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Strategic Nodes

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Think of strategic nodes as a rode map between target areas, that the ground forces will follow in an attempt to take over the otherside's Headquarters.


Strategic Nodes are named for target areas defined in the terrain's _targets.ini file. They connect other target areas.


Ground units can only be assigned to strategic nodes.


You can have multiple "ConnectTo" lines, to give some variety.


You can only get a campaign "win" if your ground forces capture the enemy's HQ strategic node.


Make sure you define a path both ways. For example, if the path just goes one way:


A -> B -> C


An army stationed at strategic node C, will never be able to attack the enemy at node B.


The "BasePoint" value, is were the ground battle will take place. If you make this XY the same as the target area, the battle will be in the middle of it. If you want it outside of the city or airfield, vary it by a couple 1000 ft.


An easy way to visualize it, is to print out the desert map, and play connect-the-dots with the strategic nodes TK defined in the stock campaign.

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