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  1. Would have been agreat idea !!!
  2. For me the speed limit always worked !!!
  3. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    Biggest dick ever...
  4. WARNING - Never eat this food

    Call in an airstrike with napalm if you see it......
  5. Polish MiG-29 crashed

    First crash in 28 years of service, very good record but can hardly believe it..... Splendid that the pilot is OK !!
  6. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    Find it rather small ........
  7. Great stuff, also on the BAC Lightning, the F4 and the Jaguar !!!!
  8. O Christ, we have the same ongoing never ending bullshit here. Behind just about every name in our history there is racism, discrimination, colonialism, slavery, surpression and so on. And the colour white is the source of all this . We have a lot of very well integrated coloured people , immigrants, doing their best and succeeding, no real problem with sexual discrimination etc. but there's always a noisy minority whining and yelping for attention and publicity, discriminating theirselves in the process....
  9. John McCain

    Senator Mc Cain deserves the highest praise and a better president......

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