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Integrated Nations for DCS World 1.2.16 (HAF 1.05 compati

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About This File

Switzerland by CHSubZero

USN/USMC by Home Fries


This mod allows your logbook pilot to fly for Switzerland, the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps in addition to the default nations. The USN and USMC "countries" have their own sets of insignia and share a set of medals. Additionally, the option is there to update the USAF medals from the default medals (three of which are incorrect) to the actual USAF medals that can be earned for valor in air combat. Regardless of whether you choose to update the USAF medals, the existing default USA medals will now include the "Combat V" as applicable..


Note: the default alliance matrix keeps the USN and USMC as "neutrals", so that you still only need to make a "USA" unit in the mission editor. This just keeps things simple, at least until the F-14 or F/A-18C is released.


The mod also adds certain aircraft to different nations. Predominantly, the F-4 Phantom II has been added to nations who flew it historically (including USA, UK, Australia), most of the Eastern Bloc aircraft have been added to the USA inventory for scenario flexibility, and the MiG-29A has been added to Georgia and the Insurgents to provide more interesting scenarios.


Finally, this mod is compatible with the Hellenic Air Force (HAF)mod version 1.05, though it requires that the HAF mod be installed first, and that this mod be disabled prior to reparing or removing the HAF mod.





This assumes that you already have a working JSGME installation for DCS World. If you know just enough to spell JSGME, I recommend looking here for details on using JSGME with DCS World: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=98607


Big takeaway: don't create a folder called "MODS" within DCS World (this is already taken). Call your JSGME Mod folder something like "_MODS" or "GME_MODS".


If you are updating the previous version of this mod, perform the following steps:

  1. In DCS World, set your default logbook to a pilot with a default nation. Create a new pilot if required (see "Disabling this mod" below).
  2. Exit DCS World and disable the old logbook mod.
  3. Delete the old mod, as the folder naming scheme has been updated for the new release.
  4. Extract the folders in this archive to your JSGME Mod folder.

How you proceed with setting up the logbook mod is up to you.


To install the logbook mod without the Hellenic Air Force Mod:

  1. Enable the "Logbook - Integrated Nations (Master)" mod.

If you wish to use the Hellenic Air Force mod with this logbook mod, you must install the HAF mod first. Then you can proceed with the following steps:

  1. Enable the "Logbook - Integrated Nations (Master)" mod.
  2. Install either the "Logbook - Integrated Nations (HAF Compatibilty Patch)"
    Install the "Logbook - Integrated Nations - Correction for US Air Force (optional) & HAF Compatibility Patch".
  3. If you have an existing USN or USMC pilot in your logbook from a previous install, then manually update your logbook (see below).

Note that you will need to disable this mod in order to repair or uninstall the HAF mod.



Manually Updating your Existing Logbook:


If you use the USAF Correction or the HAF mod, it may be necessary to manually update the entries in your existing logbook. This section covers those eventualities.


Either way, find your logbook file, which is located at:

C:\Users\<user name>\Saved Games\DCS\MissionEditor\logbook.lua

Be sure to back it up prior to making any edits.


Next open it in a text editor such as Notepad++ (Windows Notepad is not recommended).



Hellenic Air Force Compatibilty:


If you have an existing USN or USMC pilot that you need to make compatible with the HAF mod, find the pilot that has a ["countryId"] of 22 or 23 and add 1 to the value (22 becomes 23 and 23 becomes 24). Note: this does not apply to a Greek pilot with a ["countryId"] = 22.


Next, find the section called ["awards"]. If any of the subsections are [22] or [23] and one of the awards listed is

[1] = "Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal",

then add one to these subsections just like you did with ["countryId"]



USAF Medals:


If you have an experienced USA pilot who has the original medals by ED, and you wish to apply the correct medals with this logbook mod, then you will need to manually substitute the old default USAF medals with the proper entries so that they display properly.


Under your pilot, in the section called ["awards"], you should find and replace the existing medals as follows (up to the number that you have):

[2] =        {            [1] = "Air Force Achievement Medal",            [2] = "Air Force Commendation Medal",            [3] = "Air Medal",            [4] = "Distinguished Flying Cross",            [5] = "Legion of Merit",            [6] = "Silver Star",            [7] = "Air Force Cross",            [8] = "Medal of Honor (Air Force)",        }, -- end of [2]

You should now see the appropriate USAF medals in your logbook.


Australian Medals:


The db_countries.lua file in DCS World 1.2.6 (and 1.2.8 at the time of this writing) lists the medals in the incorrect order, which makes it so you cannot see the medals in your logbook. If you have an Australian pilot and wish to see the medals, enable this mod, then go to your logbook.lua and find the ["awards"] section, as described above. Then on the lines indicating the medals earned, replace the following numbers:

[5] should be [1]    [4] should be [2]    [2] should be [4]    [1] should be [5]

Then with this mod enabled, you should be able to see your Australian medals.


Disabling this mod (for DCS World updates):


Installing the logbook mod is the easy part. However, if you create a USN or USMC pilot, you will need to disable this mod whenever you update DCS World, so I highly recommending adding a "dummy" pilot with one of the default nations.


Whenever you need to disable this mod, be sure to switch your logbook pilot to deFault prior to disabling this mod and applying the update. While you can often just re-enable this mod after updating (and then go back to your pilot), this extra step saveguards your pilot datafile in case the DCS update makes this version of this mod obsolete.



What's New in Version 1.2.16 (HAF 1.05 compati


  • Added Switzerland and renamed to Integrated Nations
  • Updated for DCS World 1.2.16 and HAF 1.05

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