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  1. I am doing some skins Polish and Romanian, so keep an eye out for those I will also do a "Standard" P11 setup as well, so you dont need to bother converting the file I sent you, I cannot publish those though as the I believe from the DAT site, but I am unsure, so I dont want to get into hot water by posting any of Crapuns stuff accidently, So I will upload the files on this conversation for you to take as and when, Should be ready in a couple of days so bear with me mate !!
  2. OK I can send you the one I have. Ignore the skin, it was for a project that never transpired. I have updated the Skin though to make the thing more accurate.. So all the weapons etc, are nation specific to this Aircraft, But it is for all intents and purposes a PZL P11C, so easy to swap out all the weapons and guns etc. P11Z ( PZL P11C).zip
  3. I only have the 06 one, is that the one you have ?
  4. I feel your pain my friend, unfortunately this is not just a matter of moving the dials around, the Lod itself would have to be remade, and not too many people have the knowledge, and or the time to do so, that is assuming the LOD is actually accessible to replace/rework. I imagine Cockpits are a very invovled subject, as everything has to work in conjunction with each other, its all JUJU and BLAK MAJIKS
  5. Well I cant help you there, unless there is another Kitty Kat 'pit in the downloads section, it is either the TMF OR the stock one. Personally if there is not another available, I would just "live" with the TMF one, I know, the OCD will play merry hell with your brain, but we sometimes have little to no choice, Cockpits are not something that are commonly modded unfortunately, so we have to use stand ins or totally, in some cases inapprpriate ones. I wish I myself had the skills to do 'pit modelling, as I do understand and emphasise with your issue.
  6. There are indeed a lot of models that need a face lift, along with a fair few missing types too, a huge endeavour, I wish I had the knowledge, and the tools to be able to do it, but alas, I am only an old groundpounding, grunt.
  7. oh dont give 'im ideas, he will steal my thunder hahahahahaha.
  8. gotta say mate the Spad does look rather natty in those RAF desert togs.
  9. Need more input.......malfunction, need more input.
  10. Oooop I totally misread, what you said, my apologies, as Daddy said, you CAN convert SF1 files to work in SF2, and there are a fair few that havent been re configured to SF2 standard. Again I apologise for not reading you post correctly.
  11. Upgrade ?...............Err nope that aint how it works dude, they are 2 totally seperate Sims, you need to buy SF 2 Sorry matey.
  12. It's because it is a Swedish mean machine, as most SAAB's are, and they dared to be different, same with the Viggen.....................Of course it aint a Lightning or a Jaguar, but hey, the SAAB's are just as sexy.
  13. I had my first flight sim on my Amstrad 664, cannot for the life of me remember what it was called though, then I upgraded to the Amiga, and I really went in for Flight sims, I had Falcon, F16 Combat pilot, Birds of Prey, Gunship, F/a 18 , F14 fleet defender, and several more including several of the Janes series. I eventually got my first PC and continued the trend. My first big love was EAW, that got me hooked on modding and editing the sim, I prgressed to the IL2 series, and ended up with Lock on, then I discovered SF Gold........I have DCS, and IL2 Battle of.......well all of 'em actually, but I always come back to SF/FE as it is just so good, user friendly, uncomplicated, and fabulous to mod and skin, DCS is superb, but I am NOT a real fighter Pilot, and although I WAS in the RAF, I was an RAF Regiment Gunner, so I like things simple, as my poor ol' Rockape brain cannot be bothered with having to press 2 million buttons, and flick almost as many switches just to adjust the seat height in the pit heehehehehe. I find this series of sims ( SF/FE) to be fun, stress free ( mostly) and easy to use, fly, and mod/skin. Long may it continue.
  14. Yes, that is my "I'm gonna eat yer face " look hahahahahaha

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