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UCAVs Version 1.1


************************ UCAVs 1.1 Update *****************************



Updates to the X-45C / X-47C to make them more 'combat ready'.


Extra equipment includes:


Internal ECM


Laser Designator



Weapons adjustment:


Weapons fit into the bays properly...which limits what you can carry.

Multiple weapons will sequence properly as well when dropped or fired.



Aircraft adjustment:


Aircraft now have manual weapon doors.



Remaining issues:


No cockpit. Drop in your own...think of it as a synthetic pit for a

future UCAV pilot.

Missiles don't drop, but fire as if off a rail. It has to do with the

type of weapon...most small missiles fire off rails. So, unless you

alter all the missiles a UCAV can carry...or the LODs are altered to

make trapeze weapon rails, its one of those things...


Use them for support on your missions, or drop in a cockpit and fly it

yourself. Get ready for the future...


Alterations by FastCargo


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