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XvT/BoP Imperial Operation: Gathering the Remnant

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Posted 16 April 2017 - 01:07:44 PM

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File Name: XvT/BoP Imperial Operation: Gathering the Remnant

File Submitter: Wrench

File Submitted: 16 April 2017

File Category: Star Wars Games


XvT/BoP Imperial Operation: Gathering the Remnant 4/16/2017


This is the 14th set of a total of 20 mission sets/TODs that cover the time from from just before the Battle of Yavin, to after the Fall of the Empire.


The Empire has fallen!
In this set, surviving Loyalists under the command of the leader of the Secret Order are trying to gather other forces and collect information as to what has happened, and IS happening in the Core sectors (Coruscant) of what once was Imperial space. You will be tasked with protecting Imperial assets, and collecting whatever is available to allow your forces to escape the "New Republic" and form a new base of operations. What the future holds for those loyal to The Empire, is not knowable at this time.


These are to be used/placed into your ...Balance of Power/Combat folder.


All missions have been edited for fairness & balance (hopefully!), due the the enhanced AI and weapons effectivness in XvT/BoP. All have new briefings and descriptions. I've added LOTS of radio messages to act as "in game hints" and to further plot lines. Please pay attention to them, as some may save your life or your mission critical craft.
Also, when possible, other craft in the mission can be selected for Player use, or for multi-player.


As always, =PLEASE= read the install instructions. Of course, the usual "Notes" and other nonesense.


Please note that this mission set WILL require one or another of the available Ship/Craft Patches.


Kevin Stein


original set for TFCD by Michael Raven circa 2000


Click here to download this file

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