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This is an AAR for one of the missions in my LMR Ground Attack Pack. These missions are for use with the LockOn Mission Randomizer.




Beagle and I taxi to the runway and line up for takeoff.




I request permission from the tower and we spool the engines up to 80% with the brakes on. All systems are functional so we firewall the throttles and begin our roll. We're both loaded heavy so we use full flaps. 3/4ths of the way down the runway we're wheels up.




Climbing out to 3500 meters, visibility is 23 miles with light cloud cover and light ground fog. Winds are nominal and I'm at 94% thrust at 10 meters/sec nose up.




I start receiving faint "beeps" on my SPO-15 (Berioza) indicating aircraft to my 1 o'clock. Shortly thereafter AWACS tells me that there are German Mig29's returning from CAP on that heading. I tune my radio to their frequency and hear the pair of them lining up on an attack with a lone KA-50. One of the pilots calls defensive as the chopper pilot fires a Vikhr.




The radar guided missile causes the chopper to go defensive. The Vikhr passes close by the Mig and explodes behind him. There's no telling if it was laser or IR guided, either way it was a close call for the Mig. The Mig pilot had guts as he kept his radar lock all the way till his missile impacted.




The Ka50 didn't get off so lucky.........




At 22 clicks from the target area I turn on the Shkval and point the lens at the target area. I select max mag (23x) to see if I can pick out anything thru the haze. I'm still too far out.




My primary target (KUB site) has been playing possum, I get no warnings on the Berioza until I'm locked up. I call Beagle and tell him "Music On". He's carrying the jammers and shorter ranged Anti-Radar missiles so he gets the pods.




I switch on the Phantasmagoria pod and my KH-58's (NATO codename Kilter) are automatically selected. There's the KUB site in my HUD, delineated by the target diamond and "KUB" in cyrillic.




I lock up the KUB site and I hear "Magnum" in my headset. Good 'ol Beagle, he's on top of things and he's got a KH-25MP (NATO codename Kegler) on the way. I press the fire button and my plane lurches to the left as a KH-58 drops from the rails.




It drops several meters before the motor fires. Then it's on the way to making a KUB radar operator have a really bad day.




While Beagle fired before I did, my missile has a longer range and more rocket motor so my missile should reach the target (or get shot down) first.




I hear a launch warning in my headset, I call defensive and pull 6 g's in a left turn to put some distance between myself and the inbound missile.




Luckily, the KUB radar is destroyed and it's missile now unguided self destructs as Beagle sends another KH-25 towards a Tunguska.






I line up again and I target one of the Tungs painting my a/c. I have one '58 left and off it goes.




The business end.








I roll out of the target area to set up for another run.



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