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  1. Try by switching the radar off and then back on.
  2. Amazing piece of terraforming for FE2
  3. could be HERmetically sealed unit 1 STD ATM 1 STD ATM = 1 standard atmosphere no idea about the datum...
  4. Have a look at the controls options. Theres a command which makes the aircraft you have locked with radar your visual target ( or something to that effect) And this gives you the info box for the tgt.. Quick look into the Default ini revealed : SELECT_RADAR_TARGET=CTRL+R BTW if you mess up the Default.ini for some reason simply delete it The game will create a new one after re-start
  5. A-3 came with the 60 round drums, A-4/A-5 with higher capacity drums. The size of the drums was the same (diameter), only the length was increased by 2mm(!) The trick was to use a different spring system which made more space inside. There were several boost systems for BMW 801 Fw 190's. I would have to pull out the manuals, so heres from memory.. - increased emergency power - this was a modification to the boost pressure - special emergency power + with additional fuel injection or + with MW 50 ~
  6. TW forum finds TK on how TW makes low-res lods TK on multiple lods textures TK on setting lod distances TK on polycount/vertices for groundobjects (limits)
  7. Roll angle values on the BRU-61 stations could be the culprit.
  8. BSFC=0.00280 TW value from A-1H/J And IIRC this value is used in most(?) TW piston engine planes.. Info: Fw 190's with MG FF/M in the outer wings, these guns did not eject empty casings (collected them inside a wing compartment) The A-4/A-5 (if equipped with MG FF/M) used 90-rounds drums instead of the 60-rounds drums.
  9. CAP2 Development Round-up

    http://devblog.sim155.com/ Sunday, 9 September 2018 v813.3 v813.3 is in the BETA channel now. Main updates in this release are: A/A Radar updates Auto Acquisition modes Radar locks onto first target found, enters STT (Single Target Track) mode GACQ - Gun Acquisition radar scans HUD field of view WACQ - Wide Acquisition radar follows a wide scan pattern VACQ - Vertical Acquisition used in turning dogfights, radar scans forward and up BST - Boresight Radar points straight ahead A/A HUD updates A/A Gun symbology Gun Director Reticle displayed with radar lock AIM9 Symbology improved seeker code lock & launch without radar input SEAM mode ( Sidewinder Expanded Acquisition Mode) AIM9 seeker nutates (wobbles) within an expanded forward view After lock is achieved the tone changes andce lock is NIRD display (Normalised In Range Display) A/A Radar MFD display updates Symbology updated for RWS,TWS,VSS and STT HUD RWR Threats display of current RWR threats on the HUD Improved HUD rendering Clearer display of HUD & HUD glass New controls added TMS FWD/AFT/LFT/RGT renamed to TDC (Target Designator Control) used to move the TDC cursor within the MFD radar display TDC Select added used to select a target under the TDC cursor Cage/UnCage used to command AIM9 seeker caged straight ahead or free Undesignate breaks current lock Sensor Select Switch In A/A master mode FWD Selects radar BST mode AFT Selects radar AACQ mode LFT Selects radar WACQ mode RGT Selects radar VACQ mode A/A Weapon Select Switch FWD Selects AIM9, radar BST mode AFT Select AIM9, SEAM mode LFT Select GUN, radar to GACQ mode RGT Select AIM120 Bug fixes include distant terrain rendering issue AIM9 growl disabled in menus Next update will address A/G HUD & MFD displays and weapon integration. This includes IR Mavericks, HUD symbology for CCIP, CCRP bomb release, ground target lock, A/G guns and rockets. Beyond that the in-game tactical display will be added. This is a real-time extension of the current tactical display used in the mission planner. Then we get into missions and the first of the campaigns. Here are some screenshots from v813.3: GUN Reticle with A/A lock AIM9 SEAM Mode AIM9 NIRD RWR HUD Threats
  10. Dont forget to put your personal I-HAWK site onto the roof!! ;D
  11. Crusader recomendzzzz... Aviation Week and Space Technology/McGraw hill, Inc., 1990 Time Life Video/Air Power, 1991
  12. CAP2 Development Round-up

    steam url source has screenshots etc. Full Day/Night Cycle Is Here! A Campaign Pre-Requisite 7 August - f.scio v813.0 has been published to the BETA channel. This update has the full day/night sequence implemented. This is needed for the upcoming campaign mode as that runs minute by minute throughout the full 24 hour day. You'll be flying missions at various TOD and through transitions from light to darkness. To model the day/night transition the atmospheric rendering has been massively improved. The pictures below show features such as: Accurate sky rendering due to atmosphere modelling Moon Display Accurate rendering Atmospheric fx during 'moon rise' & 'moon set' (red tinge) Moon phases Accurate orbital motion, speed Stars Accurate rendering through atmosphere Accurate motion Sun Display; Atmospheric attenuation Terrain/Objects Generally improved environmental lighting from Sky rendering Improved aerial perspective (eg distant terrain and objects lighting, Attenuation and in-scatter) You can dynamically change the TOD during free flight & training missions so give that a go to see the update in action. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here are ~15,000 words!:
  13. Midway remake to start filming in September

    Torpedo 8 for the win.... uha... ...

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