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F-104A/C Superpak

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F-104A/C Superpak

F-104A/C Superpack by USAFMTL For wpnssgt's F-104


This pack includes 18 skins all done by me using updated templates of Sundowner.


Tweaked the data.ini on both planes. Fixed Thrust values, range, speed etc.




This F-104A is the gunless one. You get 2 winders only just like it had until 1964. I have included though a data.ini that has the gun for later use if you want.


The F-104C could carry 4 winders, 2 on the wing tips and 2 under the fuse. However after great amount of research it was almost never used as the fuse missiles seeker head would get damaged all the time. So I did not include it.


Make sure you have the latest weps pack installed. Also this will only work with people who have the older versions of SF that came with the F-104G as it uses the G pit.


Original model by wpnssgt, original textures by Sundowner. All updates by me. Skins by me.


Just zip the pack, run the .exe files to a folder of your choosing. Then drop the files in your aircraft folder. Go fly.


There are 6 F-104C skins and 12 F-104A skins.






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