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Hello all SFP1 and WOV -pilots. Congrat to SFP1/WoV team, and thx u very mutch. U have made very good game of Jet-air war.

I am new pilot here, - just get this game, but your Strikefighters have already made me many times fantastic feelings after 3- 4 years period in IL-2FB -games.

I like Srike Fighters many orginaly SFP1 campaing + others made by pilots yourself. Korea is realy good and Burning Sand II fantastic.

But in IL2FB-time i used to play Multiplay in HyperLobby. But sadly i noted that there are not many SFP1-pilots. Due reason that Hyper Lobby seems to be to many StrikeFighters pilots big problem.

Yesterday i and Doghouse worked whole day to solve HP:s stuffs. I had problem, how i can host more than one pilot. Althought 3 pilots joined to my mission and game started normaly. We went to windowscreen for choose planes, everything was ok, but suddently game kicked always third pilots out. It happed every time.


I was desperate. But at last Doghouse helps me. He send me with pager to his SFP1:s option ini, where i looked his multiplayer settings. It was fine work, Doghouse. I noted that in my game option.ini had lack of whole PortID,

Its wonder, but true, that this game dont do it. So u must write whole row yourself.

When u write and save it there, game is ok to Host for many players.

My settings are now.


PortID=21000 ( I added this row here) Number in Finland must be: 21000









No problem any more.


Second problem is accept indide to Hyper Lobby, because HP dont find "FlighSim.exe.

Hype lobby search and search and find nothing.


Right solution is to FORCE Hyper Lobby accept it. But how?


Easy business.

When u try connect to SFP1 game side HP didnt accept u,

(because it didnt find u FlighSimexe. Never mind.)

Anyway, HP leaves same white small search window open.

-What to do?

U must write to upper line of that search window whole name of u SFP1 -game.


For excaple: d:\StrikeFighters\FlightSim.exe ..... and then simply SAVE. No more. he he.

So Hyper Lobby accept u inside. And U can start to game.


Welcome All to Hyper Lobby. Need all kind and level Strike Fighter pilots.

Lets play togerher.


Ace pilots can play dogfight. I like more co-operation missions.




Sorry my english. My native language is finninsh. :)

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