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Palm Sunday Massacre v2a

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Palm Sunday Massacre v2a

On Palm Sunday, April 18, 1943, Over Cape Bon, Tunisia, an Axis force of *60 Ju-52 transports escorted by 21 Bf-109 Bf-110, & MC-202 fighters were headed for Sicily when they were intercepted by a patrol of 46 P-40Fs, 12 P-47s of the 314FS/324FG and with a high cover of 12 RAAF Spitfire Vs from No. 92nd Sqdn. The intercept was based on messages received from the German enigma codes (Ultra). The slow Junker 52 transports were on their way with supplies to the German Army in North Africa.


The American P-40s dove out of the sun and when the smoke had cleared, 59 Ju 52s and 16 fighters had been shot down for the loss of 6 P-40s and 1 Spitfire - arguably the finest single engagement for the P-40 Warhawks ever, a slaughter that came to be known as the "Palm Sunday Massacre".


MISSION DATE: Sunday, 18 April 1943


GAME TYPE: CO-OP up to 25 players

MISSION TYPE: Air Intercept

FLYABLE PLANES: Bf-109G2, Bf-110G2, P-40M, P-47D22, Spitfire Mk Vb


MISSION INFORMATION: This mission was created/edited by JR "Big Daddy" Jacobs


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