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  1. Working on a new format for my QAF series. Does this keep your attention? Remember my goal to whet appetites, and pack as much info as I can within 3 minutes.
  2. A-7 Corsair Familiarization Training Video

    You're welcome! I just like these old videos because it's neat for me to see how things were done then in comparison to how things are done now. I also like seeing how engineering and technology worked back then too.
  3. I just had to post this here.
  4. Vietnam SAM Avoidance Tactic

    I remember reading about something called a method used by US Pilots in Vietnam where they dove to the ground and then pulled up sharply while the SAM with poor maneuvering crashed to the ground. What was that technique called?
  5. Honest Slogans

    I was looking up slogan and came across this post on We are the Mighty. I got a chuckle out of it and thought I'd share it here.

    I'm not an avid NASCAR fan I do appreciate the sport and think some of the technology involved in it is cool. The fact they're racing in the mud and rain sounds interesting. On side note, when I was younger, the Go-Kart track in town had a Mark Martin Kart ... it was the fastest one on the track :) I never knew how much strategy went into the sport until I played Chase for Cup. I know it's weird that I like playing the game but not sitting there watching the races.
  7. https://i.imgur.com/utdPkT9.mp4 I saw this post just now about what happened a few hours ago on a flight LA to ATL From Imgur post: “The man made an announcement that we needed to be close to our oxygen masks & proceeded to try & open the door. They then called all the “strong men” to the front of the plane to restrain him. We ended up landing in OKC as it was the closest airport to us…. Update: he was trying to open the door to the outside not the cockpit” utdPkT9.mp4 Here's another news source: NBC Los Angeles
  8. I'm working on a report about Bessie Coleman and I keep coming across how an Ace helped her out. I can't find anything that said who they were. It just said she found an Ace near France that helped sharpen her skills. Since, she was black I would figure the Ace would be black therefore I'm coming up with Eugene Bullard a WW1 French Ace that died in New York 1961. So history buffs is there a way to verify who the Ace is? I also have William Robinson Clarke and Ahmet Ali Çelikten all are Aces that could have taught Bessie Coleman her additional skills.
  9. Microsoft Set To Purchase CombatACE It's no secret Microsoft is looking to expand its services and enhance overall user experience by purchasing companies such as Discord. While such moves may seem obvious to most, one move Microsoft is making has many in the tech industry wondering about the things Microsoft is planning next. To the members here at CombatACE are familiar with developers such as ThirdWire and Eagle Dynamics. Earlier this month Microsoft attempted to purchase Eagle Dynamics and take over the DCS World many have to come to love. However Eagle Dynamics told Microsoft to step off and tinker with their little flight simulator. Microsoft angrily shook their fist at Eagle Dynamics and then pointed to a lone developer somewhere in Texas and announced they would purchase his humble company called ThirdWire. When it comes to big companies like Microsoft purchasing companies like ThirdWire a lot of footwork is done. While doing their research Microsoft learned about other sites they can buy to enhance their user experience. CombatACE is the top of their list and Microsoft is pleased to see a humble community filled with amazing people, programmers, and mod developers. "It's like all these things we wanted rolled into one little package" said William J Tinsdale Vlll "CombatACE will make a fine addition to our collection." But what will this mean for the users at CombatACE? To answer that question we reached out to the man himself. @Erik "Well at first I was against it" Erik stated "We built a thriving community for ourselves and not some corporate giant just to come in and take over and do whatever they want with it." So, okay, so why is Microsoft buying CombatACE if that's the case? "When someone offers you a free slightly used $200 million private jet with a full crew, free fuel, and millions of dollars for the pocket. You just gotta ask where to sign you know. Besides do you know how hard it is to run a website as large as CombatACE on a daily basis? It's rewarding work but it's hard work and if Microsoft want's to take over I'm cool with that. This jet is awesome and I have a surprise for all of the long time members here. They can get 1 free trip." Looking nice there man! An inside look the dining area "Regardless of the direction Microsoft chooses to take" Erik explains "they've assured me they'll continue to maintain the aspects that make CombatACE a great website. It is my hopes the community will continue to thrive and that people will get a kick out of this obvious April Fool's article entirely made up by Skyviper" Seriously @Erik, @MK2 , Mod Developers, CombatACE Staff and Members, thank you for making this site the awesome place it is.
  10. Some Folks Found An Aerial Target Drone on a Beach

    I'm afraid I have nothing more about this story other than the photos. Even the original post about this was just the photos and random comments that gave no clue as to what is going on here and where.
  11. This is all I know of this story. I think it's really interesting and wondering how that works out in the end.
  12. I was looking on website about a recent news events and the ads caught my eye. I had no idea the A-10 was such a versatile aircraft. I knew it was designed to turn tanks to Swiss Cheese. But to be used as an air ambulance?
  13. Of all the awesome set ups we've seen over the years I have to say this one seems to be the one I could use ... I could afford it. Not a lot of space seems to be needed. https://i.imgur.com/nILhATu.mp4

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