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  1. Two Decades

    Think I joined when someone posted about Biohaz on C5 20 years..
  2. Aerges Mirage F1 Project Update

  3. An online version is web-archived: The F.86 v The MIG.15 By SQUADRON LEADER W. HARBISON CENTRAL FIGHTER ESTABLISHMENT
  4. Where is the voodoo emoji when its really needed....
  5. Add NoJettisionTank=TRUE to the station section
  6. Eurofighter will remain operational up to 2060

    Free adaption: Typhoon is our business And business is good
  7. Eurofighter will remain operational up to 2060

    Its all about business
  8. UK F-35B down

    Said to be leaked footage of the incident. Also there https://news.sky.com/story/amp/leaked-footage-shows-moment-british-f35-jet-crashes-into-mediterranean-during-hms-queen-elizabeth-carrier-take-off-12482611
  9. Even easier if it works with just the SystemType. As long as the added object (missile) doesn't need a yaw angle.
  10. Yes, by making the object to be added a missile/rocket which is never launched. The GO (Jeep in your case) needs a WeaponSystem section with a missile launcher. Can be a bit ini-editing intensive until it looks right, but its possible.. see my WIP pic of a Quad .50 on the TW CargoShip mast (still unfinished) For positioning, example from my wip for the directions WeaponPosition=0.0,40.0,23.0 // ------- ------------ = L/R, F/B, U/D from GO center
  11. There was an avalanche of patches/updates during the heydays of SF2. What worked in a certain way with one game version became nonfunctional with the next version. Its possible that before SF2I (which brought the F-16A) RCS "worked" with low negative values. And it changed subsequently. Older posts from years back are or can be connected to a certain game version. not to mention that individual users often did not update to the latest version because of personal preferences or "new bug avoidance"
  12. You are on the right track. Its a bit of confusion/confounding of the [AircraftData] section with the AircraftShortName= This line is only used for in-game text display purposes, not connected to the RWR and The "aircrafts" data ini, e.g. MiG-29M_data.ini which contains the [DetectSystem] section with the important RadarFamilyName= entry And this (example) RadarFamilyName=MiG-29M designation is what goes into the first part of the list in the .lst file, calling the appropriate texture MiG-29M=RWR_MiG-29M.tga If the RadarFamilyName= line is missing, simply add it. Several older mods dont have it or it has been overlooked during upgrade/conversion from SF1 to SF2 This explanation should be more exact
  13. Do not use negative RCS values. More here:
  14. The MiGs data inis must have the RadarFamilyName= entry in the DetectSystem section. This name is referred to in the RWR .LST files for calling the threat symbol tga file. A missing entry in the data ini or .LST or a typo/different names result in no symbol shown. By default, the threat tga files go into the Flight folder. If they are put into a "RWR" subfolder, then the RWR .LST file need the correct path entered, e.g. "....=RWR/MiG-31.tga"

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