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Can we have smoke effects after plane crashes?

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Hey all, I love this sim, but I wish the wingmen were more aggressive, and I wish there were lasting smoke and/or fires when a plane crashes, would add a lot to the experience.


I opened particlesystem.ini and fooled around to no avail. Can't find the proper effect entry, was thinking I could change the flying debris or some dust effect to lasting smoke similar to enginefire smoke.


Anyone know how to go about it? Is it possible?





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Guest Saganuay82

No. I have tried and a few others and haven't heard of it working. You can set a different effect like bomb blast where the smokes rises after. But then all you will get is columns of smoke in the air, like 2000-10000ft, where ever it blew up. It worked great if the plane hit the ground.


AFAIK it is a dll issue like the oil stain on the water and only TK can work it in.

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