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Damage Tga Pack 3

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Damage Tga Pack 3

Another in the series of adding shot up aircraft!


(Note: Many aircraft use 2 or more skin bmps, hence 2 or more damage tgas. They are all in their respective folders, excepting those that have only one skin map)


-Dev A-Team Aircraft:


Ta-183 Huckbein

Ki-45A & C Nick

Ki-61 Tony

Ki-100 Tony 2

Spitfire F. Mk.22

Seafire 46 (called "Seafire47_Holes.tga" - works for both)

Tempest II

B5N Kate

B6N Jill (tenzan)

Ki-46 Dinah

P-40E Warhawk (included RAF/RAAF Kittyhawk)


-Wolf257 Aircraft:


P-36A Mohawk (remaned P-40B damage, mapping 95% identical)


-Ajunaidr Aircraft:


Mystere IVA


-RussoUK Aircraft:


F-84 ThunderJet

Tiger Moth


-Pasko's Aircraft:


He-219 Owl

F-82 Twin Mustang

F-80 Shooting Star

Vampire FB 5

Venom FB Mk.4



-Geo's Aircraft:


F6F-3 Hellcat (I think the only one he never made any for!!)


-MontyCZ Aircraft:


-Simon Porter Aircraft:


Sea Fury FB11


-3rd Wire Aircraft (Stock AI MiGs, etc)


IL-28 Beagle




-Other aircraft mods, based on the above units:

WW2 P-80 Mod

WW2 P-82 Mod



PLEASE read the enclosed readme, it has full instructions for installing.


Happy Hunting!


Kevin Stein


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