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  1. Hey Slack Asses......

    True story. Fella in my neighborhood has an WW2 era Jeep that he dressed up to look like one from the MASH show. He and his son (before his son passed (I think)) worked on the jeep together.
  2. Hey Slack Asses......

    With your mind your on your money and your money and your mind.
  3. Call me weird but watching this makes me wish for a modern Naval warfare game like DCS meets BattleStations MIdway meets 2018.
  4. Southwest (WN) #1380

    Wow. So calm over the comms. A part of the plane is missing, someone went out a hole. All spoken like a golf course announcer. She brought the plane home and kept a lot of other people alive. She did a damn good job. (that's an understatement I know). Well it would be interesting to see how Hollywood would jump on this. Hollywood version: OMG GOD WHAT DO WE DO?! Camera shaking like it's in a tornado. We cut to some passenger having problems with his relationship. He manages to call his SO whom wanted nothing to do with him BUT after the news comes out the SO will suddenly care about his well being, and will stop moving forward with the affair they were having with another person. If the feminist director, decides to even include that, maybe she'll just go ahead and downplay everything every man did and make it seem as if they're clueless, sexist morons. In fact every swinging dick the pilot will encounter will have their worst qualities amplified to such levels the person being portrayed won't even recognize themselves.
  5. I'm intrigued too for various reasons. Such as how the hell did he pull ... part of it off. And what really happened? Was he shot down or did his lack of skill kill 'em? Maybe he didn't flip enough switches or something ... or maybe he didn't press the flair/chaff button in time. As sad as the story is it certainly is interesting.
  6. That's an interesting story and very sad indeed. I am curious though ... how can one make a phone call from a C-130?
  7. Hey Slack Asses......

    I'm working on a new website ... changes here don't reflect final product etc, etc, I've made more changes since this. In other news I managed to the land the UH-1 Huey in DCS without blowing up. Then I got excited on the next attempt and blew up.
  8. R Lee Ermey Dead at 74

    Fun fact: When the recruit pulled the knife out. That was Ermey's real reaction. He didn't know the actor had a knife on him.
  9. R Lee Ermey Dead at 74

    More from the BBC http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-43779357
  10. Sikorksy UH-34D Sounds Like a Pickup Truck

    I certainly hear the radial in it now. Early the first time I watched it though it did (still does a little) sound like an old diesel firing up. It still amazes me how aviation technology improved over the years.
  11. Update 04/04

    I'm sorry to say this. What is UPS in tech lingo? The UPS I know drives brown trucks and drops packages off and picks 'em up. And man when I was in that brown uniform the women in my area oooo, Fellas I can tell you what brown did for me that day. Anyway @Erik no worries sir. I didn't notice a thing really. Thank you for your hard work sir.
  12. I know it's silly right :)
  13. Long story short (and I think I have video of this) I was doing a custom made mission that I use for training to familiarize myself with the A-10c Warthog, weapons, navigation, etc. In the mission editor I thought I had troop transports in a convoy heading to the target area. Turns out that it was tanks! A long column of enemy tanks. So I start to engage them with Mavericks and all went well. I dropped JDAMs on some buildings in the target area, and Paveways on other fixed targets. I went to strafe the armored column .. that was my first mistake. My second was that I was too damn low. My third is that I was stupid to not pull up and leave the area. So I fly towards the tanks, guns blazing, and they lit my happy butt up. Master caution started to go off, caution panel is telling me that I have a fuel leak in the left tank, the left engine is at full power, the right engine is dying/dead. I don't see any smoke trailing from the engines but I'm fighting to stay in the air the whole way home. Which under normal circumstances isn't that far to go but it took a while. Finally I landed my plane, probably too rough, I heard a big thump. And here's some pics of what she looked like. So what tales do you have your digital combat adventures?

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