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  1. A few questions about the F-5s

    CL pylon is removable. USN/USMC Aggressors usually didnt use them. The flat shark nose and extended LERX are late-production F-5E features, I used to have details/dates on that when I researched F-5's some years ago. Nice website where you can look around for the modifications... http://www.the-northrop-f-5-enthusiast-page.info/index.html
  2. The Mi-24P beta, right? And you are using the "Oprional Data From Marcfighter.rar data ini ? This optional file is missing the Tailhook system in the SystemName list in one of the components. The other data has it in the Fuselage component section, SystemName[010]=Tailhook , thats why it works with one file but not with the optional file So add the Tailhook to the SystemName list and make sure that it has the correct number.
  3. Well yes, the CCIP function described in that thread is the F-4E with digital ARN-101 nav/wpn system modification. This did not change the HUD itself, just added CCIP function by using the existing gunsight reticle. For a more advanced and really tested, through never implemented F-4E HUD, see this mod:
  4. If you see the gun firing effect from cockpit view but the gun is not mounted anywhere near it, then it usually means that the cockpit position is wrong.
  5. Regarding CCIP : With example for F-4E_78
  6. page 308 http://www.avialogs.com/viewer/avialogs-documentviewer.php?id=1694
  7. The mirrors on the sides... are not mirroring correctly, I'd say.
  8. New data ini section [CruiseMissileAI] ReleaseRange=45000.0 ReleaseAlt=1500.0 ReleaseInterval=5.0 Adjust values as required
  9. Atmospheric Improvements

    You could check if setting a specific environment file works in FE2 like it does with SF2 from within the terrain's main ini. Example from SF2 [Terrain] TerrainFullName=Southwest U.S. ... EnvironmentFile=SWUS_ENVSYS_STOCK.INI //EnvironmentFile=SWUS_ENVSYS_SARCASM_14.INI //EnvironmentFile=SWUS_ENVSYS_SARCASM_15.INI In this case the different inis are all in the terrains (SWUS) folder but the path can be changed to point to the Flight folder. You can have one set of different environment inis in the Flight folder and link to them individually EnvironmentFile=..\Flight\SWUS_ENVSYS_STOCK.INI Hope this works..
  10. New Aircraft

    Very nice old school concept artwork!
  11. The link given via the envelope is this combatace.com/messenger/00000/ where 00000 is a 5-digit message number The link given in the inbox message list for the same message is combatace.com/messenger/00000/?latest=1 but the ?latest=1 addition doesnt work either, it leads to the first post in the message thread
  12. Old BUFF pit, by Kesselbrut I'd say
  13. New Aircraft

    Your weapon models and info are far better than the armament artwork in the Osprey "Duel" series on aerial duels
  14. screenie ? Perhaps its a mod of the B-1 or B-52 pit by Dels ?

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