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I usually fly invisible cockpit and would like some suggestions as to how to reduce the size of the gauges. I am running at 1280x960, but the resolution seems much lower than that. Also, would like to convert the airspeed indicator to mph. I am running the PF+AEP+FB series. Any suggestions appreciated. I have manuals from Pacific Fighters and IL-2 Forgotten Battles Gold Pack, but they are less than helpful. Is there another online manual that might be more useful? Thanks.


Any newbies or non-aggresive old salts that would like to mix it up, let me know. I am currently able to use HyperLobby, but not sure I have a kosher config. Patched to 404m with no additional aircraft or terrains. Anything else I should add or subtract? Again, thanks.

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ok.. i have had the same problem with a freind, restore default settings to the config.ini, and if you mean changeing your speed bar... then go into your controls and set a key..but if you mean the gauges it's self then get used to what they use

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