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  1. Just whats needed to win the Dakar Rallye in heavy trucks class !!!
  2. IDF, 106 (Spearhead) Squadron insignia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Israeli_Air_Force_aircraft_squadrons
  3. The Corona Virus Thread

    I wish you a speedy recovery, a full one hopefully.
  4. B707-328 any good ? http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/isaac_gershman/b.707-328_103_4x-jyw/
  5. Poor Québeconians.. no cash left for seats
  6. =1.11,2.22,3.33 Metric values. 1.11 = 1 meter 11 cm 1.11 = Left/Right , with negative values (- minus) for Left 2.22 = Fore/Aft, with neg. values for Aft 3.33 = Up/Down, with neg. values for Down All in reference to the lods center (0.0)
  7. covid-19

    Common post-covid issues you are mentioning, its not like after a cold where a week or so later everything is OK again Get well soon!
  8. img00068.JPG

    Nyghtfall made new 300 gal Douglas buddy pods, white and grey liveries, hose retracted/extended variants
  9. TK is still kickin , at least. He posted on twitter Nov 26.. first time since months!
  10. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    A Turkey
  11. Now thats a real discount there

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