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Desert Target Zone

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Desert Target Zone

For Strike Fighters Project 1 / Gold.


Built for real time game generated strike missions. Shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to do a round trip strike mission. Paran and Dhimar get 4 airports each and the front line is relocated to what used to be central Dhimar. Main Features:


1. 141 target areas including 10 SAM sites for Paran.


2. Easy install.


3. Many "Freeware" building objects being used.


4. Quicker Take Off mod pre-installed, with customized parking spots and parking for C-5A sized aircraft.


5. Contains Ground Attack, Truck, and Ship routes so you can fly CAS, Armed Recon and anti-ship missions.


6. Has a 3X zoom map from an older version of SF that shows desert and green spaces better.


7. Installation won't affect your stock "Desert" terrain.


8. Negative points awarded if you cause collateral damage.


CREDITS: Thanks to these folks for creating and allowing freeware use of their building objects:


1. This project uses some objects from MITCH's "Factory Place" project. There seems to be a consensus within the Strike Fighters community that it's OK to use these objects for FreeWare projects.

3. WRENCH, for hosting the "Factory Place" objects at his website. And for the cool "Shipwrecks!"

2. GEPARD, for some objects I lifted from his DRV terrain.

4. PASKO, for the round tents, now used by the Bedouins.

5. GRUMPOTAMUS, for the Radar Dome.

6. WINGWHINER, for the new Factories, Headquarters Building, Gas Station, Tactical Control Center, and Control Tower H1.

7. STARY, for the new Hangars.

8. FUBAR512, for the Pecco Crane.

New for this version:

9. WINGWHINER again for some buildings from his epic 43 buildings pack.

10.JULHELM for some industrial silo's/buildings

11.RussoUK and Gepard for the Oil Rig.

12.EZLead for the formation take off mod.

13. TK and ThirdWire for creating such an interesting flight sim / hobby.


Changes for the final version: Mostly some new objects with a few other minor changes. EZleads formation take off mod is a perfect fit for this terrain, give it a try!


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Guest Saganuay82

I like this terrain. Even though it is still the same building model to hit, it doesn't say it is a Comm Building. Plus all the little target areas around. Are you working on Ver 2?

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Glad your having some fun with it Saganauy. I am planning to do a version 2 in the future for campaigns and single missions, hopefully with some more static objects, but it's a long way off due to time constraints. [ plus, since I got WOE, I'm actually playing the game more, instead of messing with it.] Cheers.


P.S. I have started working on a similar project for WOE that will have less target areas but is being made with a "mini campaign" in mind. It will probably be a couple of months before the terrain mod is released, then a couple more months for the campaign.

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Hey, thanks Baffmeister, never downloaded it in the first place, nice stuff !!:good:





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