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B29 ESSO EXPRESS of the 468th BG . Formed at Smoky Hill Army field, Salina, Kansas, in September 1943 as one of the first B-29 groups, the 40th, 44th, 468th and 462nd Bomb Groups constituted the 58th Bombardment Wing (VH). The 'VH' designation stood for 'Very Heavy' Bombardment. This aircraft was the 29th production Superfortress and was delivered in Olive Drab/Neutral Grey camouflage. Stripped of armament it was used to haul fuel 1200 miles from India to the Advanced Base a Pengsham, Szechuan Province, China, hence the name 'Esso Express' . Well all i can say is the void for this is very hard to work with, its a lot worse than the HE111 , for example the mission tally on the nose is not 100% straight due to the mapping of the void also theres a section under the rear fusalage that cant be corrected believe me i spent hours trying on that bit alone its ok if your making a bare metal skin but if your doing camo work it takes ages to get it all properly correct well anyway i started from fresh from making my own template to the completed skin i even done the nose art freehand, also this aircraft only had one engine painted white but again due to the void theres only one engine to paint so they all come out the same it also had a white leading edge on the wings which i have blended in with the weathering, all insignias in the right places too. Bright finished, theres also a no markings skin as requested. Enjoy :)


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