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  1. CK MOD First Flight

    This mod needs the CK configuration app to work!, you can get that in tools.
    Here we have the first CK Mod that will change your CK WW1 game into 1903 Kitty Hawk North Carolina for the first successful sustained powered flight of the Wright brothers.
    The First Flight pack includes the Kitty Hawk scenery, the Wright Flyer and the Horseless Carriage.
    To Install;
    Unzip with folder names on, go inside the ( CKFFW ) folder and take the ( First Flight ) folder and drag it over to your CK game, backup folder and drop it inside.

    First Flight scenery made by Python.
    First Flight 3D models made by Deutschmark.
    We hope you all enjoy First Flight.
    Deutschmark, Python




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