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  1. FE2 Updates

    SF2 july update locked few .CAT files if I remember correctly due to fews bad actors who stole few .LODs for a Civ game and took credit for the models. TK locked few .CAT files the .LOD files were in including the EFX files. So be lucky the FE2 CAT are true open structured. Since then TK didn't trust modders. Falcon
  2. I'll try to be there. Missed a few over the years. Falcon
  3. actually you hafta destroy the tower. hit the runway near the tower. Falcon
  4. Ghost of Kyiv

    Growling Sidewinder did a vid about this. did about 6? rounds of engaging few SU-27's and 35's in DCS in a MiG-29. He got shot down twice if I remember correctly. Falcon
  5. Ghost of Kyiv

    Saw a vid of a su-25 being directly hit by a SAM (Probably a MANPAD). Still flew and used some unguided rockets on a target. Want to see the vid? Falcon
  6. Hey guys, I am thinking of trying DCS for few years now and I have few questions about it. Many of you guys at CombatAce know I'm disabled and my questions will be around that. 1. How detailed are the preferences/options in DCS? 2. Can I make DCS like Strike Fighters in gameplay but more realistic in some ways? (like keep the radars like in SF. Example have the radar cursor in DCS act like the radar cursor in SF?) 3. How is the offline AI in DCS. Does the DCS AI cheat? I heard that they put blindspots in the AI's aircraft so players can use real bounce tactics against them. 4. Speed in combat. In IL2 and its WW1 addon I have to slow down the sims speed to order to do combat because in normal lapse time, its like playing in fast forward. I hope its not like that in DCS. I may have more questions in few days and I hope you guys understand my questions/concerns. Thanks in advance. Falcon
  7. Combatace access issues.

    I'm good on my end as well. No error messages. Falcon
  8. Will this be a freeware or a payware? Just curious because I'm excited for this project! Falcon
  9. at first, i thought it was the Duffel Blog....

    They already killed an Afghan comedian and I think his family.
  10. Dogfight show in real jets

    God I want to do ths but due to my disability they'll probably say no and I'll be fine with that :)
  11. or print the PDF. Falcon
  12. Don't Miss

    Looks like the Judge in snub nose. Google Judge Revolver
  13. I apologize but do I see WPAFB? ;) Falcon

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