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BQM-34 Drone by RussoUK2002 ready!

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The BQM-34 drone made by RussoUK2002 is now up and ready for download.


You can get the file here: http://bunyap462.com/aircraft/BQM-34_Drone.zip


Here's how you install it:


1. After unzipping the contents of BQM-34 Drone.zip, copy the "BQM-34 Drone" directory into your "Strike Fighters/Objects/Aircraft" directory.


2. Copy the file named "Drone Intercept" into your "Strike Fighters/Missions" directory.


The "drone intercept" mission is a single mission with a BQM-34 orbiting the target range for you to shoot down. I know it isn't perfect so I'll leave it to the rest of you to create some good missions to go along with the drone.


If the above link doesn't work for any reason you can also download it at Biohaz.


The BQM-34_data.ini included is a quick modification of the MiG-17's to line up the exhaust, make the moving parts move, and keep it from fighting back. If anybody wants a crack at improving on this have at it.


All the real work was done by RussoUK2002. Be sure to post here and thank him for the quick yet extremely high quality job he did on this drone![/img]

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Thanks to all involved..I had to make a new folder and name it Missions but that was all it took,works great.I tip my hat to yall!

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