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Lock On Experienced Pilot looking into WOV

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Well i just bought this simulator and it seems like fun. I have only bought it because i wanted to be able to fly the F-4 in the correct scenario of the 60s and 70s. I have the game patched with number 3 patch and i wonder what mods and updates there are that could make that sim look even better and fly better?! Also i dont find many people to fly this sim in hyperlobby, you guys using some other lobby to play online? Gimme a hint!





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This site is full of mods planes along with Column5's site. Just start looking until your find something you like. I would get deuces effects packs for sure though. Just remember its not a hard core sim, and it isnt LOMAC. They are 2 completely different sims and if you are looking for SF to be the same thing then you will be disappointed.




Deuces effects packs




and his newset effects pack availble here.





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