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How to add new planes

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New to the game.......


Where can I find out how to add the new planes being offered in this forum? Few of them have readme's and not all of those are enough for me to fully underatand the file structure or exactly what I am trying to install and where it goes.


Also, is there a difference between a "skin" and a plane "mod"? The implication is that a skin is just a new appearance while a new plane mod has new flight characterisitcs as well.

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Skins are different paint jobs for same plane

Download a plane you will find instructions usually


Some planes install almost automatically ie


someplane.exe file


after you install it try to find it in your objects folder


If disaster strikes just uninstall game and turn off computer then reinstall


you will find it fun to tinker with planes and settings after a while


just dive in head first good luck

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