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someone should make the doolittle raid

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Well, theres a twofold issue with that mission. Although there are USS Hornet Squadron tags for your flight group included in the game , the USS Hornet is not included as a carrier in the ship objects. I suppose you could use a generic carrier in its place.

Second issue is the available maps . Kyushu is the only mainland Japanese map available , and though its mainland Japan , its the southern end , and does not include Tokyo , the primary target for Doolittles B-25's

Despite this , i have made a Doolittle mission , using another carrier and using the Kyushu map . And though it plays well , the inaccurate particulars have not left me satisfied.

Still , its a good mission , and the B-25s can indeed take off from the carrier , but the AI has problems taking off if you dont edit the file using notepad to raise the carrier speed to 30 knots.

As well , i've kept the flighttime short , to ward off whines from participants who need action from the moment they take off , and are not happy perfecting thier low level formation flying instead while inbound to the Jap mainland. Because of this , ive had to turn off alot of ship guns , to keep them from engaging targets that are within range , and that reduces some realism sadly.

Otherwise its a fun mission , i especially enjoy teh low level flight and buzzing the surpised JAp ships i placed along the route.

Its available from me for anyone who wants to contact me , i can email the mission files to whoever requests them.


- Baker

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