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Lock On Flaming Cliffs Patch 1.10 to 1.11 English Version Patch.

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Do not download this file cause this is not the full patch cause the uploader stoped. This patch will upgrade your flaming cliffs from version 1.10 to 1.11. When upgrading from 1.10 to 1.11 if you have downloaded my fly all non-flyable aircraft except 1 file then you need to copy that file to a different location cause the meinit.xml file will be overwritten. All you have to do is copy to a different location then install patch then after that just overwrite the original again. Here are the list of fixes between 1.10 and 1.11


Corrected bugs and added features

· A memory leak caused by the client and host having different scenery settings has been fixed. This affected both single and multiplayer games.

· A radar lock warning is now given to F-15C/A-10A player when locked by an Su-27/MiG-29 in Home On Jam (HOJ) mode.

· No radar lock warning is given to Russian aircraft when locked by an F-15C in HOJ mode.

· Even if the launch aircraft is destroyed, Active Radar Homing (ARH) missiles will trigger radar a lock warning when in active range.

· Lock ranges when in Close Air Combat (CAC) modes have been decreased to 10 nm.

· If an aircraft has active Electronic Counter Measures (ECM), it no longer to possible to detect the emitter through terrain.

· Level of Detail (LoD) models have been added to ground vehicles. This has increased frame rate when vehicles are viewed at a distance.

· The F-15C can no longer identify a jamming target as friendly or enemy.

· Radar lock on F-15C Vertical Scan (VS) mode and Gun mode is no longer instantaneous.

· The F-15C backup artificial horizon now works correctly in roll.

· The F-15C backup compass on the canopy frame now shows correct heading.

· F-15C can no longer acquire the targets placed behind the jammering aircraft.

· Fixed the incorrect indication for the range to the next waypoint on the F-15’s HUD.

· The chaff and flares quantity for F-15 has changed. The F-15C has 120 chaff and 60 flares now.

· The Su-27/33 and MiG-29 appears on the TEWS and RWR as a 29 symbol because of the radar similarity of the associated radars.

· ARH missiles now use a conical search pattern when trying to acquire or reacquire a target. The search pattern will start from the longitudinal axis of the missile or the last know position of a designated target.

· Seeker gimbal limits for ARH and infrared guided missiles has been significantly reduced.

· Patriot, I-HAWK, MICA AR, and Buk can now use a loft trajectory when engaging targets at long range.

· New AWACS detection logic. AWACS will now be limited by radar max range, min range, angle of beam, horizon and terrain masking. Additionally, target detection will take into account a target’s radar cross section (RCS), its aspect angle, and its air speed (targets below the threshold gate will not be detected).

· New early warning radar (EWR) detection logic. EWR will now be limited by radar max range, min range, angle of beam, horizon and terrain masking. Additionally, target detection will take into target size, its aspect angle, and air speed (targets below the threshold gate will not be detected).

· Missing lighting reflections for all flyable, except Su-25T, have been added to canopies.

· Clients can now always enter their selected aircraft if the server has been running for more than eight hours.

· Client stability in multiplayer has been increased.

· Clients no longer suffer stuttering.

· Client aircraft no longer shake it the air if in the Caucasus region.

· View editing of client recorded track files has been corrected.

· When uninstalling, it is now possible to save your registry file automatically.

· The "Press S" client message is no longer displayed at the start of a multiplayer game.

· Cockpit lights will no longer work unless the aircraft power has been turned on.

· Landing approach audio cues now cease once over the runway threshold.

· A-10A chaff and flare counters being reversed has been fixed.

· In MP, the players may now recover on an aircraft carrier after it has turned.

· If two clients simultaneously spawn on an aircraft carrier deck, the program will no longer crash.

· Force Feedback support to aircraft using the Standard Flight Model (SFM) has been improved.

· AGM-154s will no longer collide if dropped in salvo mode.

· AGM-154 will no longer perform unrealistic flight maneuvers.

· Air Launched Cruise Missiles (ALCM), will no longer engage moving targets.

· The Target Designation (TD) box no longer move inverted if assigned to a joystick axis.

· When jumping to another aircraft, cannon ammunition level will now be correct.

· The wheels of client aircraft now turn.

· Flaming Cliffs logo has been added to Main menu image.

· The acceleration/deceleration index in the cockpit of the Russian fighters was changed. The right is accelerate, left is decelerate now.

· Fixed MP bug with “invisible” missiles of SAM after reloading.

· Fixed crash bug with respawn Su-33 player after his carrier was sinking.

· Fixed crash with asymmetric payloads at tip wing launchers of the Su-27 aircrafts (for example – R-73 and Sorbtsia).

· Fixed the fuel gage for MiGs. It will indicates the remainder of fuel in the external fuel tanks.

· Decreased probability of appearance the freezes with upcoming the AWACS messages.

· Fixed MP bug with decreased acquisition range of helicopters by the fighter of clients.

· Fixed the work time for engine of Kh-35 missile. It will fly at full range now.

· The antiaircraft gun Vulcan will be giving the lock warning on the RWR/SPO systems.

· The SAMs can engage the antiradiation missiles now.

· In the MP the flaps, brakes and gears of the Su-25T will be displaying at correct positions.

· In the MP game the clients will see the correct pointing for cannons of ground units during strikes over the statics and ground points.

· Fixed the calculating of the sun’s position that brought wrong time of day after 3 or more months. In long campaigns after half of year the sun was rise at the night and down at daytime.

· The SF copy protection of not request the CD every time, rather, it will only request it once a week.

· The SF copy protection compatibility with 64-bit MS Windows OS now.

· Added new Lua function in the Lock On\Config\Network\stats.lua file. This function can permit or forbid the display of the multiplayer events messages. At default the messages is permitted by chat_log = true; line.

· Added labels for all airports in the F10 view.

· Old 3D model of S-8 replaced at new by Alexander "Redline" Solovkov.

· Old 3D models of Hydra 70, ALARM, and Sea Eagle replaced at new by George "GYS71" Sinitso.

· Old 3D model RIM-66 replaced at new by Dmitry Kirichinsky.

· Old 3D models KAB-1500, 9M113, and 9M114 replaced at new by Marat "Aim" Zeinetdinov.

· Old 3D models CBU-97 and Kormoran replaced at new by Marс Marbot.

· Old 3D models FAB-1500 and S-5 replaced at new by Peter "Peter Pan" Ruzanov.

· Old 3D models Kh-65, BL-755, AGM-62, AGM-154, AGM-84E, AGM-119, GBU-12, GBU-16, GBU-27, and Zuni replaced at new by Yury “SuperVasia” Bratukhin.

· Old 3D model AIM-54C replaced at new by Mig-Mag.

We bring back the old 800 x 600 graphic resolution for supporting the 3D goggles. But with this resolution may appear some problems with the user interface, therefore we don’t advice used this resolution needlessly. You'll know if its version 1.10 cause thats the starting version for flaming cliffs. Please note that this is for the english version for lock on flaming cliffs only.

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