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  1. A lesser known source for older files is the Checksix library https://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php Categorie - select S.F. Project 1 or WOE / WOV Type - select Avion (aircraft) or Skin etc to narrow down your search. Or leave it at "all" and click through the pages Most of the TMF releases up to a certain date should be available, and also the two official TW stand-alone releases - the F-104G and A-4F.
  2. Falcon BMS 4.37 Update 3 released

    Yaa its happening... all the changes to F-15C (many), some to the Hornet and even a few to the Tornado
  3. A-37 Cockpit Repaint

    Cockpit 3d / textures are by Centurion-1 Ive assisted with ini file work
  4. Su-35S Flanker-E VKS

    Then the data ini should get this modified section as well: [CruiseMissileAI] ReleaseRange=40200.0 ReleaseAlt=300.0 ReleaseInterval=5.0 Otherwise the "Tu-22" defaults will be used. Customize the section as required, Range and Alt values are in meters. Take into account the "I" of the AI ....
  5. AH-1G a bit down the list... https://combatace.com/files/category/712-ah-1/
  6. Yes very bad when they are on the loose everywhere... The solution: Start your own loose runners containment operation ASAP !! Create a new folder named GroundObjects inside the Afghanistan terrain folder Move the runners into the new folder, don't forget the damage textures/destroyed lod Mission Accomplished!
  7. Iranian F-14s in Retrospect

  8. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1286220 Sea Power Latest Dev Diary from 30 Dec 2022
  9. Correct, actual path depends on Win version and SF2 install but the end should be like this: Saved Games/..../Third Wire/Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic/Objects/Weapons
  10. Interesting. Fingers crossed that type-specific avionics come true, one day. This would make BMS very interesting for me
  11. F-15 HUD symbology Is it now possible to make the airframe-specific HUD/avionics instead of having F-16 avionics everywhere ?

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