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gun data mod from a total newbie

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I am really impressed by the mods you guys do. I was trying to learn stuff so I started with gun mods (with no success). Is it possible to do a mod like a Hispano 2 or F-4 gun pod onto a A-37b? Can someone direct me to a gun mod tutorial or show me some simple gun/weapon mods for sfp1? Thanks.

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Guest capun

You can find a lot of data by searching here and at Column5's site. Also look at their databases, Bunyap's weapons document and his wikipedia site.


You can also find some document here, mind that some may be a bit outdated



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Essentially, all you have to do to get an understanding of what weapon systems, what pylons and how to change them, is to have a look through the aircraft data.ini (F-4E_DATA.ini, MIG-29_DATA.ini etc). It's pretty straight forward once and easy to remember once you do it a couple of times


Open up the (aircraftname)DATA.ini (it defaults to notepad), scroll down, it's usually about three quarters down the page. This is where nearly all the info on the aircraft is located, in your case, the important stuff like weapons loadouts, flight model characteristics (if you wanna change pitch,yaw rate, max/cruising speed and so on).


You should see something like this (I don't use the A-37B coz I'm not a fan :no: so I've Mig-29G here as an example):


// Internal Guns ---------------------------------------------------------




GunTypeName=30MM_GSH301 (<<< This is where you can change the type of gun)





MaxAmmo=150 (<<< Self explanatory really, the ammo capacity, change it to what you want)





All you need to do is change the data next to the "GunTypeName=" to whatever you want. You need to know what names to use because if you enter incorrect or misspelled names here, you'll have no gun when you get into the game. To find out, you can either open the GUNDATA.ini in notepad or use and editor (the editor is the easier way to do it as it lists more clearly the various guns as you'll do a LOT of scrolling in notepad!)


You can grab an editor from the download section under "SF Utilities/Editors", I'd say go with BUFF's as it's pretty Sh*t hot. After you install it or whatever, just open up you GUNDATA.ini with the editor and it should list the names there.


Incase you don't already know and I'm patronising the Sh*t outta you (soz if I am) the GUNDATA.ini should be in either your SFG\OBJECTS folder, or in your SFG\OBJECTS\WEAPONS (for some reason I have it in both :) ) I don't think it should matter which service pack you're using... should it?


Otherwise, ignore all that and follow Mr Cap's instructions above :buba:

That's how I learned :biggrin:


FYI, my first mod when learning this game was a modernised A-4G Skyhawk I optimised for the precision attack role and the first thing I did was getting rid of those bloody useless Mk12s and replacing them with the GAU-12... lottsa fun after that :tongue:

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