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  1. Ok, as promised, after hitting 300 pages, I've closed that old thread, and have now opened a new one!! Remember, no posting without a screenshot!! Have it people!!! Enjoy!
  2. Ok folks ... screenshots for WW2 mods lets keep it like the other Screenie Thread .. clean with images only. All other comments, jokes, and unwanted posts WILL be deleted --- to start off, trying to replicate a painting hanging on the wall my living room
  3. You cannot install 1stGen games to the C:/ProgramFilesx86 folder. ALL 1stGen games, from windows 7 and up, MUST be installed at the ROOT of C/ drive. This will allow them to still be accessable for modding. This is a well know thing, and has been covered in the past.. If you install to the C/ProgramFilesx86, you've put it in a protected region of the HD, and have lost the ability to "mess with it". As your instant action ini issue, have you tried simply renaming the ODS one (back it up), and testing if the STOCK one works??? (basic diagnostics - common to one, or common to all??). YOu'll be flying with stock WoE birds, over GermanyCE, obviously, but that should have been the first test. Also, remember, ODS for 1stGens is old. All the people that built it have moved on, and is not (really) supported anymore.
  4. Only if Veltro wants to, and he still has the Max files. It's totally up to him
  5. Why must you insist on carrying...

    I forget you never played the CoC RPG. He's immune to everything!!! The game manual's distinctly don't reccomend using nuclear weapons; it only makes him mad, and he comes back, "but now he's radioactive"
  6. Why must you insist on carrying...

    I didn't know that zombie elephants were a thing ...
  7. Version


    Israel 2 Terrain (ver 4.1) Upgrade/Update for SF2 3/28/2015 = For SF2, Any and All (Full 5 Merged RECCOMENDED!!!) = **Note: this terrain replaces any and all previous versions!!** This is an (almost) complete rebuild of my 2008 build of Gepard's Israel 2 terrain. The terrain has been 90% retiled to more match the stock IsraelME and my "Eastern Med" terrains. However, the farm and city tiles remain in their original 'desert' style. All other tiles have been replaced. The target areas have, for the most part, been rebuilt, enhanced and/or expanded. As is to be expected, several new tiles, and their associated TODs had to be created. It is designed to be used =ONLY= in the SF2:I environment. The addon terrain objects have been kept to a minimum (no, not really!). Stock in-game items have been used in most cases, although some additional structrues HAVE been added. Add-on GroundObjects, while heavily listed in the _Types.ini, have been kept to as small an amount as possible. I've included =SOME= of the Ground Objects needed but NOT all of them. Its up to the End User ™ to make sure that you have the theatre-specific (read: Israeli and Arab nations) proper items. That means, I've given you no AAAs/SAMs/Radars, Tanks, SPGs, ships, etc (and any associated guns/weapons they'd require). Geophysical Disclaimer: some rivers and other water features may not follow their Real Life ™ courses, be placed in their Real Life ™ locations, or exist at all. Several cities and other physical features, and target areas will also fall into that classification. Some target areas (cities, etc) exist only as named places, even if they might have had strategic or tactical values (most don't!). Just someplace to fly over. When in game, you'll see: "Isreal 2 (Full Scale)" Limited Nations is set to TRUE, and only contains regional states. This terrain is =NOT= carrier capable in =any= SF2 Environment (see notes - and I don't know why!). As always, unzip this to a temp folder or your desktop, and you'll have access to the rest of the readme for it's instructions. It's reccomended (ie: REQUIRED!!!) you read the document through after unzipping, but before installing. As always, the Notes and Other Nonsense section may make for entertaining (and essential!) reading. It's most important that the legal disclaimer at the bottom be read and complied with. There has been a change in policy with regards to =ALL= my terrain mods. Happy Landings! Wrench Kevin Stein ---------------------- Changes for 4.1: moved Az Zaqaziq (Abu Hamed) AB Added Hulwan AB Added Al Mazza AB Added Mezze AB Retiled region between the Nile and Qaroun Lake Please note, if you've already download this full terrain, you need not do so again. An update containing the changed files can be found at the following URL: http://combatace.com/files/file/15384-israel-2-terrain-ver-41-targets-tweek-for-sf2/ ---------------------
  8. I'm not even going to go there....this is a family site!!!
  9. don't think so .. iirc, there's more for the differing "late model" radars in A-A modes, and the TEWS style RWR
  10. true, that "cross shape' does look like one of those wonderful 3W tree shapes. Try turning off "Show TOD Objects" or whatever it is, and see if it goes away. If it does, that's what it is. Then you'll have to load the terrain up in the 3W Terrain editor, figure out what tile that is, and edit the Solid & Alpha objects (if the tile's ini is available; if not, you'll have to build a new one)
  11. missing texture for object in the terrain's folder, or object uses no textures, but colored materials (one of the oil tankers does this same thing)
  12. make sure you ask first! I'll need to see exactly what's been changed before approval. But only if you plan on sharing with the community. Unfortunately, the map has a lot of issues. (not the least is the shape of Naha harbor) or lack of proper hills on Okinawa, and the Karama Reto region. I'm not even going to mention the faults in the Home Islands (some of which might actually be mine!!! Oh no!!! <gr>)
  13. I think that's pretty damn nice of him!
  14. Hope you like the new water feature. For fun, the "MidWest USA" is good what if, I also rebuild the stock IsraelME to a more geographicly correct version. "Eastern Med" (a modern rebuild of the ww2 version). And so forth ======= required screenie
  15. the enemy CV zone is small on purpose -- as the IJN had no carriers left for the maps original usage. have you checked the PRC's nations ini entry? It's not a naval force. You may have to create the PRC navy (as had to be done for the IJN, seperating it from the IJAAF)
  16. You need to remap all your keys. Guns are ALWAYS the trigger on the stick, (Primary Weapon) Secondary weapons is also always guns, depending in the aircraft carries differing calibers (like my P-38 example) Repeatin: Primary and Secondary weapons are always GUNS missiles are always another button Suggestion: delete your control ini, start game and let it build the "base" one, and THEN check you key mapping and adjust as needed.
  17. No, you cannot map different guns (primary and secondary) to the same button. you can, however, try "GunGroup=" to each gun callout in the aircaft's data ini (ala P-38: MGs on GunGroup=1, Cannon on GunGroup=2. Select all gun groups, and they fire together)
  18. Welcome!! In your original post you said yourself the very advice we give all newcomers -- play the stock (vanilla) game for a while; a few weeks to get familiar with the system and game operations. THEN start adding mods. Since you mentioned the SPAD, remember that it isn't designed to be player flyable (A.I Only), so requires a trick or two to keep it from reverting after you've made in Player Flyable (tm) The closest thing to "SF2 for Dummies" would be the Knowledge Base. It it doesn't answer your questions, post them! Poke around, ask questions, and so forth. Again, welcome! (ps any terrain with my name on it is worth downloading <----shameless plug!! )
  19. View File SF2 VF-114 F-4B (65) Phantom Skin/Decal Pack by Mytai SF2 VF-114 F-4B (65) Phantom Skin/Decal Pack by Mytai 9/4/2019 = For SF2 (Any & All, Full-5 Merged Prefered) and/or SF2:V = *Can be used in any install that has access to the F-4B_65 which is stock in all merged installs, excepting SF2:I (well, actually it's probably there as well!). This a new build of Mytai01's 1stGen skin for VF-114 Aardvarks durning 1965/66 Southeast Asia cruise about USS Kittyhawk as part of CVW-11 (tail code NH). This is within the time frame of the camo experiments the USN was conduction, as many of the aircraft aboard were using this 2-tone green camo. Records seem to indicate VF-114 did not. The aircraft remains in the standard Gull Gray/White scheme. With this skin set, you should have all the strike/fighter/attack aircraft of CVW-11 for this cruise. The skin is in jpg format, 2048x, from Sundowner's templates. Mytai's original decal have been 'refershed' to remove any oddites or edge 'ghosting'. Decal randomization is TRUE. Also included, within the skin folder, are all of Mytai's original research material that came with the 1stGen Package. This includes photos and other text files. Also included are slightly modified data and loadout ini that correct a few little faults. Wingfold and canopy are now manually activated, using the Standard Animations Keystrokes (tm); shift/9 for wings, shift/0 (zero) for canopy. Lighting has been tweeked so the wing lights follow the wing when folding/unfolding. A landing light and the 3 approach lights have also been added (see "Notes" for more details). When in-game, on the Loadout Screen, on the skin selection dropdown you'll see: VF-114 Aardvarks 65 (Mytai) As the Aardvarks are a unit listed in the stock squadron list ini, decals are set to make the displayed name active. As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them .... New Version Uploaded 10/2/2019: Fixed typo in decals ini Submitter Wrench Submitted 09/15/2019 Category F-4  
  20. glad you said "decals.ini", Russ found a typo [Decal001] MeshName=fuselage_P DecalLevel=1 DecalFacing=LEFT FilenameFormat=F-4B_65\pacusnvf114_65\D\nsdl Position=1.35,-0.17 Rotation=0.0 Scale=8.625 DecalMaxLOD=3 [Decal002] MeshName=fuselage_P DecalLevel=1 DecalFacing=RIGHT FilenameFormat=F-4B_65\pacusnvf114_65\D\nsdr Position=1.35,-0.17 Rotation=0.0 Scale=8.625 DecalMaxLOD=3 missing the "4" in decal 2. folks, please make you corrections. I'll upload the package wiht the corrected ini
  21. Is anyone having issues with the decals?? I've had a report the main fuselage decal is NOT showing up for one of the users. It would be the nsdl and nsdr decals (as they hold the national insigina, serivce name, ship name and squadron number). other downloaders PLEASE check this skin in game. I cannot duplicate the issue; it always works for me tia!
  22. If it's a visual issue, only seen from "outside", staying in the cockpit will eliminate the problem. Just saying...
  23. since when do Raptor's carry Stingers??
  24. You know your into WWII/aviation history when...

    go back and watch it again. you obviously didn't see it. (also, read post #2)

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