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  1. Any photo buffs out there?

    My previous camera was a Minolta Maxxum. I've got a handful of lenses (28-80, 70-300, 50 prime) that won't fit anything but a minolta. I also have a bunch of screw on filters (UV, Cir-PL, crosshatch, red, green, yellow, ND) and Cokin squares that are now obsolete because of the magic of digital processing. I still use the Cir-PL, and ND filters from time to time, but all the other stuff can be done on a computer. The first thing that I instantly loved about going digital is that it's free to take pictures. When I used to have to pay for film and processing I sometimes got stingy about whether a shot was worth it or not. Now I can take hundreds for free. I am leaning towards Elements, if only because I didn't know of anything else. When you shoot, do you shoot in JPEG or RAW format? I understand the advantages of RAW, but it takes up so much more space on the card.
  2. I've recently made the switch from a 35MM SLR camera to a digital SLR (Canon Xsi). Aside from having to buy new lenses/filters/and flashes, I now need to find a decent photo editing software that's relatively cheap, the software that came with the camera isn't that good. I know Photoshop is "The Best" out there but it's more money than I wanted to spend. I recall a thread about photography a while back and was curious if anyone had any suggestions as to what they use.
  3. Fav cooking/chef show

    I'm a huge "No Reservations" fan. There used to be a show on PBS called "World Class Cooks" or something like that where they just filmed a chef making a meal with a voiced-over narrator. I used to love that show. I was also a big fan of Graham Kerr, it's amazing to look back at his recipes now in light of all the low-fat fads and see him using TONS of real butter and cream and lard.
  4. Patriots out

    It's sad when 11-5 gets you a spot on the golf course instead of the field. Thinking about next season already: I say we hold on to Cassell, who we can keep for half the cost of Brady and is improving dramatically, deal Brady away (he's screwed up his rehab- will never be the same) and invest in some youth in the defense. P.S. and dump that piece of crap Matt Light.
  5. Cool doesn't cover it; that is awesome!
  6. Thinking About Moving To England...

    I've only been to Vegas once, but I was more taken with the landscape than with the casinos. We spent a days hiking in the "Valley of Fire" and "Red Rocks" areas and it was spectacular; so much different than the tree-studded hills I'm used to here in NH. As for living in England; I have a friend who lives and London who always complains about the cost of living (and he makes good money) but life is short and none of us are getting any younger. One of the best experiences of my life was backpacking across Europe when I was younger and living on a few dollars a day. If you are truly dedicated, you'll find a way. Good luck.
  7. Thinking About Moving To England...

    Not to hijack this thread, but I had to comment on the photo. It looks just like a town near where I lived when I grew up in Massachusetts. I can't help but think of that line from the movie "European Vacation" in which Chevy Chase tells the kids that England looks like Massachusetts because that's where the English settled (idiotic logic). It is beautiful though. I have a friend in London who is always telling me that when we visit we have to get out of the city and see the real UK. Sorry for hijacking the thread.
  8. I work less than a mile from Boire Field and one of my co-workers commented on seeing a military jet going in for a landing. I told him he was mistaken, there is no way an F-18 would be in Nashua. Boy was I wrong! Great pics, wish I had seen it myself.
  9. Investments...pilot style...

    To take it even further: Financial disaster calls for something local (easier to acquire). In these parts I'm going with either Redhook or Sam Adams. A blizzard calls for something tropical to take your mind off the mountains of snow you'll be digging soon. I'm going with either El Negro or Red Stripe. International incidents can always be handled with a good pint of an import; I'm going with Bass. Of course, any crisis can be handled by drinking Guinness, the swiss army knife of beers.
  10. Investments...pilot style...

    This just goes to show that no matter the crisis, drinking beer is always a good idea!
  11. Did Anyone Watch Football Today?

    The Dallas/Zona game was painful to watch. So many turnovers/mistakes/penalties by each side that I was exhausted after just watching it. It was supposed to be Dallas' year, but I don't see it happening with the way they played today.
  12. Comfort Foods

    Every time I try to go to the Airport Diner, the line is always out the door. Breakfast to me is a grilled bagel with cream cheese and bacon. It has to be grilled (with the grease from the grille and little bits of bacon, etc. adding all sorts of great greasy goodness) not just toasted.
  13. Comfort Foods

    When I was in London in June I tried the "Cadbury Dairy Milk with Caramel" for the first time. In the two weeks I was there I ended up eating two bags of the things and brought home two bags. I completely understand your addiction.
  14. Comfort Foods

    When I was a kid my mother used to make this dish with shredded pork simmered in a spicy gravy that was served over mashed potatoes. It was super simple to make but it always seemed better the next day as left-overs. To this day when I make it (about once a year) I always make it a day ahead to give it time to "mature" in the gravy.
  15. I've never been able to get a handle on how to use KMD, so I've been using "Le Missioneur" for the last several years. If you haven't tried it yet you may want to give it a look. I found it much easier and intuitive to use compared to KMD. It's available at Check6, and has an English language setting.

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