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Soviet Sounds

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Soviet Sounds Readme




1. this is a bunch of .wav engine files that I had laying around.

I tried to match these as closely as possible to the film clip

sounds from Soviet fighters on some old Wings episodes I had on

VHS. The sounds may not be exact, but they are reasonably close.


2. Try these .wavs for :


Fishbed-C = J-7 series, Type 74, Type 76, Type 77, MiG-19, F-6

Fishbed-L = For the advanced MiG-21MF & above, Chinese J-7 III 9 J-7C/D )

Flogger = Flogger Family

Frogfoot = Su-15s & Su-25 ( When it's released )

Bear = For Pasko's Tu-95

Sukhoi = Su-7, Su-9, Su-11, Su-17

Beagle = IL-28, H-5 series, MiG-15, MiG-15bis, MiG-17 Family

Foxbat = MiG-25 Family

Fulcrum = MiG-29 Family

Badger = Tu-16s, H-6, Tu-22s


3. TO INSTALL : simply drop the .wav file into your Strike Fighters or

WOV Sounds folder, Then in the aircraft data.ini, scroll down to the

[sound] section and change to the .wav that you want to use. Expample

is for a MiG-15UTI



EngineSoundName=JetEngine < < < CHANGE THIS TO : Beagle







4. Hopefully, these will add more spice to your SFP1/WOV experience

until such time as a more accurate set of Soviet Sounds is released.






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