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  1. Released. Details: forums.eagle.ru NOW AVAILABLE: Community A-4E-C Mod
  2. Small F1CT update available in the F1CT support thread (link)
  3. Small update. new loadout tga cockpit ini, the RH mirror has been moved down a bit, the standby compass is now functioning MF1CT_update29oct18.zip
  4. Ahh that issue... Search CA for NAVALMAP=TRUE , then you'll find some explanations
  5. The Peruvian RPs.. good color mix :) Entirely new models or based on TW Mirage ? I'm not up to date with this...
  6. Mirage F-1EDA

    Hello, F1EDA should have the approach/landing HUD mode (activated automatically upon reaching waypoint #8 for game-generated missions) Cant remember if I have added it to the C series, I had it "in test"...
  7. Neues Buch von mir: Kampfhubschrauber weltweit

    Ah OK. Ist gaga mit den Fotos.. Interessante Background-Info. Der Tiger.. wieder mal typisch..
  8. Neues Buch von mir: Kampfhubschrauber weltweit

    Hmmmm Helo Buch :) Irgend was geplant Richtung LSK MiG-23 ? Denke da is nix gescheites...?
  9. Easiest way is to duplicate the 2 weaponstation entries, change the tank nodename to the tanks you want to hide Add(or not) the FT type to AttachmentTypes line, if the tank should be selectable or not Add the 2 new weaponstations to the left/right wing (outer wing if in the ini) Systems list with correct sequential number
  10. Yea, Im tweekin the 2k's a bit.. cockpit stuff, data ini stuff, pylon mass and capabilities, release order, the usual things :) Think I never got around to check out the Rafale ...

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