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Aircraft Damage and What You Need To Know

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This is a short guide I like to post about the game. It concerns aircraft damage and revolves around that. It covers what you need to know about your plane and the enemy plane.



Even though a 3-year old knows what airplane damage in war is caused by, I'll tell you about it anyway. Damage when flying is caused by shrapnel, explosions, bullets, and flames. They can seriously effect how you fly and IF you will be flying much longer...

Fear not! This guide covers emergency situations and what to do.




Fires are very, very bad. If its in your engine, you have a chance at diving and putting out the flames or using the fire extinguisher, but if it is in your fuel tank, get out. It WILL blow. Keep your speed up, if you must bail, and get out before the flames injure you. If you wait around, you may burn to death or blow up before you have a chance to fry.



Nothing you can do. You'll be dead soon if you aren't already. If it's just wounded you or destroyed part of your plane:

-Shut off the engine.

-Close the radiator.


Now, you need to get out as quickly as possible if you're falling fast. Remember, if your airspeed exceeds 400 KM/PH, then you're trapped. You're going too fast and you have no hope.




If you've been hit badly and your controls are not responding like normal then do your best to keep control of your plane. DO NOT lower the flaps or the landing gear unless it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.




You can buy yourself some time by nursing the engine with a low throttle speed (about 40% or lower). If your engine dies right there make an EL (emergency landing) or BO (bail out). Your throttle speed for gliding can change due to weather or atmospheric conditions such as cold environments.




You can continue to fight if it's only one gun that's been lost. However, if you have only one gun and it's been damaged, get out of there. It's like I once said: Never get in a fight while your packing a six-shooter against a gang of 7.



Fires can occur. Go for a low speed glide. If it is serious, consider BO or EL.




Pesky leaks! Fuel leaks are serious, especially if you are using the limited fuel option under difficulty. For the slow minded, you fuel is what keeps you running. If it is damaged, it's not looking good. Monitor your fuel levels carefully. If it gets too serious, BO. If you aren't careful, you may just become the first flying fireman.



Remember, kids, cars don't move without wheels, just like planes don't land properly without landing gear. If you are carrying a payload at this time, drop it. If it won't lower or it's been shot away then you'll have to make the best of it. Try a belly landing. Bailing out really isn't needed for this type of damage unless you cannot land your plane worth a dead donkey.




Keep in mind that you should read the damage messages that are displayed in the lower right corner. From here assess the damage and take appropriate action.


This next section covers crash landings (belly landings basically).



If you've got a clear patch of land or water to land on, GOOD FOR YOU! But most of the time, you'll either be over jungles or forests. Trees and airplanes do not mix well (just like Courtney Love and kids). Keep your vertical speed low and your forward momentum low. Remember, it's your vertical speed that matters. It tells if you're going to come down like a stalled meteor or like Pegasus himself.


If you must put down on rough terrain, keep your gear up. It can cause further damage to the plane if it breaks off or it can even flip you over. On soft terrain, keep it up. Your nose may dig into the ground and kill you.


If you aren't sure about the terrain, bail out. Remember, it is the man and not the machine that matters.


Use this details to successfully kill your enemy, whether he be German, Russian, Japanese, or American, British, Italian, Finnish, or French.

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