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Marauders at Midway v1

Marauders at Midway v1


June 4th, 1942 0710 hrs

Flying from Midway, four B-26s of the 69th Bombardment Squadron are sent to attack the Japanese fleet. Each plane carries one fish, hanging from its belly.


Heading through the tracers, they spy the Akagi.


"The whole world was on fire, the only place that wasn't was across the deck of that carrier". At a height of only 15 feet, Muri flew down the deck of the Akagi. He feels too close to the enemy to be shot at. But Muri goggles at Akagi's battle flag, snapping from her mast. He has seen the blazing Rising Sun flag in newsreels, but never in real life. Now it?s the biggest thing he's ever seen.


Muri pulls out surrounded by Zeros. The Japanese tear up the B-26, Cpl. Mello staggers into the cockpit, and says "The plane's on fire and everybody's hit back there." Co-pilot Moore rushes back with a fire extinguisher to douse the blaze. Then he gives sulfa powder, and mans a gun.


MISSION DATE: June 4th, 1942 0710 hrs


GAME TYPE: CO-OP up to 12 players

MISSION TYPE: Air Intercept

FLYABLE PLANES: A-20 (B-26), A6M2-21, SBD-3


MISSION INFORMATION: This mission by JR "Dig Daddy" Jacobs


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