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HPW_Spads 1.0

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About This File

Readme File 03/08/2011


HPW_Spads for OFF BHaH HITR Full Campaign and QC Battles




by Herr Prop Wasche


Zip file contents:


HPW_Spads zip file containing five folders named SpadVII_150,

SpadVII_180, Spad13_200, Spad13_220, and Spad13_235 with appropriate

aircraft folders and aircraft.cfg and .air files.




DIFFERENT FROM MY OTHER MODS! First, download the mod to your

desktop or other preferred location. Then, open the zip file and

open the HPWSpads file folder. Select ALL FIVE Spad folders and

copy to your OBDSoftware\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields\MODS folder.

DO NOT install the mod unless JSGME has already been installed into

your CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields game folder. The mod is correctly

installed if you see this readme.txt and the following folders

inside the MODS folder: SpadVII_150, SpadVII_180, Spad13_200,

Spad13_220, and Spad13_235. To load your desired aircraft, simply

run JSGME, highlight the appropriate folder, click on the top

button, and then start your game. That's it!


NOTE: In order to see the aircraft skins of any Spad aces while

using this mod, please see the first post of Panama Red's thread

titled "Guaranteed Method to See Ace Skins Using HPW's FM" at the

Over Flanders Fields Forum at combatace.com for instructions on the

easy work-around.




Initial release 1.0


Thank you for downloading HPW's Spads FM Pack 1.0, a revised flight

model for FIVE different Spad series aircraft for use in Hat in the

Ring, the official extension to Between Heaven and Hell, the WWI

flight sim modification of CFS3 by OBD Software. This revised

interpretation of the Spad VII and Spad XIII flight models was made

to represent the different engines used by each aircraft and to

better reflect the evolution in performance of each aircraft during

the course of the war. See the following chart for a summary of

some of these differences. (Maximize window if chart is difficult

to read).


Aircraft Speed @ 3,000 m Speed @ 2,000 m Speed @ 1,000 m Speed @ 500 ft. Ceiling

Spad VII 150 114.00 mph 118.25 mph 122.00 mph 119.00 mph. 16,500 ft.

Spad VII 180 125.25 128.25 132.00 130.25 20,000

Spad XIII 200 129.25 133.25 129.75 124.75 18,500

Spad XIII 220 133.25 136.50 130.50 125.00 20,500

Spad XIII 235 137.50 139.50 134.00 128.75 21,250


The most noticeable changes using these mods are reflected in the

speeds of the early and late models of each aircraft. Compared to

the Spad models in the stock game, the Spad VII 150 version is

generally slower at all altitudes, while the Spad VII 180 is

slightly faster. The same applies to the Spad XIII 200, 220, and

235 HP versions, with the 235 HP version being about 2 mph faster

than the standard OFF version. The maximum ceiling is also

different depending on the engine used in each aircraft. Dive

speeds were also adjusted in order to better correspond with the

historical record. Finally, rudder responsiveness was reduced

somewhat to reflect the small surface area of the rudders on the

Spad series, as compared to the other aircraft in the game.



As an *approximate* guide to when each aircraft and engine upgrade

entered service, please see the following chart:


Aircraft Entered Service

Spad VII 150 February 1917

Spad VII 180 June 1917*

Spad XIII 200 January 1918

Spad XIII 220 April 1918*

Spad XIII 235 August 1918*


In order to simulate when a particular squad might have recieved

their engine updgrade, I recommend that on the first of each month

marked with an asterik, the player should roll a six-sided die. If

you roll a number equal to or higher than the following guide,

your squad gets the upgrade and you can install the newer engine.

If not, at the beginning of each following week, roll the die

again until you obtain the upgrade. (If you wish, you may add +1

to each roll if you are in an elite squad).


Week Roll

One 6

Two 5,6

Three 4,5,6

Four+ 3,4,5,6



I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to OBD

Software for their help in the making of this revised version of

the flight model. As always, with the exception of the tweaks

contained herein, all work on the original flight model remains

the sole work and property of OBD software. I would also like to

thank Panama Red for the inspiration, development, and testing of

this mod. Finally, if you have any questions or experience any

problems with the installation of this mod, please contact me on

the Over Flanders Fields forum at www.combatace.com. Thank you

and I hope you enjoy the new FM's!



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