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  1. I'm not sure but again maybe this is like an apology to us perhaps?
  2. Doubt it but who knows maybe TK might of seen his errors of treating us like sh!t.
  3. WOW! After coming to a godzilla con, I'll get this!
  4. DCS Weekend News: 24 May 2019

    The block 50 eh? time to D/L DCS <3 Falcon
  5. so you can do VR without any hardware for your hands? If yes, this'll help disabled gamers ALOT. Falcon
  6. Yo!

    Hey gang, Just wanna drop a line to say hello and ask you guys something. Do any of you want to help me celebrate my 50th birthday this September? I'm planning a big bash and like to invite you guys. My mother and i found a place yesterday for the party. Now this place is near (somewhat) to the USAF Museum but I dunno my mother has the time to drop me off to spend time with you guys and some of my virtual squadron squaddies day before the party (It'll be on the 14th of September and its on a Saturday) but I could try to talk to my mother. Anyway, I need you guys to email me (or PM me on CA) your snail mail address so my mother can mail the invitations to you. my email is falconcaf at gmail.com. Its ok if you can't go, I'll competely understand. Cheers! Falcon
  7. is this VR only or just supported? Falcon
  8. i have this as well and in the day, sometimes my cockpit is really dark. Falcon
  9. Yeah I do have 2 of the titles. Thanks. Falcon
  10. If i get the early access of Bodenplatte on the IL2 Site, will it appear in my steam library? Falcon
  11. Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee dies at 95

    Damn. i had an opportunity to meet him but he canceled. was gonna get his autograph on my original X-Men figure box set. Falcon
  12. New Rig

    Friggin awesome!
  13. Looked in the settings and the tank gunner command doesn't work Falcon
  14. Flight recorder is still broken. But nice fire effects though. Falcon

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