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  1. I saved the mods in a seperated folder when I first downloaded them. Outta habit for me anyway.. Thanks Russ. Falcon
  2. I pulled the trigger on the discount last night. Should i uninstall my current games first? Falcon
  3. Does everybody knows about this? And why the limited time? I'm just curious... Falcon
  4. Think I'll get the complete package then but good news overall. Falcon
  5. Happy New Year

    Just wanna say Happy New Year to my friends at CA. I know I haven't been active on here for a looooong while. I'm still alive LOL. Hope you guys and gals will have a great 2020. Erik "Falcon" Glascoe
  6. Why must you insist on carrying...

    that AK looks good. 7.62? Falcon
  7. Why must you insist on carrying...

    Thanks FUBAR, really appreciate the thought :). What brand of AK do you have? Been thinking of getting one myself. My AR is a Rock River Arms with a two stage trigger and a M4 style adjustable stock. Falcon
  8. Why must you insist on carrying...

    I went shooting today as well. I did terrible :/. Well its been like 7 years since I last shot. And my mount generator needs to be replaced. Had to do an old school method of string on trigger to shoot my AR. I use a special mount for my wheelchair to shoot. it has a "trigger finger" which when I push a button, it pulls the trigger. The generator for my mount is old and doesn't hold its charge :/. I was all over the place too. Probably from pulling the string and my mount was not really eye level of my POV. I shot about 75 rounds thru my AR when it decided to jam. Now I have to bring it to a gunsmith because with my disablity I can't field strip it to unjam it. But I had fun though if that made sense. Falcon
  9. More on MicroProse Warbirds 2020

    Any info on its features? Falcon
  10. I'm not sure but again maybe this is like an apology to us perhaps?
  11. Doubt it but who knows maybe TK might of seen his errors of treating us like sh!t.
  12. WOW! After coming to a godzilla con, I'll get this!
  13. DCS Weekend News: 24 May 2019

    The block 50 eh? time to D/L DCS <3 Falcon
  14. so you can do VR without any hardware for your hands? If yes, this'll help disabled gamers ALOT. Falcon

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