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  1. Wrong name for the directory "Terrain" - for FE2/SF2 it must read "Terrains"
  2. Internal tanks are used from highest to lowest ID .. tanks which are used simultaneously (like wing tanks) should have the same ID
  3. Kilogram .. we have a list with fuel weight data in either the SF1 or SF2 KB's
  4. Gun Group selection command is the solution ...
  5. Select the gun you want to shoot with the "Next/Previous Gun Group" command..?
  6. Updated decals ini for "Irak Camo" skin. This restores the serial numbers on the nose. Cause is a wrong path to the files. decals.zip
  7. Click on the mesh at the position you want, then use CTRL-C to copy the coordinates and paste them into the data (needs some additional final editing) SAM systems with a separate radar and launcher (like SA-2, HAWK) do not work with them placed as objects in single missions. Only if they are placed by the game engine on targets ini defined SAM_Radar / SAM_Launcher positions. To force a specific system .. my way (if testing things) is to give them the VERY_COMMON availability, disable stock systems, move out other systems from the GroundObjects folder ... set Air Defense to High in the options menu Choose a terrain with many SAM sites and select single mission SEAD ..
  8. You can add more aircraft to your own/players flight in the Roster menu .. click on the pilot lines to add/remove them.
  9. Games downloaded from TW website are up to date, no updates/patches required. And the games can be installed in any order for combined installs.
  10. There were some attempts to do that (SF Crimson Skies) many years ago... around 2003-05.
  11. The 450 gal wing tanks came in 2 variants. One with integral pylon and one for mounting to the existing inboard pylon.
  12. You could add more paint patches on the nose, wing and flap areas of the USN numbers system.. IDFAF would have used their tailfin numbers only, no ?

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