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  1. And perhaps the cockpit by Dels Cockpit folder and cockpit ini
  2. Is it possible to make effects which have multiple emitters, e.g. for a twin machine gun pod or missiles with dual exhausts ?
  3. Some of the AAMs in the various weapon packs need another data revision. I have AIM-120's which speed along at Mach 7.4 .. Avoiding missiles, turning to move the threat to the 3-9 line seems to work OK, and firing chaff/flares if available.
  4. Saudi Arabia Air Force

    Omani RAFO NH90
  5. The black smoke coming from the chimney... really hot stuff inside !!
  6. Pilots can have low-res lods (1 or 2 ?), as defined in the pilot's ini. Edit: 2 lods, it seems. Main lod and one low-poly.
  7. The 0,0,0 position of Thirdwire stock pilots is the center of the head (visible with lodviewer).
  8. Welt Dokumentation
  9. It isnt the AwayImageFilename function. It is the ShowAnyWeapon function added to LCOS section which activates the missile tgas in the cockpit ini Gunsight section. Which is good for 60's sights but not really suited for 70's avionics.
  10. He wont change the weapons data, he will shoot with different airspeed/distance/aspect/altitude difference. Thats how I read it. I had two AIM-7E failing (exploding shortly after launch) today during a forward quarter (about 120L aspect) IL-28 intercept at ~5000 ft alt. Tricky business, the early missiles

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