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WW2 ground objects

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Has any one repackaged the ground objects found in the ww2 Solomons mod so that they work with SP4? Could some one help me out with this so I could do it myself? Thanks

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Geo's updated his WW2 stuff (both allied and german). I don't think anyone has uploaded any updated PTO stuff, so you'll have to do the edits yourself.


You'll need to open the ini for EVERY one of the GroundObjects (unless, of course, they're already SP4 rated) and add the following lines. Example is the 3.7inch Empalaced AA gun (ie:37inAAEmplaced.ini):



ObjectFullName=3.7 In.AA (Emplaced) <- all 3 lines must be added



For ships it's the same



ObjectFullName=IJNS Akagi



There should be a thread in the Knowledge Base Sticky explaining it in better detail than this little quickie.



Kevin Stein

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