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  1. Decal question

    also, if it's a very early work (early and mid-2000s), check that the DecalMaxLOD= line is present in each statement. Many don't have them and in the "2" series games, need them. The usual number is 3, even if the aircraft only has one lod. This tutorial might also be of some help, albeit more SF2-ish, but still pertinent!
  2. Wow! We could build Monument Valley. All we'd need is John Wayne & cavalry figures!!
  3. Ok, as promised, after hitting 300 pages, I've closed that old thread, and have now opened a new one!! Remember, no posting without a screenshot!! Have it people!!! Enjoy!
  4. Lucas Arts is very protective of it's copyrights (and by inference, Disney now). So, I guess a new name needs thinking up!
  5. View File SF2 Atlas Impala Mk.II by Marcfighters V2 = For SF2, Any/All (Full 5 Merged RECCOMENDED!) = This is the release of Marcfighters Atlas Impala Mk.2, single seat COIN/Attack jet as used by the South African Air Force. This aircraft has/had languished for a considerable amount of time in that "hangar of forgotten & unfinished mods". I hope that this will correct that. This mod represents the Atlas Impala MK2, single seat attack jets. The mod uses all stock 3W weapons (which may need further research/adjustments). 25 all new historically correct SAAF serial number decals are included, and Randomization is TRUE These decals are used for both included skins. This is the SAAF -ONLY-, non exported version. No user list was created; the aircraft is single nation only. There are 2 skins, and "Early" and "Late"; the late uses the SF2-date switch and starts in 1982 When in-game, you'll see Atlas Impala MK.II (MB-326K SAAF) on the aircraft drop down selection panel. As is always reccomended, unzip to a temp folder or your desktop to give easy access to the rest of this readme for it's install instructions. The Uploader takes NO credit for the aircraft itself, only for those edits and adjustment to get it more in compliance with the SF2 Environment (tm). See "Notes" section for full change log and other VERy important statements. = Please Note: is models is released "AS IS". Anything that cannot be corrected/adjusted via ini edits will remain so for all time = Happy Landings! Wrench Kevin Stein ** Important Note: if you install this to the Angola Mod, be advised that there exists an aircraft named Impala Mk.II. This should NOT conflict with it, but you may have some editing to do, as theirs is labeled "Stand In". It is not advised to just drop this one into that mod without further editing. ** UPDATED: 3/7/2019 "Early" skin has been repainted to remove national markings. All have now been replaced with decals. sf2_atlas_impala-mk2_v2_pack.7z Submitter Wrench Submitted 03/04/2019 Category Other Origin  
  6. wonder if you didn't exceed the Structrual Limits on the Corsair? That may cause hidden damge??? I'd also suggest looking over the data tables in the stock SF2 P-51D and Spitfires (9c & e, 18, 22 & 24 -even though the latter are Griffon powered marks. The S-99 (109G) and S-199 don't have WEP installed
  7. the AT-26 Xavante will have it's template included, so other skinners can (fix any of my screw ups) and do other skins too! It'll come with the 1/4 GAV, the "base" Paraguay skin, and a blank 3-tone camo.
  8. I tested it on "Normal", and didn't notice any really adverse effects. I did move the CG slightly forward to counter a nose up drift. Like 0.10 or 0.25 -can't remember which! If Baff is looking into it, I know he'll find a fix!!!
  9. A screen shot would be nice... it IS a requirement for Any and All uploads
  10. FAP is listed in the Marcfighter's AT-26's userlist. I had found the serial numbers, can't find my notes (I know where they came from, so have to get them again!). Souli, I can't get the FSX paint kits to come down. Do you have them, and can shoot them over? (means I'll probably have to upsize the templates from 1024 to 2048 -- got lazy and just left them "as is" I don't know enough about AMI numbering & presentations, and can't find the serials (MM numbers) for their 326s. Any one that can help, that help would be greatly appreciated! for the FoxMonter, I plan to release the templates with the aircraft when ready.
  11. just something else I messing round with....it's the Fox Monter model. Also a generic-style "euro" skin. Very much still WIP, some decal placements aren't quite right. The Argentine skin could use some updating as well, as I've discovered 3 different color schemes for them!! no time set for release (need to finish the AT-26 first)
  12. If he used the decals from my original sf2-ization pack
  13. even I had to laugh at the title.. it's now been edited, with the spelling corrected!!! ----- yes, since Day 1, the rudder has been "odd" more like as described a stretchy rubber band. Just how the game is, I guess
  14. Ok folks ... screenshots for WW2 mods lets keep it like the other Screenie Thread .. clean with images only. All other comments, jokes, and unwanted posts WILL be deleted --- to start off, trying to replicate a painting hanging on the wall my living room
  15. don't forget the decals and such I did for Pasko's Hustler; feel free to use them DA. They are historical
  16. the 63% comes from the size of the TERRAIN **. Not the objects. In SF1/SF2 the objects, be a plane, truck, tank, or ship are 100% (or close enough) Real Life (tm). In the early 2000s TK said the map was 63% (iirc) for aircraft range issues. It's also the difference of a mile & kilometer (but you all knew that already!). in the image below, stock SF1 "Desert" items, showing the footprints, IIRC, the square are 1 square meter. But memory fades with age..... ** the stock terrains. Also, most the the add-ons, unless specified in their read-mes are also 63%, due to how the TE handles converting DEMs to HFDs.
  17. I'll have to go back and check again... btw, the lod I have is dated 5/10/2018. I may have renamed it, as it's just called "Spitfire_Mk_IX.LOD". The previous version I have stored is "spitfire-mk9-012_9.LOD" dated 11/9/2012. But the main ini is calling for the "Spitfire_Mk_IX" EDIT: just noticed the 2 wing and centerline pylons are missing!
  18. Russ, some years back, did I send you the TMF Spit 9 to fix?? I don't remember!! tia! Kevin
  19. as a reminder, as seen in Allen's images in the screenshot's thread, don't forget to place the canopy tga into EVERY skin folder. That's one of SF2s quirks
  20. Nice job! it looks lilke only a few changes in the paint scheme on the fantail, and new decals of course, could possibly give is the long-missing BROOKLYN class cruisers for WW2!!! Thoughts? EDIT: never mind! It looks like I did it already, in 2015!! sorry for the hijack!!
  21. +1 on that!! You can always say that I said it was ok. (but check the Freeware listing to be safe!! ). But I'm sure she'd be OK with it!

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