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  1. Combined Arms - East German movie trailer

    At least that sort of sabre rattling from the Germans is over...... But now the Russki's are lining up .......
  2. Eurotrip or a non Official CA Getaround

    A great trip you made Enoch, seeing so may CA members, wonderful to meet you and Lazslo and an honour to take you guys and Muesli through "my" National Military museum (I am a tourguide there)... Good to see Stary alive and kicking, we met at Cracow in 2019. And a good thing too that you paid a visit to Aschwitz , very much part of our history........... Proudly wearing your El Salvador Tshhirt !!!! Viva CA !!!!!!!!
  3. NF-5A_RNLAF_Ver1.0.7z

    Mentioned it to Volker already: the carriage of LGB's were tested on the NF5-A in the Test Group, part of the weapon inventory of the RNlAF, but were not included in the standard weapons pack of the NF-5 , never used, also not in the training missions to Jackpot and Cornfield ranges or elsewhere with ground bases illumination.. Wonder it they were mentioned at all in the Dash One ....
  4. NF-5A_RNLAF_Ver1.0.7z

    Congratz on the results guys, incredible job !!!!
  5. A great day at the NMM!

    It was a pleasure and an honour to have you two combat veterans and your kids around. Visits like this are highlights in my volunteer job in the museum because of the variation and the human contact, emotions and interaction they bring . I know a little bit about what you and your brother had to endure and I am very glad that I could do a tiny bit in return !! Thanks for what you did for our country , thanks for your visit and thanks for your friendship over so many years !!!!!!
  6. The Corona Virus Thread

    Interesting reading all of this, including the political mayhem in the US, where the country has to battle not only Covid 19 but also the devastating Delta Tango virus which - it seems - is totally undermining the internal unity the country needs in those days.... I am not a religious person but at least my thoughts are with you. Over here - little village called Oegstgeest between Leiden and the coast in western Holland - political items are not on the agenda. The Prime MInister and his cabinet are widely supported, even by most of the opposition in parliament and by the public . Decisions are made based on the input of good and varied mixed teams of medical - and other scientists and experts and no cheap political games are played. The result is what we call an "intelligent shutdown" where everyone is asked to work and stay at home as much as possible, schools and universities only active online, restaurants and cafe's are except for take-away food, gatherings of more than 3 people are not allowed and so on, but a lot of shops are are open and public transport is operating.. And basically I am free to roam all through the country if I want to. We call it "The 1. 5 meter Society" ( the prescribed distance between people we should adhere to) and as a whole it seems to work, with declining numbers of people dying or taken into Intensive Care or hospital in other ways.. Just the same, when I look out of the window it's a "silent spring", but we're moving on... Good luck to all of you and stay safe !!!!! Grtz Derk
  7. Stary in Krakow

    Ha, ha, ha, Russo, I suppose you mean my daughters ?
  8. Stary in Krakow

    Alas....no time left for beers, Stary had to head of in the direction of the mountains for Xmas..... I would have bought them though, cause they are quite inexpensive, meaning that one earns money on every beer compared to drinking them at home.....
  9. Stary in Krakow

    Hi Stratos, nice memories of your visit to Amsterdam lóóóng time ago !!!!!! Hope you finished your F-16 !!!! Next time you're around we'll go straight into the National Military Museum, where I do voluntary work as a museum guide ........ All the best for 2020 !!!!
  10. Stary in Krakow

    Don't know how often it happens that members from different countries meet up, but visited Krakow Polish Aviation Museum with 2 of my daugters and dear old friend Stary.... Fantastic collection of old and newer Polish and Soviet planes, missiles, radars and Western planes..... Great afternoon ........
  11. HMS By Jove

    This is from the nation that produced the Goons, Spike Milligan, Monty Python's Flying Circus and a lot more of very usable stuff in the days that the British had any sense . And they should be proud of it !!!!!! There 'll always be an England ............
  12. The only Vulcan action

    Well, it wasn't the only action, there were more raids after Black Buck.... Enjoyed the privilege to have a chat with Martin Withers on an RNlAF Open Day at Volkel AB years ago....
  13. Some interesting history videos I found.

    Liked the Lightning stoiry very much !!!!!!!
  14. The CF-5A or the NF5A wóuld have been a far better buy......

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