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USAF F-4C/D Mig Killers

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USAF F-4C/D Mig Killers

USAF F-4C/D Mig Killers 1965-68 By USAFMTL


Thanks to Sundowner for the templates.


Some decals were used from WOV but redone by me.


F-4D-29-MC 66-0249 of Maj ET Raspberry and Capt FM Gullick, 555th TFS/8th TFW Ubon RTAB, June 1967


F-4C-20-MC 63-7647 of Maj RM Pascoe and Capt NE Wells, 555th TFS/8th TFW ubon RTAB, June 1967


F-4C-21-MC 64-0660 of Maj JA Hargrove and 1LT SH Demuth, 480th TFS/366th TFW Da Nang, May 1967


F-4D-30-MC 66-7601 "The Gunner" of Maj JD Moore and 1LT GH McKinney Jr, 435th TFS/8th TFW, Ubon RTAB Dec 1967


F-4C-20-MC 63-7623 of Maj JR Pardo and 1LT SA Wayne, 433rd TFS/8th TFW Ubon RTAB May 1967


F-4C-24-MC 64-0829 of Col Robin Olds and 1LT SB Coker 433rd TFS/366th TFW Ubon RTAB May 1967


F-4C-23-MC 64-0776 of Lt Col RF Titus and 1Lt M Zimer 389th TFS/366 TFW Da Nang, May 1967


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