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  1. As some of you may know, there is a mod in the works for the 1st Indochina War. I'm going to share some of the aircraft that will be in the mod, eventually Everything used herein is available here at CA, or are stock aircraft "adjusted" to fit. Nothing from anywhere else will be used or discussed. Unless someone want to build new ones... The terrain (VietnamSEA) is in heavy rework, as Menrva has scrapped off everything above the bedrock, and we are rebuilding it, litteraly, from the ground up. It will, however, remain the "stock" 63% size. Reminder: several of the aircraft will not be seen as they're "unavailable". To remedy this, stand in's or aircraft used by the units will have later versions implemented earlier (ie: C-47 for Toucan). Several aircraft used are VERY old, and do have several flaws (mesh bleeds with decals, shadow ropes, incorrect shapes, etc) Please try and hold your questions until all the images have been posted! DO NOT POST THEM WITHIN THIS SCREENSHOT THREAD -- THAT'S NOT WHAT THE SCREENSHOT FORUM IS FOR!!! POST THEM IN THE GENERAL DISCUSSION FORUM, IF NEEDED. This thread was created ONLY to show you all what will be available when this mod is finished. Thank you! --------- Early day, directly post-WW2, to 1947 GC I/7 Provence, Ki=43iiI GC II/7 Nice, ex=RAF 273 Squadron Spitire Mk.VIII (as there are no photos or other visual evidence, the aircraft remains in RAF SEAC camoflague GC I/6 Corse, Mosquito FB Mk.VI GT II/62 Franche-Comte C-47 Skytrain (Dakota)
  2. I have always found it odd the VPAF never had the -15 (other than the UTI). Of course, given WHEN it actually formed, the 17 was a better choice
  3. torno: are you all building a new Wessex? I hope so. Cause, the only other one is Capun, and no longer available to the General Community (tm)
  4. somewhere around (or soon after) 1959, the VPAF started with some transport aircraft. No.919 Transport regiment had a gaggle of AN-2, Li-2 and IL-14. These are not what ifs, but real(ish) Here's a Li-1 "cab" from Paulo's Li-2 shin pak This is a rather generic looking Il-14 'Crate'. I found no information, other then the regiment, no picutres not a thing! ANd I can't find my copy of the Red Star book on the Crate that I used when Veltro built it!! So, it has stock 3W VPAF serials.
  5. Ok, as promised, after hitting 300 pages, I've closed that old thread, and have now opened a new one!! Remember, no posting without a screenshot!! Have it people!!! Enjoy!
  6. I'm trying to find the actual squadron name for the AdA unit, ECN I/71. It was a night fighter unit in the late 1950s. I know AdA units were named after provinces or colonies, but can't find much of anything on this one. Also, looking for info on the Matra 122 air-to-air unguided rocket pod. What little i've found seems to point it's just the same as the 155 pod (looks and amount of rockets carried). Making the a-a rocket isn't a big deal ... same specs as I used for those on the Scorpions. thanks in advance
  7. check your browser -- chrome will automatically do translations
  8. My Tigermoth templates were NOT as complete as I first thought, so I had to finish off redoing all the lines I took Lloyd's Vichy TM, and simply painted out the single number, and gate it 18 "plane-in-squad" decals. A simple, if probably NOT historycally accurate fix. I may load this as an update, if it's waranted. Menrva sent me a link to the 2 real TMs taht Boa Dai had, and became the first aircarft of the Viet Minh. But, I'd already done this one. Standard "day camo" over silver dope. 18 generic numbers More into the What If... since Mao is already sending help in the form of the Yak-9s, why would they neglect the strike/assault elements? Here's an IL-10 from the "10th Volunteer Assault Regiment" (or whatever!! :) )
  9. I see I have to change the tail code; I went the "traditional" method of individual letters. Easy fix. I (re)used the stock Matra 155s, renamed and created a A-A rocket (like I did for the Scorpions) from the 68mm SNEB. The sites I saw for the 26N said 8 aircraft converted. I used generic serial, except for 2 seen in a photo, and another a profile. Easy enough to make new decals of the serials listed above. Left the wing guns in place, as we don't have a dual-50 cal gun pod. this is just one of those "make do" projects, while I'm waiting for the Vietnam 48 to be fixed by Menrva. It will, however, BE release when I'm (more or less) satisfied with it. Don't know how it'll be used in game...with no proper NW Africa terrain..sigh. this is a GREAT help!!!
  10. Fishbeds never carried those. maybe a GP-9 would be more along the lines??? Research, Research and more research.
  11. hmm... below from the KAW "illuminatorFlare" data ini maybe ... Duration? [WeaponData001] TypeName=IlluminatorFlare FullName=Illuminator Flare ModelName=NOLOD Mass=0.100000 Diameter=0.127000 Length=1.000000 SubsonicDragCoeff=0.480000 SupersonicDragCoeff=0.222000 AttachmentType=NATO,USAF,USN,UK SpecificStationCode= NationName=USAF StartYear=0 EndYear=0 Availability=3 BaseQuantity=12 Exported=TRUE ExportStartYear=0 ExportEndYear=0 ExportAvailability=3 WeaponDataType=1 RailLaunched=FALSE RocketPod=TRUE Retarded=FALSE FinStabilized=TRUE SpinStabilized=FALSE HasGrowl=FALSE EffectClassName=LumFlareEffect ReleaseDelay=0.000000 WarheadType=2 Explosives=0.020000 FusingDistance=100.000000 ClusterBomblets=0 ClusterDispersion=0.000000 GuidanceType=0 Accuracy=70 MaxTurnRate=0.000000 MaxLaunchG=2.500000 LockonChance=0 LaunchReliability=70 ArmingTime=2.000000 SeekerFOV=25.000000 SeekerGimbleLimit=0.000000 SeekerTrackRate=11.000000 SeekerRange=0.000000 CLmax=14.000000 MinFreq=0.000000 MaxFreq=0.000000 MinLaunchRange=0.000000 MaxLaunchRange=0.000000 Duration=180.000000 CounterCountermeasure=20.000000 NoiseRejection=20.000000 CapabilityFlags=0x00000000 LoftAngle=0.000000 DescentAngle=0.000000 MaxLoftAltitude=0.000000 BoosterStart=0.000000 BoosterDuration=180.000000 BoosterAccel=0.100000 BoosterEffectName=LumFlareEffect BoosterSoundName=Rocket BoosterNodeName= BoosterPosition=0.000000,-1.000000,0.000000 SustainerDuration=0.000000 SustainerAccel=0.000000 SustainerEffectName= SustainerSoundName= SustainerPosition=0.000000,-1.000000,0.000000 InFlightEffectName= InFlightSoundName= ReleaseAnimationID=-1 EODisplayFlags=0 CEP=0.000000 [LumFlareEffects] GroundHitEffectName=LumFlareEffect GroundHitSoundName=SmallExplosion.wav WaterHitEffectName=LumFlareEffect WaterHitSoundName= ObjectHitEffectName=LumFlareEffect ObjectHitSoundName=SmallExplosion.wav ArmorHitEffectName=LumFlareEffect ArmorHitSoundName=SmallExplosion.wav CraterModelName= CraterType= time is in seconds
  12. Ok folks ... screenshots for WW2 mods lets keep it like the other Screenie Thread .. clean with images only. All other comments, jokes, and unwanted posts WILL be deleted --- to start off, trying to replicate a painting hanging on the wall my living room
  13. don't remember ASMs, but when placed "close enough", they will engage with their gun batteries. (reference: one of the patch levels of NA, placed oppossing fleets within a few kms of each other ... was fun to try and launch from the carrier while under fire from enemy surface ships!!!) in theory, and the viewpoint is placed high enough, ASMs should have no real problems
  14. hmmm.... how odd is it then, that I have Veltro's YF-12A "Starduster", with my skin, decal and ini upgrades sitting right here in my SF2 mods folder??? the other you're thinking of is the TMF A-12 Avenger, also upgraded by me
  15. there's an A-12 in the downloads section someplace (by Veltro2K, iirc)
  16. indeed. ALL of Pasko's birds need new replacements, for one reason or another (as listed above). Don't even get me started on the Wildcat ...
  17. I agree, in part. I fully understand the need for smoothness, but for decaling and damaging (tga/dds) it is kind of important that there are enough divisions. I can imagine the issues in smoothing, especially on something like the Mossi, which is known for it's smooth shape. Mind you, we ARE dealing with a lod in this case, from 2005, when a lot of what we now know, simply wasn't known! below, promised decal bleed screenie if you remove the decal in the decals ini, obviously the issue goes away. but, the serial numbers and/or "plane-in-squadron' letter/number may cause it to return.
  18. View File Template for P-40B/C & Tomahawk by Raven As these don't seem to be found, I've uploaded my copy, fulfilling a request These are standard PSD files. All layers, including any I added are intact. Happy Skinning!! Submitter Wrench Submitted 02/15/2020 Category Skin Templates  
  19. Version 1.0.0


    As these don't seem to be found, I've uploaded my copy, fulfilling a request These are standard PSD files. All layers, including any I added are intact. Happy Skinning!!
  20. Nope, sorry, no in all cases. Example: Pasko's Mosquito's. the RAF roundel on the aft section of the fuselage, bleeds on the upper portion of the nose (which is all one mesh -- the majority of the problems come from the modelers NOT dividing the model into enough sub-sections). I'll post screenies later to show the effect
  21. Sorry, Jordi, no jets Keeping it historical (get it!??) Are templates available for that?? Other wise, it's just simple decal work I have Russ's Tiger Moth, and the templates. Wonder what I can do with that .... and it has a Lewis gun mounted on the top wing. Hmm..... shifr/R should be available in SF2 .....
  22. bleed is usually caused by unwelded meshe of the lod. Basically, a hole or crack that allows the tga to be pulled into. only fix is in MAX
  23. Raven did one, never quite finished (iirc needs a cockpit) Here's SF2 versions: The templates should be around here someplace, if not, let me know and I'll try and find mine

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