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  1. Its not the wrong way. Position= moves the cockpit Offset= moves the "point of view 0 position" in the cockpit
  2. Lavi... plans for internal armament were for a single DEFA 30mm in the starboard wing-root...
  3. Sight 0 pos is on the axis of the "view" ahead... cockpit center To move the sight, move the 0 Point of View .. with the Offset= line
  4. HUD dll is for the "game HUD", the readouts on the screen .. ownship data, targeted enemy/object data and all that...
  5. Probably more of a certain type of aircraft...
  6. It sets the max # of "events" displayed in the debrief screen... IIRC..?
  7. From "Wings of Fury" by Robert K. Wilcox Sov Fighter bases on Sakhalin Is. ( not Kamchatka... mem fail ) Smirnykh (center) Dolinsk-Sokol (southern end) On the mainland at Vladivostok Main fighter types were MiG-23, and also MiG-21 "MiG-31, recently introduced to Russian units... made the Vladivostok run... at 2.3 Mach at 65.000 feet... carrying missiles"
  8. The Sovs downed the KAL 007 in September 83, and the F-15 protecting the search forces had radar contact with MiG-31 from Kamchatka bases.
  9. Cant remember.. have you made the cockpit updates for the DLC A-4G and K already ? Heres another update, more ripple intervals.. new entries are from 500 onward (based on our already modified cockpit ini file) To account for the multiply x10 option RippleInterval=20,50,80,110,130,150,170,200,500,800,1100,1300,1500,1700,2000 Im testing bombing with DefaultDepression=70 value
  10. Some more refining done on the A-4 sight. Probably gonna leave it at that, for now. Sight color shown in the pics is Light Yellow Orange - works OK against most backgrounds.
  11. A-4 sight repaint... not fully accurate yet..
  12. Last pics.. AI cheating... left side no flap, no airbrake... landed OK...

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