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Interview with Kim Crow

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Posted 13 December 2016 - 01:50:52 AM



Welcome to this CombatACE presentation featuring Anastasia Lee and our guest Kim Crow. As you know we did an interview recently with Leslie Shook, the current Bitchin' Betty for the F/A-18 Super Hornets. If you recall, during the full interview, Leslie mentioned another woman, a professionally trained voice actress whose tapes she listened to in order to help her become Bitchin' Betty. It turns out the woman mentioned, Kim Crow, is the first woman to have her voice digitized. In other words she's the first Bitchin' Betty for various aircraft.


CombatACE is pleased to present the story of Kim Crow. For those of you short on time, we have a three part series that basically breaks the main, 31 minute, video into smaller segments that can be viewed in 10-12 minute intervals. Or, if you're absolutely short on time, there is a video that provides a wonderful summary of events and do not include all of the events mentioned in the full story.


There is also a couple of bonus features. A deleted segment that is still wonderful to hear and a custom made Kim Crow ringtone. Yes you read that right. Kim Crow the Original Bitchin Betty, the Emmy Nominated voice actress as kindly created a one of kind ringtone for CombatACE.


For those short on time, there is a Summary video and at the bottom links to the individual segments including an alternate segment. The Alternate segment is simply the full presentation without video or background music. Whether you have time for the full presentation or just enough time to squeeze in the summary or a single segment, we thank you taking the time to watch or listen.



CombatACE News Team



















Short on Time?

We've broken the full interview down into three segments here. Simply click on a button to view a segment.









Audio Only Version (No Video or Background Music)





Deleted Audio




Click the button below to download the custom made CombatACE Ringtone!



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