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  1. I'm running into some weird sh*t and am looking to see if anyone has ever come across anything like this before. So I fired up my current build of SF2 last night (or whenever, night before maybe) to create a mission for a recon new bird I just got my grubbies on. I switched my terrain from (stock) Desert to New Zealand (gotta keep an eye on them Kiwis, never know what kind of unabashed reasonableness they'll get up to if you don't!) and... BAM!! ...most of the aircraft in my drop down menu disappeared. They were there in the menu, then they were gone the second I switched the terrain. Dunno what happened but they're not selectable any more. Everything after in the menu after 'Canberra T4' is no longer available to use. I had a look in the folder where they're located, and everything is there, all accounted for, just not showing up in the game. I exited the game, fired it up again and still nada. This is the menu: (Note: The Mirage IIIOM is a mod of the Atlas Cheetah, the SAAB 21's file name is A-21B And the Su-27/Su-27U are Banditos_Su-27/27U) And this is what I had access to previously. Everything highlighted is no longer accessible. 77% of them (In deference to my American buddies, in Freedom Units that's 7/9thsπŸ˜‰ ). Now I've copied and pasted some of these highlighted aircraft into a separate install of SF2:NA and they work fine. I've had a quick nose around in the folders and nothing seems amiss. Restarting didn't work (either the game or the machine). I tried moving the files to another folder, fired it up again. And here's where it gets weirder-er. It re-copied folders for the stock aircraft back into the main aircraft folder and they're all working again. Just none of the modded aircraft I've added. I have had exactly zero problems previously, it was literally when I switched terrains to from Desert to NZ when this occurred and that in itself is weird, because the day before this all went down, I tested the aircraft in both terrains without any problems at all. Any suggestions that aren't 're-install everything'?? PS: Apologies in advance if anyone spots any aircraft of... dubious origin or any references to MILF pron I may have failed to redact from these screenshots...
  2. Meteors everywhere.

    Yeah, but do you have any screenshots of Meteors...? πŸ˜‰
  3. Slightly off topic, I'd just like to take this opportunity to ask you monsters who voted for the Dornier Apha Jet (also known as the Hyundai Excel of the sky) one thing: Why?!?! I'm so disappointed in you all... πŸ˜”
  4. Su-35I Flanker-E IRIAF

    This is fantastic. Excellent work, GK!!
  5. Look, I don't mean to be a picky grammar nazi given all the fine works you produce for the community, but I think there's spelling error in section 3 where it says Canadair CL-215. I think it's actually pronounced CL-84...
  6. MiG-29 Wild Weasel

    Sidenote: I love how even flying 35+ year old Mig-29s that, whilst refurbished and well maintained, haven't received a major capability upgrade in... ever, they're still about 40 years of ahead of their neo-Soviet invaders in just about every quantifiable category.
  7. Ukrainian MiGs with HARMs

    The photo that Binkov dude used is defo rubbish (that photo is pretty famous in the West. It'd easily be in the first 3 hits in a google search for a Luft Mig-29), but apparently they are using AGM-88s integrated in something of an ad hoc on Mig-29s. Only -88Bs or Cs and with limited functionality since it's only the missile itself and nothing else. No pods, none of the integrated avionics and not full functionality. A coworker buddy of mine was listening to this guy the other day and my ears pricked up when they started talking about HARM. Still maybe take it with a grain of salt for the moment because of all the well intentioned but still unhelpful white noise surrounding the conflict (as opposed to the horsesh*t that is the Soviets' no. 1 export atm), but this HARM stuff is being reported by some decent sources which is what makes me lean towards it possibly happening. This should take you straight to the part. https://youtu.be/Qjwt2b4WzEE?t=1906 )
  8. Checkmate-SU-75

    Given that the Su-57 is technically still not 'in-service' due to it's ever increasing list of major problems, I was thinking we should start a pool for all the CA members to guess when the first Russian stealth fighter finally enters service. Only problem with that is that most of us will be dead by 2073...
  9. Isn't there a radar size/detection range setting in each aircraft's data.ini for AI purposes? I seem to recall when the first stealth aircraft started getting released, one of the main problems was AI being able to detect you from 40kms+ out (I'm not going to coddle you Imperial using folks. Grow up, learn metric and join the rest of us in the 21st century. ) and it was pretty common for whole flights to light off medium range AAMs like you were a conventional aircraft. I remember ini updates focused on the detection range setting as a hotfix to better simulate stealthiness because of limitations of the game itself. If you compare the entries in the data.inis for, say, the F-22 and Su-27, for example, you'll see what I mean. This was 'fix' was a double edged sword, however, because if you reduced the detection range too much, AI pilots would suddenly have the vision range of Mr. Magoo and would only engage at that range, even if their radar and munitions could technically engage at significantly longer distances. Failing that, you could always try LOMAC. Last time I played that, I remember the Russian dev team that bought it or otherwise took over the support of the game nerfed the Christ out of all the Western and NATO aircraft and weapons systems. I mean, the AMRAAM and AIM-54 were a tad OP with the release version, but real world notoriously underperforming AAMs like the R-27 series were practically silver bullets afterwards.
  10. Insidious though it may be, it's got nothing on the diarrhea the 'food' from Delta inflicts upon you...
  11. China moves to counter India with arms sales to Pakistan

    I'm too sweet to be salty, Turkish but you can forgive me reading this again and again, again and again, again and again, again and again, again and again, again and again, again and again, again and again, again and again, ad nauseam, for 20 years and being just a tad skeptical. Now I'll be even more convinced as soon as I see actual video footage of them flying in PAF colours. If we're being honest, I'd like to see them in other colours. It's an excellent plane. But talk is cheap, and internet chatter is f*cking worthless unless it's backed up.
  12. China moves to counter India with arms sales to Pakistan

    I'll believe this story when I actually see J-10s in PAF hands. This announcement, much like the stories about them buying J-11s, has been made about 30 times since the mid-2000s by a variety of 'news' sites-- usually dodgy Pak sources like defence.pk. Just going by the sheer number of these announcements, Pakistan would currently have about 2000 J-10s in service already. Personally, I'd take this announcement with a grain of salt... ...the size of Gibraltar.
  13. YES!!! *ahem* ...I mean sure, if you're offering it, SD.
  14. JMSDF Izumo - F-35B

    Love it! Can't wait to see F-35Bs in Japanese colours jumping off the deck in the relatively near future.

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