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I've read quite a few posts about people having significant problmes running any Third Wire games with Vista. It seems that DirectX10 is a problem. Consult this post concerning the issue from Third Wire's forum:




Our games do not officially support Vista at this time. DX10 is not backward compatible with DX9, and therefore, our game will not work in DX10.


However, having said that, Vista should have came with DX9L (or DX9-EX or whatever they're calling it now) for backward compatibility, so our game should still work in compatibility mode.


If you're getting "missing D3dx9_30.dll", that means your version of DX9 is not up to date. I'm not sure what DX9 updates are included in Vista release (we don't have the release version yet), but the beta versions of Vista only came with basic 9.0c and did not came with all the DX9 updates So you'll just have to run DX9 installer, which I think you can safely do, since it only installs the missing .dlls (and not overwrite any DX10 or DX9-EX dlls).


We do plan on upgrading all our games for Vista, but that'll most likely come at much later time (prolly toward the end of this year when Vista is more popular and available). And, that'll most likely be in separate product versions than XP, since there are a lot of changes involved to make it "officially" Vista-compatible - they'll have to run with limited access user rights (ie all .ini and mods would be moved to My Documents/My Games folder), they would use Vista's Game Explorer, utilize DX10, etc etc).


TK "





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I would not recommend going to Vista until it has AT LEAST one service pack out....


It will take quite a bit before you see any benefits from having vista in games... TK has said over at the TW forums that FE along with all the SFP1 based games will be VISTA compatible somewhera after vista has launched but he is in no hurry... there have been reports of problems with FE and DX10 or what ever that direct x version is....



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