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Wish List for WW1 Aircraft Models

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Hi there guys and especially Moddelers and skinners!!!


Im new to F.E. and thoroughly enjoying it..im sure im not alone in thinking 'wow it would be so great if I could fly a 'XXX' plane or come up against one..'..well i never profess to be a modeller but in case any modellers and Skinners are looking for new ideas for WW1 (both Early War and Late War) Period to model then ive prepeared a few names of those planes id love to see appear in the Mod at some point in the future...




Bleriot Type XI


Morane Saulnier Type L or N


Avro 504


Vickers FB5 Gunbus


F.E. 8


Hanriot H.D.1 (italy but French built)


Sopwith Triplane


De Havilland D.H.5




Sopwith T.F.2 Slamander


Sopwith 7F.1 Snipe


Supermarine Nighthawk


Bristol F2B (2 seater)


Vickers F.B.12




Sopwith Strutter


Breguet 14 Heavy Bomber


Ansaloo SVA5 (Italy)


Handley Page 0/400 Heavy Bomber


Murometz (Russia)





Roland C.11


Halberstadt D11 or C11 (Two Seater)


Hannover CL 111A


Junkers J1


Fokker D V111


'Giant' Heavy Bomber


Hansa Brandenburg D1 (Starstrutter) (Austrian)


Aviatik D.1 (Austrian)


Phonix D.111 (Austrian)


I hope this helps with some new eideas for planes, google provides Net info on the planes and photos..;0)


kind regards..


Rab Watson





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