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HPW Front Guns

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Readme File 30/3/2011


HPW Front Guns Bullet Spread Mod


by Herr Prop Wasche


Zip file contents:


HPW Front Guns mod folder and subfolders



Mod Description: The HPW Front Guns Bullet Spread mod adjusts the Accurate, Normal, and Less Accurate settings in the Main Guns selection box located in Workshop to make the front guns for both humans and AI somewhat less accurate, resulting in fewer kills per mission at each difficulty setting. The following chart gives the player an idea of the differences between the settings in the unmodded game and in the mod. Higher values indicate a wider bullet spread pattern, and thus a less accurate bullet stream.


Bullet Spread (OFF)

Accurate: .20

Normal: .50

Less Accurate: 1.00


Bullet Spread (HPWFGBS mod)

Accurate: .40

Normal: .75

Less Accurate: 1.25


Basically, this mod gives the player more options in his or her selection of bullet spread. In terms of bullet accuracy, the OFF Accurate setting allows for the most accurate shooting, while the HPWFGBS mod Less Accurate setting allows for the least accurate shooting. Notice that the Normal setting in the HPWFGBS mod is exactly between the Normal and Less Accurate settings in the standard game. I have found that this setting best achieves the goal of making the game more challenging while not excessively handicapping the AI's ability to shoot down opposing aircraft. The Less Accurate setting in the mod is for those very accurate shooters who desire a particular challenge. If you are currently shooting down more than 2 or 3 opposing aircraft per mission, you may wish to use this difficulty setting. Note, however, that your AI wingmates as well as your AI enemies will also have more difficulty shooting anyone down at this setting! Perhaps in P4 we can wish for separate front guns settings for the human and AI pilots, respectively. Hint, hint!



INSTALLATION: This mod should be used ONLY with Jonesoft's Generic Mod Enabler. ALSO, BECAUSE THIS MOD ALTERS SOME WORKSHOP SETTINGS, ANOTHER COPY OF THE JSGME PROGRAM MUST *FIRST* BE INSTALLED INSIDE THE PARENT OBDSoftware FOLDER--NOT THE CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields FOLDER!! THIS WILL CREATE A SEPERATE MODS FOLDER LOCATED INSIDE THE OBDSoftware FOLDER. COPY OR EXTRACT THE HPW FRONT GUNS FOLDER AND SUBFOLDERS INTO THIS NEW MODS FOLDER!! To activate the mod, you must run the JSGME program LOCATED INSIDE YOUR OBDSoftware FOLDER and then click on the HPW Front Guns file. Do not worry about having two copies of JSGME installed in OFF. I have tested this out and it does not seem to cause any issues with either OFF or my system. Just make sure you copy or extract the gun mod to the correct copy of JSGME, located inside the OBDSoftware folder.





Initial release



Thank you for downloading and using this mod. I hope that it adds to your enjoyment of Over Flanders Fields and HITR. I would again like to express my thanks and appreciation to OBD Software for their help and encouragement in the making of this mod. Of course, with the exception of the small tweaks contained herein, all work remains the sole work and property of OBD software. If you have any questions or experience any problems with the installation of this mod, you can reach me at www.combatace.com at the Over Flanders Field forum.



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