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  1. From an old geocities Vautour site I have saved
  2. New Aircraft

    http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/instrumente/katalog 1WK/Katalogmenue/web/new site/frames2/KatalogMenue.htm Druckmesser category in the sidebar
  3. Mega Pack C6 (24 May 2006) http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?page=detail&ID=4541
  4. Yes, Ive actually drawn the profile on paper to visualize it and then modified it when I made a dive-bomb profile for Mirage III/5.
  5. Ive once used all the lines/values of the DiveBombAI in the LevelBombAI section to force the aircraft to Divebomb all the time Cant remember if it worked, though With entries like this [DiveBombAI] ReleaseCount=2 ReleaseInterval=0.2 AimPitchOffset=3.0 the game will use stock values for all the missing lines!
  6. 'CanopyGlassTemplate.tga' It could be that the file is not needed at all, maybe just a backup or "work file" leftover. Look if there are CanopyGlass.tga files in the skin folders.. if yes, it should be OK.
  7. I saved this file, I think it comes from or with the WOE terrain editor .. not sure anymore. terrain palette from the WoE terrain editor.7z
  8. C-130 cockpit by Crab02, I know that he made that one long ago.
  9. New Aircraft

    Gesamtgewicht t is missing, I'd say... Benzinetank - delete e The crate is looking
  10. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    D-11 = raíz de ala 2 x MG151/20, alas externas 2 x Mk108 D-13 = raíz de ala 2 x MG151/20, 1x cañón de motor MG151/20
  11. 15 x SUU-11 = the 60's Metal Storm XM18 and SUU-11/A, 6,000 rpm XM18E1 standardized as the M18 and SUU-11A/A, either 2,000 rpm or 4,000 rpm M18A1 (development of the M18E1) and SUU-11B/A either 3,000 rpm or 6,000 rpm combined rates for the max firing rate: 4,000 rpm = 60,000 rpm / 1,000 rounds per second 6,000 rpm = 90,000 rpm / 1500 rounds per second
  12. RAZBAM Harrier

    Link to get the latest version of the AV-8B Pocket Guide (supplied instead of a proper manual...) https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwxk88479v98thh/AV8BNA Pocket Guide.pdf?dl=0
  13. https://www.facebook.com/dekaironworksims/posts/330639224065881 Deka Ironwork Simulations added 15 new photos. September 29 at 7:36pm · This weekend, Deka Ironwork Simulation (DIS) in collaboration with Eagle Dynamics (ED) will be delighted to introduce the China Asset Pack (CAP). This project targets at bringing the modern Chinese assets/weapons into DCS world as AI units. Currently, the following units are confirmed: Aircrafts: J-11A (AI) [Completed] JF-17 "Thunder" (AI) [WIP] Ships: 052B Destoryer DDG-168 "Guangzhou" [Completed] 052C Destoryer DDG-171 "Haikou" [Almost Completed] 054A Frigate FFG-538 "Yantai" [Completed] Weapons: YJ-83 Anti-ship Missile [Completed] YJ-62 Anti-ship Missile [WIP] 9M317 Surface to Air Missile [Completed] HQ-16 Surface to Air Missile [Completed] HHQ-9 Surface to Air Missile [Completed] PL-5EII Air to Air Missile* [Completed] PL-8 Air to Air Missile [Completed] PL-12 Air to Air Missile* [Completed] WMD Multi-function Targeting Pod* [Completed] RKL609 ECM Pod [Completed] Pylons: AKU-170 Adapter for R-77 missile on J-11A [Completed] PF-12 Adapter for PL-12 missile* [WIP] *Launch platform JF-17 might not be included in initial release. CAP will be added to DCS World free of charge. Our future goal is to add more AI units into the package, although details and dates are still uncertain. During the development, we have received help from some players as they have provided the initial 3D model of three warships. With assistance from ED, the LOD, damage model, animations and model corrections are almost finished. We have also completed ships' weapon systems. Since it's a fan package for free, and the JF-17 developement needs to be focused on later, we may slow down the progress of adding other Chinese asset as AI. But if any of you are willing to help or contribute, that would be awesome and absolutely welcomed!
  14. Info extracted from various posts on TW forum ... 10% 20% particle systems 30% 40% 50% 60% terrain 70% 80% objects 90% player cockpit and avionics

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