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Good 3ghz shootout article

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Real interesting article about the 3ghz P4 and new AMD cpu's. Looks like the testers did a pretty thorough job of testing though I dont know squat about such things. I've been looking for such articles to help with my decision about which cpu to replace my aging P3 1ghz. I'm not really concerned whether AMD's cpu is as fast or faster than the P4. The differences noted in the test seemed pretty insignificant. What matters to me is first, cost, then second, reliability. AMD has the cost part nailed down though barely. Not sure about the reliability part though. Been real happy with the later P3 Ive been using the last nearly 3 years, it seemed reliable enough. I know the AMD's Front Side Buss is slower, 333mhz, and it uses the older RDRAM I think it is. So not sure. Time is on my side methinks, prices only seem to get lower. Keep seeing lots of deals for the slightly older 2200+ AMD's with a MoBo. Maybe thats the route to take. Or a P4 2.5GHZ. What do you guys think?


Thanks for the article MJ, good one.

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