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  1. Don't Miss

    Looks like the Judge in snub nose. Google Judge Revolver
  2. I apologize but do I see WPAFB? ;) Falcon
  3. What Caliber Weapon Is Needed To Kill These Things?

    actually Big G fought a mutated dragonfly called Megaguirus...
  4. What Caliber Weapon Is Needed To Kill These Things?

    Yeah bird shot or a full auto .22 cal (or a semi auto 22) IMHO
  5. I have this issue pop up on my SF2 install too. Few times too. Falcon
  6. The F15 pack has its own sounds though. Thats why I needed the ini file to put the ini lines in for the pack.
  7. SF2 has a different system than SF1.. I think. Long time since I played SF1 Falcon
  8. Thanks Wrench, its coming back to me. Just installed the 2 viper mods and the super F15 pack. Falcon
  9. I have checked the both knowledge areas but is the sound ini file in the flight data cat? Can't remember Falcon
  10. I saved the mods in a seperated folder when I first downloaded them. Outta habit for me anyway.. Thanks Russ. Falcon
  11. I pulled the trigger on the discount last night. Should i uninstall my current games first? Falcon
  12. Does everybody knows about this? And why the limited time? I'm just curious... Falcon
  13. Think I'll get the complete package then but good news overall. Falcon
  14. Happy New Year

    Just wanna say Happy New Year to my friends at CA. I know I haven't been active on here for a looooong while. I'm still alive LOL. Hope you guys and gals will have a great 2020. Erik "Falcon" Glascoe

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