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  1. Hi i was just wondering if any one knows howto extract the M3D files from CFS3 and open them in Max or C4D, or if any one has a littleboy and fatman and a P-55 on hand. My Email is Caseycappoen@hotmail.com If you have any thing please email it Thx :)
  2. illegal lol i would who cares about that... after all.. at www.allaircraftarcade.com people that did work for 1c are now comeing over and giveing full support... the game has been developing bit by bit and any one with knowledge of java would be greatly apreciated.
  3. I relocated to www.allaircraftarcade.com
  4. Any one goto. http://il2moddingdomain.freeforums.org/pos...ewtopic&f=6 leave your Replys.
  5. http://il2moddingdomain.freeforums.org/ Go there and put ur request down.
  6. This is a mod for people with ither the soundmod or the basic Russian patch. This Mod was Orig for 4.04 and 4.05 because of certian Limitations... but now that there are none im makeing it for 4.08. Download Is Here >> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SIJ9EJJX This Version is for 4.04 & 4.05 at this time. I will be working on the 4.08 one today.
  7. For any one who need to collaborate with me quickly on issues or mods and anything. I will be glad to help. My Teamspeak Is running 24/7
  8. As for changeing the model I know howto do that.
  9. It dosent have to be in its own Folder. If your trying to extract or repack. you can put it in a folder on the desktop if you wish. I also Have a cmd link in my folder so i dont have to CD around the place. Just make sure theres the Classfiles or classfile that you want to repack or hash. Type " Java -jar classresolver.jar . " "Unpacking" and Type " Java -jar classhasher.jar . " Repacking.
  10. If your Refering to the AI Behaviors... I heard that some aircraft were better in 4.05 and below. 4.08 has some screwed up ones. If thats what your talking about and your running 4.08 you can replace the aircraft that you want to behave differently with a classfile from 4.04-4.05 and possiably 4.06. I dont know very much about missions... but i do belive that if you set the waypoint right before the set target to a low altitude such as 100ft. It should drop the bomb and it will skip, but im aware that the ones on 4.08 are kinda dumb and never do that. So... But your running 4.05 is that correct ?
  11. There putting most work into SOW, this will funny if they release more updates, just to be secure.
  12. Now that im banned from aaa for knowing to much, i figured im going to work here for the time being. Any help is apreciated, My Teamspeak is I hope to get new aircraft into the game. Please put your mod requests here.
  13. ok, Hawk is now been Made into a simple add. Extract the files in the attachment to the files folder. Hawk.zip
  14. Yup, It's in the attachment. Put into your root folder and run, make sure you files folder is empty. classdumper.zip

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