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  1. Zeppelin problems

    And if your own flight has a wingman assigned by the game engine, then go to the Roster menu where you can remove/add wingmen. Done by clicking on the respective line(s).
  2. Ive run missions with EA-6B doing the ESCORT_JAMMER missiontype .. didnt affect player A2A... dont know vs SAM yet. IIRC, the SF2NA Soviet aircraft with ESCORT_JAMMER as primary mission.. the dont have any internal jammers in the data (July 2013) Equipped a EA-6B with three strength 100 noise jammers - the thing was totally invisible on the F-4E radar
  3. Ive tested AI ECM. With a July 2012 game install. ECM pods and decoy pods - both do not work. Ive set up a mission with 3 F-4E_75 in a line in ~55 nm distance. Player aircraft is an F-4E_75 as well. Missions (ECM Test F-4).7z Desert terrain v1 Target configs north to south (left to right from cockpit view, looking East) are: - F-4E_75 without loadout - no ECM - F-4E_75 with strike loadout - ALQ-119 dual-mode jammer - F-4J with internal jammer - deceptive mode I can lock-on both F-4E at max lock range - ALQ-119 makes no difference F-4J must close the distance to about 30-25 nm until I can lock it - internal ECM does work. v2 - same as above, with a 3rd F-4E_75 positioned a short distance in front of the F-4J. Intention was to test if internal ECM prevents acquiring targets flying nearby the jamming aircraft. No problem to lock the F-4E = Internal ECM is just for self-defense. Latest game version is July 2013 - mission needs to be run with it ....
  4. One fraction of a second until confetti....
  5. Inthe loadout ini, some headers are not valid [NavalAviationIntercept] [NavalAviationInterceptLongRange] To use custom headers, you must add some definition lines e.g. [NavalAviationIntercept] Nation=SOVIET (if other than as set in data ini or specific export loadout) StartDefaultDate=M/D/Y format, to make the specific loadut start from a set date DefaultFor=INTERCEPT (( CAP, SWEEP,ESCORT )) to define the mission types this loadout is used with
  6. AA-6D data SpecificStationCode=AA6 Means The wing station must have the same line to be able to load the missile. Or both station and missile must be without the code.
  7. Sight Selector Unit From DCS F-86F manual
  8. Crotale aka Cactus in South African service
  9. https://combatace.com/forums/topic/89095-water-line-tear-trough-mercalos-proving-grounds/?tab=comments#comment-720013
  10. Cant recall exactly, but... SF2 series game installers do not require a fixed install order anymore.. if they are from 2013 (??) and later. Think somebody posted a install order list somewhere for the old installers.
  11. Yep, if the cone is positioned/animated in the retracted position... I had to change the values compared to the fix for the TMF Mirages... different 0 position/animation setup.
  12. It is a mod of the FLIGHTENGINE ini (must be extracted and placed into Flight folder) WorldSettings section [WorldSettings] SectorWidth=20 SectorHeight=20 SectorMaxObject=512 //Border=80000.0 Border=35000.0 MinHeight=1.0 MaxHeight=35000.0 80000 is the default value. That doesnt work anymore since the (at least) mid-2012 game versions and later.

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