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  1. CK's Configuration App

    This program will only work with a full registered Canvas Knights game!
    To Install;
    Unzip with folder names on, go inside the CK_Configs.zip and drag the CK_Configs.exe into the same directory as your Canvas Knights game ( it needs to be outside the CK game folder )
    like this;

    Now start the CK_Configs.exe and give it your game path and click ok, like this;

    You will see a this;

    Now close out the CK_Configs app and we are going to add in your first CK mod being the new winter Island map, go into your CK game folder you will now see a new folder called
    ( backup ) go into backup folder and drop in the ( WW1_Winter ) folder, like this;

    Now close out your CK game and restart CK_Configs.exe and you will now see this;

    Now click on WW1_Winter then click on activate configuration now close out the CK_Configs app and start your game and you will now be on the winter Island map.


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