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Ultimate Universe Ultimate Borg mod

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Ultimate Universe Ultimate Borg mod

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Ultimate Borg Readme..


The Ultimate Universe Borg Pack.

This will not work with any other Mod, it is unique to UU.


Install Directory is the same here as in the main mod files. Of course you can change it.


With this new Cube you will enjoy the maps

already in UU:


1. Wolf359

2. First Contact (specially balanced by Chris Jones - Defiant version included)

3. Unimatrix One and Two

4. One on One Vs. the Cube (This is Tough)

5. The Borg Attack (Get Armoured Voyager, or die, lol..)

6. Special Mode Borg Maps - Survival, Armada


Brand new Borg Explosions by Miri’s Hot!


A slew of new maps will be included. The Cube will take on..


1. Klingons. Recall in 'Best of Both Worlds' that Admiral Hansen said the Klingons were sending ships. They did.

2. Romulans. The Praetor would not be proud of this, lol..

3. Vulcans - This one's fun - Vulcans in formation.

4. The Dominion - you may know that the Dominion share a border with the Borg. It is conceivable that they have clashed.

5. Cardassians.

6. Temporal Cold War Beginning - If Archer had not been able to stop the freighter in 'Regeneration' - A cube makes its way to Sector 001 in the Ent Timeline...


The Breen take on the Borg in a Survival Map or 2 .. Looks much cooler with this new Cube.


What if in the Enterprise episode 'Regeneration', Archer had not been able to stop that 'Alien' freighter? You could theorize that the 'Temporal Cold War' got involved here and the Borg managed to get a Cube to Earth in the Ent timeline. We are starting a mini story arc here where an Ent era Cube meets resistance from Starfleet.


Any and all use of this model and texture must be approved by the creators. Use without formal approval from all party's involved in its creation, it will be deemed as a fraudulent claim of rights to having built the model and or created the texture. In such cases you will be asked to immediately cease using the model and or texture.


Permissions must be sought from the following:


Chris Jones Gaming






This Ultimate Borg Pack also fixes up some issues from Patch 2 of the UU demo.


No more duplicate Klingons, Roms, white boxes

Lighting on Several Maps toned down by JC2006 and Chris Jones

Missing Survival Map - Triangulum Australe ENT inlcuded.

Some new 1 on 1's added for Ent era ships

TOS Connie 1 on 1s revised

New Tjoz nebulas used on several maps




The Ultimate Universe Mod Team


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