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  1. replacementdocs.com Has the manual and quick reference card, free DL
  2. Simming Area Now and Then

    HOTAS layout-wise, its a change from F-16C to F-15 MSIP / F-15E.
  3. I have added the AIM-7E series and the AIM-7F. Basic edits for AIM-120A to C-5.
  4. Still have 14A pit max backed up somewhere, and Ive also sent it back to ToS some time ago (years..). He had planned to make a D pit (and/or B Sparrowhawk?), iirc.
  5. It was one prototype with Gardenya ECM, and the other prototype was with SPO-15 RWR (project rejected by the RuAF) and that evolved into the enhanced project of MLA to MLD upgrade.
  6. According to Russian sources/photos the radio altimeter is "Reper-M" ("N" is probably another case of Letter mis-ID) on the ML series. Two prototypes with internal ECM, the MiG-23MLDG with Gardenya jammer and one other.
  7. They need a new carrier for the big jet
  8. Re: helos and tail rotor damage - it is probably caused by the overall layout of helos and the associated damage boxes. With the heat-emitting engines in the high center the missile could pass through the tail/tail rotor damage box. The DamageRating assigned to the tail rotor Component is important in this case, with "Destroyed" the helo should go down (?) I also remember that some (older) helo dates (e.g. Marcfighters Mi-8) have damage box configs which put them offset from the 3d.
  9. I have this in my notes for altimeters, posted by another CA member some time ago
  10. " ValueUnit=MPS " - MPS is not a valid entry. MPS (meters per second) is in fact the default Unit for vertical velocity if no ValueUnit= is specified. Value Units from the ObjectData dll: KG METERS FEET FT YARDS MILES NM KM FPS KMPH MPH KNOTS LB FPM DEG
  11. What Caliber Weapon Is Needed To Kill These Things?

    8.8 Flak
  12. "Reper-N" is the radio-altimeter. Antennas are mounted in two bulges under the fuselage, at the rear where the leading edge of the ventral fin begins. I do not have the new edition of the Y.Gordon book, but when it really contains such basic errors.. uh oh
  13. I better stock up on CBU, ARMs and ECM... and Weasels.. must.. have.. Weasel!!!

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