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Some 3D tweaks that worked for me

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OK, heres the deal, with my old kyroii card I noticed that turning "fast write" on in the bios made a huge increase in speed across the board every game I play. But the Radeon cards (at least my 9700) have this disabled, crutched, and hidden. Here's what worked for win98se, and may work for others.


If you dont have a Radeon card, just do #3 below, that was all I needed for my kyro.

1.first go here open regedit and edit as shown


<A href='http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php...#post1334832191'>http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?p=1334832191#post1334832191target="_blank">http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php...#post1334832191





2.There is a nearby entry, find it by searching in regedit for "fast write" (you may have to reopen regedit, or do this search before doing #1 above). Do the opposite of #1 (turn it on, yes to no; 0 to 1)........restart


3. Go into your bios (press del key during restart); and find the section on "fast write" and enable it


Another thing I noticed is if you use sfp1 editor and extract the instantaction.ini and particlesystem.ini from flightdata.cat into the flight folder, it made the "instant action" flying a lot smoother and seems faster as well. I may try extracting a few more this way


Of course, if you still have win98 like this old-fart, the "conservativeswapfileusage=1" tweak makes a HUGE difference, much faster gaming, much stabler comp. These are the tweaks that really made a difference for me, and are worth the time.



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I've got a really old BIOS and couldn't locate the fastwrite info :( Dunno if it has

it at all. Ok that other entry you spoke of, the conservativeswapfileusage=1, where

would I find that one?


Don't have a Radeon card so was referring to step 3 stuff:)



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Please don't mind if I ask where you got this info from. I'm not experienced with delving into the XP BIOS (or any for that matter... :crazy: ) and am a little leery to try this out myself...

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Not sure where I originally found it, sorry. Every bios is different, but it should be listed in your motherboard manual somewhere. For mine, it is under a tab called "vga". It is simply a matter of clicking it to "enabled" or "on" once you are in the bios, and then clicking "save and exit". I have never had a problem doing this.


You can google "fast write and bios" and I'm sure you will find more info.


For the "conservativeswapfileusage=1" this MAY NOT / PROBABLY ISN'T ?? necessary for anything other than Win98; but it helps win98 speed and stability tremendously.


For this one, simply go into your "system.ini" file and under the [386Enh] section add the line




I used to know all the ins and outs of why it works, and I'm sure google will help, but I just know that it works.




I tried a lot of "tweaks" most of them don't work and many are dangerous, so I understand any apprehension.


Also, before using regedit for any reason, its a good idea to save the registry by selecting "export reg" or similar ; saving under c:\ as Regback1, Regback2, etc etc.


Hope someone benefits, that Radeon mess was annoying to me.

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ok, an update here. After noting that fastwrite was still getting turned off by the lousy Radeon drivers. I found a solution that worked.


First, make sure you have "smartgart" removed (or don't install it in the first place, just install your drivers using the windows control panel). If you have a "smart gart" tab under your display settings, run "smart gart uninstaller"




From the rage 3D forum:


Next, open regedit and change this entry


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ATI Technologies\CDS000\Memory


Block Write Support default Yes..... select 0, No =)


as usual, when you write in "No" you must also change that last 1 to a zero.


Now you have Fast Write support =)


This is a Windows XP tweak BTW, im not sure if it will work in NT; but it works well in win98.


Now change all your registry "fast write" entries back to "Yes" ( and 0 back to 1).


Now They should stay that way.


aaaaargh! (pulls out hair).

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