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  1. Will You Be an Angel for a Hopeless Tank? (Humor)

    This is something I can get behind.
  2. Yeah I'm a sucker for the F-14 .. what aircraft engines do you like hear purring/roaring? as far old war birds go...
  3. F-21 for India?

    Well... I don't know ... you would think one of the most advanced fighters wouldn't be for sale. Money is money for some people.
  4. F-21 for India?

    Interesting. It's a supped up F-16...why are they calling it an F-21? I appreciate what they're doing but would that not be insulting to some people. Installing a few extra things and calling it a new plane when in fact it's just a heavily upgraded F-16? In my mind a new coat of paint, a modification, or some other upgrade doesn't make it a new aircraft. Yes there's a difference between an F/A-18 and F/A-18 Super Hornet ... but they're still F-18s in my mind. Or maybe I'm just old fashioned.
  5. I've read some articles about pilot shortages, etc and some branches have rolled out experimental programs to allow enlisted personnel to fly aircraft. My question is this. Is it really that important for a 4 year degree to be a needed requirement to become officer material? I met a B-52 pilot whose degree was Art History. Last time I checked Rembrandt wasn't in the cockpit of a B-52 ... now the air frame itself is a work of art. She had to learn how to fly that aircraft and know everything about it inside and out. Could it be about the maturity needed for leadership? I've had a lot of "educated" managers do the dumbest shit in the civilian world. I'm pretty sure plenty of servicemen and women had to follow idiotic commanders too. (Captain America USMC 1st Recon comes to mind. Smart guy who made a lot of ignorant decisions) The adage "Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians" comes to mind too. Isn't the ASVAB a good tool for that? Wouldn't that offer a level playing field? I'm getting off track. I get the need for standards. Quality leadership, pilots, etc can come from anywhere. Look at the people that play DCS... yes, most are overweight, etc my point is it didn't take a 4 year degree to learn those modules. Being physically fit, etc its down right common sense. Or is the cool jobs like that an added bonus for joining the military? "Hey you got a shiny new four degree ... how 'about serving the military? No? Well sure you can 4 times as much money in the private sector ... but can you do do barrel rolls in a super fast jet and be labeled an ultimate badass while sitting at a desk? Sounds good? Great! Step into our flight school...after a quick stop at OCS" I know there some officers and enlisted both active and retired on this forum that can explain things better than some article riddled with ads. I look forward to knowing what you all think.
  6. My respect for mod authors here really deepened when I learned how much money the program used to make aircraft cost. It says a lot that someone would spend that much money and time to create something and then share it for a community of interested ones to use and improve their versions of SF to use.
  7. What will it take? Why the main computer from the Starship Enterprise of course...then maybe a Hybrid from a Cylon Baystar. Seriously I have no idea but don't feel bad.
  8. One Of Those Days.......

    About the video: I have questions .. but don't know which ones to ask right now. Certainly puts a new spin on the whole love/hate relationship thing.
  9. Now this is a Ceiling Fan

    Would be funny if you put some airsoft pellets in there.
  10. Now this is a Ceiling Fan

    Now I say this is a nice ceiling fan. https://i.imgur.com/LXYxLcp.mp4
  11. I've been keeping my eye on some things over the years and this project is one of them. Formerly Project Brazil this mod is basically it's own game. It's what WoFF is to CFS3. All you need is a working copy of Fallout New Vegas for PC and the rest is done by the mod. I will go out on a limb and say this is probably the only mod on this level for the Fallout series that has been completed. The amount of effort that went into this project is awe inspiring and so far the improvements they've made are very good. I've been permitted to to play the game prior to it's release and I'll be doing that more and more this evening, tomorrow, and probably all the way up to it's release date on ... you guessed it. 10-23-2018 It says a lot when people consider this mod to be New Vegas 2. Even more interesting is despite some major challenges both in production and in life. The team still managed to carry on and getting help from various skill sets. Even those who have become somewhat a celebrity the Fallout modding community. In the end this mod is a game made by Fallout players, for Fallout player and if you have any love for the series (especially for New Vegas) you'll love this mod. Hopefully, if time will allow, many of you will be able to play it and perhaps we can chat about here if you want to. Welp let me shut up and get back into things.
  12. That's an impressive list indeed.

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