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  1. OK this is frustrating, the flight exit now works. And the sim isn't recording my flights. Couldn't find the key command for it. It won't record since I bought it. Falcon
  2. OK, now the flight exit won't work just now. Hard to hard reboot, this is getting frustrating. Falcon
  3. OK this is weird but its working now. AHHH Computers. Sigh. I'll keep you informed if I see the "null" thing again with screenshot Falcon PS Tell the delvopers that this sim is disabled friendly. theres room for improvement but i like it.
  4. yeah it says null, i can't remap the auto commands. Falcon
  5. I just bought the deluxe edition on Steam and I got a keymapping issue. I can't seem to re map the auto mix and supercharger and the auto cowl commands. When I try, it says null in the box before I do the reachable command. Any ideas? Falcon
  6. I have a weird request for you guys

    I am a fan of racing sims as well as combat flight sims and about 2 years ago (?) I bought the deluxe edition of Fornza Horizon 3. I found out when setting up the game controller wise I couldn't map my saitek evo stick as my controller for the axis like accelerator/brake and steering like I always did in the past with racing sims. Boy was I ever pissed. Add the fact I couldn't get a refund. Maybe it was the fact it was the hybird version of the game where you can play it on the XBOX and the PC. Who knows why I couldn't map my stick axis on it. ANYWAY... my request is this. For the members on CA that have the new Crew 2 game, could you guys see if you can map your stick's axis for accelerating/braking and steering? Pretty please? LOL. but seriously I want to avoid doing the same mistake like I did with Fornza Horizon 3. Thanks in advance, Falcon
  7. Just Checking In, Miss Me?

    Hey bud long time no type LOL. Glad you're doing well minus the gaming pc. Have you watched any new anime lately? OH! I'm writing too. I did a short story for a charity EBOOK for an godzilla fan foundation called GFans helping GFans. Its free for now (in fact I'm gonna talk to the head organizator of the EBOOK next month asking him when the EBOOK is gonna be on Amazon for 99 cents.. it's been free for a long time) Anyway go to smashwords.com and search for GFantis versus guest monsters. my story is titled the intruder. Take care bud :) Falcon
  8. IL2: Battle over XXX

    Thank you for replying. About the torque, that's a shame. I'm disabled and really can't use rudder pedals or a complete HOTAS system. I use a Saitek Cyborg Evo stick which is an all-in-one system with simple programming software. And twisting the stick while gently using the throttle will be a real trick for me because I have one really usable arm. I'll wait for more replies before deciding. Falcon
  9. IL2: Battle over XXX

    Hey Guys, Can you give me some answers about this sim series. I'm thinking of getting this just for offline play. My main concern is preferences menu. Can I turn off the complex engine management and the torque? Is there an auto trim function if I can't turn off the torque? Your answers will help me to decide. I know you guys know me well enough to answer my questions. Well I hope so ;) Falcon
  10. I doubt it. TK turned his back on us. <shrug> Falcon
  11. They also used a text-to-speech technology as well. The narrator is fake. I could tell because I use one for communication. Falcon
  12. Stratos She is a handful and she will be challenaging in a dogfight ie fly her in one! I'm just beginning to fly test her so be patient guys! Falcon
  13. Wings Over Vietnam

    Sigh. TW and TK was, for me anyway, a real disabled friendly gaming company although TK didn't designed his company that in mind. Guess that's why I still play SF2 despite TK treats us like sh!t nowadays. Falcon

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