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  1. The CF-5A or the NF5A wpuld have been a better buy......
  2. Thyere used to be al little trick, IIRC by Wrench, that made it possible to operate closer to the borders of terrains. He used it on the Kosovo terrain, can't find the mod anymore, anybody who knows about it ? Thx Derk
  3. Thx Wrench, it's fun !!!!
  4. Now THAT was a great story !!!!!!
  5. East german propaganda songs

    Very much Russian style....... :)
  6. F-35

    ...RIAT 2018 demo with some neat tricks
  7. Would have been agreat idea !!!
  8. For me the speed limit always worked !!!
  9. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    Biggest dick ever...
  10. WARNING - Never eat this food

    Call in an airstrike with napalm if you see it......

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