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Soviet Transport Pack

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Soviet Transport Pack

Zil-157 family package for Strikefighters Project 1 / Wings over Vietnam / Wings over Europe by Thirdwire.


3D Models: Daniel Himmel

Textures: Thirdwire/Daniel Himmel


This package is NOT supported by Thirdwire.



All Copyrights Reserved by Daniel Himmel © 2006


Do not distribute, repackage or post without written permission from me.


Texture Modifications without previous consent is allowed.


Models are done solely for the purpose of enjoyment by Daniel Himmel.


Model released to the SFP1/WoV/WoE community for their enjoyment with no implicit warranties.


By downloading this file you acknowledge that is provided on an "as is" basis, constructive feedback is welcome.


It's strictly forbidden to sell the pack or any part of the package. It's also forbidden to make otherwise money with it (without written permission)


The models are delivered with an automatic installer, folowing models included in the Pack and will be copied:


Zil-157 w. Troops loaded (dayt) -----> %Gamepath%\GroundObject\Zil-157Troops

Zil-157 w. Troops loaded (night) -----> %Gamepath%\GroundObject\Zil-157TroopsL

Zil-157 Flatbed (night) -----> %Gamepath%\GroundObject\Zil-157FlatbedL

Zil-157 Flatbed (day) -----> %Gamepath%\GroundObject\Zil-157Flatbed

Zil-157 w. ZPU-1 mounted -----> %Gamepath%\GroundObject\Zil-157_ZPU-1

Zil-157 w. SA-2 Trailer -----> %Gamepath%\GroundObject\ZIL-157_SA2_Trailer

Zil-157 w. M-1939 Trailer -----> %Gamepath%\GroundObject\ZIL-157_M1939_Trailer


To switch to desert texture, open the *.ini and change the entries like shown below (or cut and paste them):






















Have fun Daniel "Kesselbrut" Himmel


Contact Information: Daniel Himmel. E-mail: sfp1_fan@gmx.de


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