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Anyone know any good factual books about Modern Air Combat.

Even decent Aircraft guides etc?


Also apart from Clancy anyone write good modern military fiction?>



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Try this one, Fighter Combat: Tactics and Maneuvering , it is a little old (first published in 1985) but it is the best that is out there on modern fighter tactics, combat, and energy use. The author brakes down some historical jet combats situtations (again up to 1985) and then uses them to desribe the tactics that are used by modern fighters. He has covered in detail engagements such as Col. Richies Ace engagement above Hanoi in 1972 and Commander Cunningham's Ace engagements, along with the F-14 vs Libya SU-22 engagement and also talks about the change from the Korea War and pilots such as Col. McConnell were it was still fighter vs. fighter trying for a gun shot and then the changes in the short 8 yrs when Taiwan used the first Sidewinder in action and how pilots then learned to manuver to use thier energy and gain an effective missile shot. Finally the fallout with the reports from vietnam and the creation of Top Gun and Red Flag and how that again changed things to not only knowing how to use missiles but also how to still manuver for a gun shot.

Anything else you see out there right now is just a picture book with cool aircraft photos and that is about it minimual write up about the change in fighter combat from WW1 to Desert Storm and beyond.


Some good military fiction writers that I have enjoyed are the following:

Larry Bond

Harold Coyle

W. E. B. Griffin

Ward Carroll

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