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Butch's Bash

Pacific Fighters Mission - 4 players take-off from the Lexington -


....On 11 January 1942, CV-2, the USS Lexington sailed from Pearl Harbor as the flagship of TF 11. Task Force 11 consists of the Lexington, two heavy cruisers, and six destroyers The Lexington has been assigned the dangerous task of penetrating enemy-held waters north of New Ireland. From there her planes are to make a strike at Japanese shipping in the harbor at Rabaul.


Unfortunately, while still 400 miles from Rabaul, the Lexington was discovered by a giant four-engine Kawanishi flying boat.


Nine twin-engine enemy bombers have been spotted comming in from the South and Commander Thach has just led six Wildcats into the air to intercept them.


After Commander Thatch led the Wildcats towards the incoming enemy bombers, Lt Butch O'Hare noticed he had fuel problems, and turning 180 degrees he returned to his ship, the Lexington.


Suddenly he noticed nine more enemy bombers attacking from the opposite direction and alone and desperate, he attacked and took on all nine. single handedly destroyed five of them, and forced the rest to turn away.


For this Lt Butch O'Hare earned a Medal of Honor. Can you do the same with four aircraft Let me know what you think?


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