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  1. they look good! I see even the virus isn't slowing you down!! Hope you're feeling better!!
  2. this is for the 707?? There's quite a few of these types of birds that could use a "steam gauge" 4-engine cockpit** w/radar display. or this is just the 'outside looking into the model' view??? either way, it's looking very good!! ** also some twin jets too! ie: airliner style side-by-side
  3. Not liking that background crap at all. Wonder If I can edit it, or have the OP change it??? EDIT: yup, removed it. also, just what the hell IS he trying to say??? As far as I've been able to tell, there's very little wrong with Bugs, given game limitations. And every one of the points being made, excepting for MAYBE the cockpit display, is either a simple text edit or moving a folder (18C) out of the game
  4. Ok, as promised, after hitting 300 pages, I've closed that old thread, and have now opened a new one!! Remember, no posting without a screenshot!! Have it people!!! Enjoy!
  5. approved, and ready for downloading! thanks sokol!!! since it was a 'lost' file, you've only done as an Admin requested! No worries, man!!
  6. make sure it's zipped up as tight a possible. once we get it, i'll upload it to the SF1 downloads section OR... you can just upload it to the SF1 Terrains -- might be an easier solution!
  7. YAAAAHH! The Globemaster is probably the last transport we're missing in the SF series!! Now, where did I put those reference book pdfs...
  8. We (CA) had a crash some (many?) years back. I think might have gotten lost, like KB's SEA tweeks you were asking about in another thread. I wouldn't even know where to start looking in the archives ...?
  9. Didn't I see these in a kaiju movie!??? Great job, Spinners
  10. The Corona Virus Thread

    Ok, people. We all know what's happening out there. What I wanted to do here, is give you all a place to vent, commiserate, give support, whatever you want. Tell us what's going on in your part of the world. What you're feeling thinking, experiencing. Photos, videos, links to local news services, etc are all OK. Since a lot of you don't have you location linked, tell us where you are (city, country) Think of this as a therapy thread, if you want. Please, all be safe and take care of each other. I'll be posting my thoughts/feelings later; just wanted to get this ball rolling This thread will be pinned at the top of this forum. Kevin "Wrench" Stein Los Angeles California
  11. Ok folks ... screenshots for WW2 mods lets keep it like the other Screenie Thread .. clean with images only. All other comments, jokes, and unwanted posts WILL be deleted --- to start off, trying to replicate a painting hanging on the wall my living room
  12. G'day mates! Why doncha come up and have a drink, on us!!
  13. By default -- as has been stated over and over to many people.... EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE SF2 SERIES MERGES WITH EVER OTHER ONE UPON INSTALLATION. THIS INCLUDES AND PURCHASED DLCs. This means that everything from each individual executable will be / is available in every single one. (example: you can acess the VietnamSEA terrain from withing the SF2I game) You can only create seperate mods folders for the individual games (ie, SF2, SF2I, SF2NA, etc) by running each individual executable (SF2I.exe, SF2E.exe, etc). This creates the individual games, although, again, all things from all games are accessable from within each one You have to start exploring your machine, and start finding the mods folders. Until that happens, there's not a lot we can do
  14. Did you NOT read the thread linked above by EricJ, and the one I linked in one of your other threads?? The Mod Folder is automatically created when the game is run. THAT's where you'll find all the bits YOU can modify. IIRC, that thread also explains where it can be found in Winge10. You seem to still be poking around in the CORE FILES INTSALL --- where nothing is accessable and changeable. Start looking in the higher upper relems, like looking for a SavedGames folder, above the C drive
  15. you won't be able to delete them from SF2, as the SPEECH folder does not exist. All voices are drawn from the cat files. Seems like it's time for hardware upgrades. Baff: you had an integrated sound card? (ie: built into the motherboard?)
  16. I see in this forum, and the SF1 forum, NOBODY has asked the question: what is your sound card??? (built in to the motherboard, or a seprate unit aka Soundblaster, etc) What TYPE of computer (laptop, desktop?) all these make a difference
  17. a new mentor will come in handy for anyone (re)doing the Falklands, too
  18. not that I've ever seen in 17 years ...
  19. I'd wait on installing the old ODS mod. There's a new one coming. But NA WILL be a must
  20. you all know that, even with the 'blue language' we let through, this is still a family site. Talking about your "shock stroke" is pushing the limits ... this isn't YouP0rn or Literotica!!! sorry, guys, just COULDN'T resist!!!
  21. The Knowledge Base is your friend... while some info may be slightly dated, the basics area all there. Familarize yourself with the game's folder structure and mechanics BEFORE trying to add things. You'll find it's pretty similar to 1stGens, with some minor exceptions (ie: some folders not being present in the mods folder, that will have to be created by the End User). And the fact the Mods Folder is NOT in the expected place as 1stGens, due to program differences from Win7 and up
  22. I'd heard the show was cancelled after 1 season, and replaced with re-runs of Dr. Who =================== Nice screenies, Spinners! Get better soon man!!
  23. I doubt an answer will be recieved, but hell, give it a try

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