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The Awakening

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Somewhere over the Marinas Trench


Captain Takai of the Destroyer Nagasaki was very tired of these training sessions over the trench. He has been up for 32 hours straight. The ship was doing anti-sub training with live fire sessions. And on the top of that, 24 hours ago, they received radio messages to look out for any “unusually” formed sea life in surrounded areas in and on the surface of the sea water. He looked over his left and saw the second Destroyer Yoichi in formation abreast of his Destroyer.


Even though they were on a look out for any unknown sea life, the anti-sub training was still going on. The target subs were remotely controlled on the mainland with the help of USN’s satellite system. The subs their selves were about the size of the modernized midget submarine. However, they could change their sonar signature to any type of naval submarine.


Captain Takai was in his mid 30’s, average height for a Japanese man. His experience as a Destroyer captain was at least few years. To many captains of JSDF Navy, Shin Takai was still a pup. As he yawned heavily after a medium sweep with his binoculars on the horizon ahead in his chair in the bridge, his sonar officer barked


“SIR! I got an unknown bogey about 350 feet under us, signature unknown. Sonar report is huge!”




The Comms officer replied “AYE CAP!”


The Nagasaki jumped into action, crews scrambled to their stations as the battle klaxon wailed. The ship turned sharply to the right to steam over the unknown contact again to drop its deadly package.


Meanwhile in the trench, the goliath of the seas was sleeping soundly underwater. This creature slept like this for 500 years but without his knowledge, he grew A LOT over the years, thanks to nuclear waste dumping. His appearance changed, he had HUGE stegosaurus like plates on his back. His coloration changed too, it’s now a deep greenish color. His muscular structure changed as well. They were because to keep up his rapid skeleton growth. These growth spurs weren’t the only changes that this godzillasaur was experiencing unknowingly.


His cell structure changed to the G-gene. This will invaluable in his future, this gene will protect him from sickness and heal him quickly. Whenever he wakes up, he’ll find out his world had changed a lot. It’ll be very confusing to him but right now he’s dreaming about chasing school of fish. His massive tail twitches in excitement. In his dream he was gaining on the fish as he was opening his jaw, his whole world shook in a massive explosion. The godzillasaur awoke as he found out that his home became very small. As if that wasn’t confusing enough, he heard very loud bangs in his home. He looked up with his special eye lids, much like crocs when they swim underwater, he saw the unwelcome intruders. He snarled as he never saw these kinds of creatures before. They didn’t have any fins or tails. Then his head was ringing and he was getting real annoyed. The ships were using their sonar to re locate their target.

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The godzillasaur had enough. It was time to take care of these strange creatures. As he was getting up, he hit his head on the trench edge. Now he was really upset, why is his home become very small? His mind couldn’t understand. Once again his head was throbbing as the two ships passed by. This time the godzillasaur got out of his home and swam up to meet the annoying threats. His body snaked through the water, much like the way modern day lizards and crocodilians swim. He opened his mouth a bit, causing a small stream of bubbles trail out of a corner of his mouth. His head was ringing loudly; it hurt like hell. Soon he’ll take care of these strange creatures on the surface.


On the bridge of the Destroyer Nagasaki; after dropping depth charges


“Did we get it?!” asked the tired Captain Takai, looking at the bubbly remains of the most recent depth charge drop.


“We think so Cap! It’s surfacing very fast!” proclaimed the sonar officer.


Shin Takai smiled at himself “Finally! A confirmed kill!”


Then he reached for his hot mug of coffee as he watched the sea bulging upwards. Captain Takai was excepting a mini sub surfacing but as he was sipping his coffee, he spit it out on his windshield. What he was seeing was a huge head floating like a crocodile, making medium sized bubbles with its snout. Then he heard some of his crew yelling.




Takai froze. Gorija was another name for Godzilla. The captain gulped hard, was sweating as if he was on a bonfire, cooking. The godzillasaur scanned the ship with its eyes. With a final blow of bubbles, he finally surfaced. Creating a mini tidal wave about the height of the destroyer, the wave smashed into it causing it to rock. Takai dropped his mug, as he looked up at this massive god of the seas.


“f*** me to tears…” thought Shin as the massive creature roared as the windshield shattered like if a good sized boulder smashed into the bridge.


The godzillasaur walked to the strange creature which it was rocking back and forth due the waves caused by him. He chest growled as the ship started to move, trying to prevent the impossible. The godzillasaur then felt some light stinging from the strange creature that is swimming away.


The ship gunners opened up onto Godzilla with their 50 caliber M2 machine guns. They couldn’t open up their 5 inch main batteries yet. They need some distance to aim. Frankly they didn’t have to really aim but their captain never was experienced with fighting Godzilla. The godzillasaur was getting really annoyed by these stings. The stings weren’t harmful to him just itched and annoying. Then something really smacked onto his backside. He bellowed as he felt it again. Something was hitting him behind. Godzilla turned around and saw the other creature blowing out smoke to him then again he felt something hit him hard and making a loud bang. He couldn’t understand what was going on but obviously the creatures were indeed attacking him.


His tail smashed the water in frustration. The Destroyer Yoichi was going head on with Godzilla at full speed. Firing its 5 inch frontal battery, the ship swayed as if the captain was predicting when Godzilla would use his deadly oral blast.


Suddenly Godzilla felt the same pain on his backside again. This time it was the Nagasaki firing its two 5 inch batteries. The smacks caused more annoying pain than the light stings earlier. Godzilla bellowed as he tried to dodge the unknown hands that were hitting him. Then something inside of him was charging up. He felt his stomach turn, as if he was getting ready to vomit. Again, Godzilla couldn’t understand what is happening to him. He stood there motionless. He felt sick but something inside of him told him it wasn’t vomit but an attack.


Godzilla gave out his full roar as he arched his back. Suddenly he felt his fins charged and he felt something hot coming out of his mouth. Within an instant, Godzilla watched this bluish-white light arched to the creature in front of him. It nearly hit the Destroyer Yoichi but instead it hit beside of the ship. Causing it launch out of the water flipping like a toy. The destroyer came down very hard; causing the fuel lines near the massive gas turbine engines to break, causing huge amounts of fuel leak into the engine room. Then the worst happened, when the ship crashed into the sea water, it hit so hard that the engine mounts and bolts snapped cleanly. The engines their selves crashed into the metal deck. This caused sparks flying everywhere, causing the fuel to ignite. The flash fire went into the remaining fuel lines, causing them to melt as the flames travel to the main fuel tanks. Suddenly the whole ship ripped outward in a massive, fiery explosion.

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Takai saw the fiery explosion. His heart was in his throat. He couldn’t speak or do anything. The crew of the Nagasaki panic, they were screaming and yelling. Even some crew lost their bodily functions.


“My God… What did I do?!” his mind screamed. Then he saw Godzilla turned to his direction. Takai let loose, he didn’t know that he was pissing in his pants. As if the whole world turned on slow motion, Takai watched as Godzilla recharged, filling his mouth with massive amounts of energy. Then in the Captain’s point of view, the massive head disappeared with a bluish white light. Takai didn’t feel a thing. His body turned into ash within a nanosecond. The Destroyer Nagasaki ripped with massive secondary explosions as the goliath of the seas; Godzilla started his journey to his Territory to hunt but soon he will out that his whole world has changed.

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