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  1. Luftwaffe & Marineflieger Filme

    NDR Das! Lost Places: Als Flieger auf der Autobahn landeten " Philipp Jeß führt es zu einem früheren Notlandeplatz der NATO auf einem Teilstück der A27 bei Neuenwalde in Niedersachsen. Dort wurde während des Kalten Kriegs für den Ernstfall geübt. HQ http://mediandr-a.akamaihd.net/progressive/2018/0326/TV-20180326-1115-4400.hq.mp4 HD http://mediandr-a.akamaihd.net/progressive/2018/0326/TV-20180326-1115-4400.hd.mp4
  2. Video IP-936/AXQ - thats the TV monitor for Walleye which replaces the normal radar scope
  3. The AttachmentType's NP and DLP are swapped... DLP uses NP and vice versa. VC-5 A-4E with two dispensers
  4. Yep, wrongly identified config, it was always 2 dispensers
  5. Theres also a dogfight program in the downloads which allows you to re-configure the Instant Mission scenario without having to leave the game.
  6. Three C-130J-30 and three KC-130J for the Luftwaffe :)
  7. AFAIK... Engine sounds (and a few others used by aircraft) work by just adding them to the Sounds folder. Sounds for effects, guns and weapons must have the correct entry in the soundlist.
  8. Too many hi-poly lods of aircraft and ground objects .. + hi-res textures .. there will be a point where the game goes CTD. You can test it the easy way by temporarily moving out aircraft and GO's from the folders, this should reduce or eliminate CTDs
  9. JAS-39C Gripen

    Cockpit position too far back In the data ini, add in the AircraftData section CockpitCGOffset=TRUE
  10. It could work with a gunner system, using the pitch and yaw values to rotate the helo into/under the hull. If the helo mesh pivots are usable. Has been done before.
  11. Luftwaffe & Marineflieger Filme

    Die ham gequalmt.. und dabei sollen die F-4E/F ja neuere Motoren mit weniger Rauch gehabt ham..
  12. Repost of the preview screenshots
  13. Repost of the preview screenshots
  14. Repost of the preview screenshots

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