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  1. Ok folks ... screenshots for WW2 mods lets keep it like the other Screenie Thread .. clean with images only. All other comments, jokes, and unwanted posts WILL be deleted --- to start off, trying to replicate a painting hanging on the wall my living room
  2. Ok, as promised, after hitting 300 pages, I've closed that old thread, and have now opened a new one!! Remember, no posting without a screenshot!! Have it people!!! Enjoy!
  3. so, but as it's not the official 3rd Wire version, it may NOT be patchable up to October 08. (there being like 6-10 patches between 04 and 08) You might want to look into getting the "regular" version from the 3rd Wire site. If international sales are (still) allowed. https://store.thirdwire.com/store_p2.htm I don't know if all the patches are stored there anymore, as that link seem to have vanished. I know the downloadable versions ARE at the 08 patch level At the end of the day, it's probably smarter, easier to simply just go to SF2. ESPECIALLY for any maching that Win7 or above. So much less effort on the End User's end. that's all I got! Sorry!
  4. need to find out what version (patch level) it is. On the opening splash page, down usually in the lower right corner s a date -- month/year below is the WoE main screen, SFG should be similar. The last patch available for SF, WoE, WoV was October 2008. Now, SFG might be different, especially for non-American versions. (of which I know very little). There may not be a patch for your version. If that's the case, you're going to be somewhat limited. If you can, take a screenshot of the main screen (prntscn). Since teh game won't see it a screenshot, you'll need an image program to save it with, then attach it here. But again, as the other poster with that game version found a few weeks ago, you might be boned. Just saying (sad face)
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. the answer is ALWAYS uninstall and start fresh we've seen that version cause problems before... so it's questionable version.
  7. i'd go with the 'open space' version, even if it's not historically correct. It's easier to work with when targeting
  8. yes, PLEASE don't use dds skins!!! We've been going around and changing those models that do/did back to jpg via hex editing. thank you Russ!! that Dak is REALLY looking good, too!
  9. and if it's the KNOWN pirated one .... I shouldn't have to finish this sentence
  10. All Out Fighters Attack!!! Hunting Rodan...
  11. This thread is for posting of pictures of Work(s) In Progress. ONLY Comments, questions posted in here WILL be deleted. Such posts (questions/comments, etc) will be posted in below, and please, use a topic heading naming the aircraft/ships/vehicle/creature posted here Thank You! wrench kevin stein
  12. Indeed, that should be mentioned. If so, I can edit the announcement and add it with no problems!
  13. That's far more than I could have ever hoped to see, let alone ask for
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  15. "all the better to see the rain" love the airfields. how are you getting around the 3W need for specific airfield inis, with respect to taxi, take-off and landing positions? Did you have to build custom inis for each airfield?
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  17. The Corona Virus Thread

    Ok, people. We all know what's happening out there. What I wanted to do here, is give you all a place to vent, commiserate, give support, whatever you want. Tell us what's going on in your part of the world. What you're feeling thinking, experiencing. Photos, videos, links to local news services, etc are all OK. Since a lot of you don't have you location linked, tell us where you are (city, country) Think of this as a therapy thread, if you want. Please, all be safe and take care of each other. I'll be posting my thoughts/feelings later; just wanted to get this ball rolling This thread will be pinned at the top of this forum. Kevin "Wrench" Stein Los Angeles California
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  19. The Corona Virus Thread

    you think that's bad? I've been calling it "C-19". Maybe we can transport this shit outta here!!
  20. View File SF2 F-15A Eagle, (3W) Hawaii Air National Guard Skin Pack SF2 F-15A Eagle, Hawaii Air National Guard Skin Pack 5/19/2020 = For SF2 (Any & All, Full-5 Merged Preferred) = *You must have the STOCK F-15A in you hanger to make use of this mod!!* This is a reskinning of the stock (3rd Wire) F-15A Eagle as used by the 199th TFS, 154 TFW of the Hawaiian Air National Gurad from 1987 to 2010, when they were replaced by F-22 Raptors. (It should be noted, F-15Cs were also used, alongside their older siblings). This mod uses the stock skin, with various decals. All markings are decals, especially the squadron and nose zaps. I was unable to run down historical serial numbers, so 26 stock 3W decals are (re) used. Decal randomization is TRUE. When in-game, on the "select skin" drop down, you'll see: 199th TFS, HI ANG (87-09) This will assist you in selecting the skin. As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them .... they can be accessed after unzippering. Please follow the 'usual instructions' Happy Landing! Wrench Kevin Stein Submitter Wrench Submitted 05/21/2020 Category F-15  
  21. that is one of the WORST shadow bugs I've ever seen!!! I didn't know about Notepad. I've been using a hex editor to open lods since the early 2000s!! Ya learn something everyday!
  22. A thought occurred to me this afternoon: You didn't, by chance, install the game to the DEFAULT location on a Windows 7 or later machine? If so, you'll have to MOVE the entire game folder the ROOT of the C drive (ie: C:/WoE) 1stGen games, by default install the the C:/ProgramFilesx86 location. That's a protected region in Win7 and later. Which means you can't make ANY CHANGES OF ANY KIND -- INCLUDING ADDING SKINS, WEAPONS AND NEW AIRCRAFT. So, move the entire folder, make a new shortcut, and see what happens. This is covered somewhere in the Knowledge Base, iirc. If that doesn't work, then you're boned and will probably have to evolve to SF2
  23. Still trying to get more than the one (incorrectly) marked image of their F-86Es. Along with the T-Bolt, and the Deuce in the works, that'll "complete the set" btw, I'll to borrow you painting skill set to tweek the Hawaii_water.bmp. Just a little

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