching that on Band of Brothers. Here it is hot as hell where I am and watching that segment in Bastogne makes me feel cold. I've read some accounts to from those who were there. One account said "When I get home and it's the middle of July and I think about how cold I am here. I'm going to build a fire."

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