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What type of Movie would you like to see?  

  1. 1. What type of Movie would you like to see?

    • Air to Air, CAP, fighter sweep, intercept, ect
    • Air to Ground, Strikes, CAS, Armed Recon, Ship.. ect..
    • A mix of both of them

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Heres a poll.. I have to restart on my movie cause I didnt like how it was coming along. Please vote on the poll, i'm not sure which type to do.

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Guest Ranger332

you can start off wit one and the other canbe a secondary mission posted if you still have ordenace left from the first run------its done in real mission planning

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The new movie is gonna be Air to Ground. I decided that air to ground would be the frist movie then the 2nd would be air to air. F-4E will be in Air to Ground and F-4B will be in Air to Air. Each of them will be 4 mins long.(well the air to ground will be 4 mins anyway) Not sure about air to air yet. Right now i'm testing diffrent frame rates and such. Before i start on it. Air to ground will inculde Napalm strikes, Shrike Attacks, regular bomb attacks, runway attacks. AAA attacks, SAM site attacks, Ship attacks. You know the usual air to ground stuff. I'm gonna try to make it exciting by getting good clips and such, just a matter of being there at the right time. :) I'm not gonna relese a trailer, cause there is really no point. So just to keep you guys updated.


BTW the movie is no longer called Iron war, its called the Eyes in the Sky, the orignal one I thought of, it fits the new song better.



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