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  1. Well I mean who wouldn't jump on a couch after nailing some super model?
  2. DCS Air to Air Refueling Attempt

    If I can do it I know you can! I've destroyed both planes so many times it's not even funny. However I was watching this show called Jetstream and there's a segment where F-18 Students learn about aerial refueling. This is a neat little show honestly.
  3. Oh that's nice! I'll get one of those someday (if things go well)
  4. My thing is this. The VFX program has taught us no single aircraft is suitable for all of the services. F-4, F-111, have taught us this back in the day. Just as there is no single tool that can do every job. There is no single aircraft that can do every job. Something will have to be compromised. Personally I like having a lot of options to handle a task. Sometimes the job will call for a knife and sometimes the job will call for a scalpel.
  5. DCS Air to Air Refueling Attempt

    Thank you ... the track is youtube safe.
  6. DCS Air to Air Refueling Attempt

    I've been practicing at this for a while and finally got good enough to be crappy lol I just wanted to share this moment with you. Honestly I think I need to adjust some settings with the throttle so they can be more sensitive.
  7. ooooh nice! What kind of seat are you planning on using?
  8. I've yet to have dealing with the A team but from what I gathered by reading the information on the website (years ago) and from what I heard here. I'm not really missing anything. I mean it used to get under my skin really bad that a lot neat mods I saw available here required me to go to A team to get the needed files. But once there it seemed like you had to run gauntlet on top of giving some person ALL of your personal information. After all that you may or may not have access to the downloads. So that was a huge red flag for me. If I have to do all this stuff just to get a small chance at downloading the needed files then forget all of that noise.
  9. F-35 Quick Aircraft Facts

    Quick Aircraft Facts: F-35 Lightning ll The F-35 Lightning ll is currently being produced and will replace aging fleets of aircraft for military branches all over the world. Her first flight was on December 15, 2006 and she entered service for the United States Marine corps in 2015, The United States Air Force in 2016 and finally she entered service for the United States Navy in 2019. She is a single-seat fifth generation fighter jet with stealth capabilities produced Lockheed Martin. This segment of Quick Aircraft Facts will feature the F-35 Lightning ll and will to tell you more about her story in 3 minutes or less. I want to thank you all for taking the time to watch and support the QAF videos. Please enjoy the video.
  10. Quick Aircraft Facts: F-16 Fighting Falcon a.k.a. F-16 Viper Hello! Since this is CombatACE.com I can say that most of you knew this segment might pop up eventually, and since this CombatACE.com I can say that most of you are familiar with this aircraft and all of its facts. So I humbly present this QAF video about the F-16 as a test more so than something to watch. A test as in I'd like to know what areas I should focus on. There were a lot of things that I wished I could pack into the time slot; however I hope the presentation accomplishes its mission with covering the the majority of the facts, history, and providing enough information to get people interested in learning more about the F-16 and other aircraft while at the same time providing them with enough information so they can be well informed about an aircraft. I mentioned in the past that I loved to watch the show Wings that came on discovery. However with time becoming more and more limited I figured the QAF program can do what Wings did, inform interested people about aircraft, but do it in a matter of minutes. So without further ado here's the latest QAF video about the F-16. Our next video will feature the F-35. Thank you for your time and please enjoy the video.
  11. The AH-1w Super Cobra

    This segment is all about the AH-1w Super Cobra. The AH-1w Super Cobra was introduced to service in 1986 and is being replaced by the AH-1z Viper or "Zulu Cobra" the difference with the Zulu Cobra is that it features 4 rotor blades and the Target Sighting System or TSS. In this video you'll learn about this aircraft's routes in Vietnam as well as a brief history about the Cobra.
  12. The AC-130

    C-130s typically don't get people excited ... unless they're bringing supplies, painted in Blue Angels colors, or equipped with a variety of weapons and 105mm Howitzer. This segment of Quick Aircraft Facts is all about the AC-130.
  13. Top Gun 2 Maverick Trailer (Official)

    **crosses fingers** please, please don't be a copy/paste knock off of the 1st one with agenda pushing bull crap spread throughout the movie.

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